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The New Door/Window Contact II and Door/Window Contact II Plus

Burglary protection and energy saving in one

  • Everything in view: Reliably detect open doors and windows and shows their current status in the app.
  • Efficient heating: Detect open windows and adjust the temperature accordingly via smart radiator thermostats.
  • Smart burglary protection: Trigger burglar alarms as part of the alarm system if doors and windows are opened without authorisation.
  • Clever control element: Easily activate scenarios and actions, and conveniently pause the alarm system via integrated button.
  • Additional vibration sensor: The Door/Window Contact II Plus already triggers an alarm when burglars first attempt to break in.

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Stuttgart – Combining security and energy efficiency with a new design, the Door/Window Contact II and the Door/Window Contact II Plus are the latest additions to the Bosch Smart Home. Their sensors reliably detect open doors and windows, and trigger an alarm in the event of a break-in whenever the alarm system is activated. In combination with smart thermostats, the Door/Window Contacts also prevent unnecessary energy loss when ventilating, especially during the cold autumn and winter months, thus ensuring sustainable and energy-saving heating. In addition to the new design and the familiar functions, the new Door/Window Contacts offers many other options for making a home even safer and more convenient. The Door/Window Contact II Plus offers built-in vibration detection to further enhance security.

Security and Energy Efficiency in One

Like their predecessor, the new Door/Window Contact II and II Plus are versatile assistants in the Bosch Smart Home. In addition to the status display in the app, they also help residents to heat the home sustainably and efficiently. In combination with smart radiator thermostats, the preselected temperature in the room is automatically lowered as soon as a window is opened for ventilation. This avoids unnecessary heating, thus simultaneously reducing the burden on the owner’s budget and the natural environment.

In addition, the Door/Window Contact II and II Plus serve as important components of the Bosch Smart Home alarm system. As soon as the system is activated, the Door/Window Contacts warn of open doors and windows via a message in the app, thus helping to prevent break-ins. In the event of a break-in, the Door/Window Contacts immediately trigger an alarm as soon as doors or windows are opened without authorisation. The alarm is forwarded to the networked smoke detectors and Twinguards, which sound a loud siren. At the same time, integrated Philips Hue or LEDVANCE lights flash red, integrated Bosch Smart Home cameras are activated, and the residents are notified via app so they can react quickly.

Furthermore, the Door/Window Contact II and II Plus also serve as clever control elements in the Bosch Smart Home. This is ensured by a new button on the top of the devices. The app can individually assign specific actions or scenarios to the button, which can then be triggered by either a long or short press on the button. For example, residents can program a Door/Window Contact II attached to the front door to trigger their “leave home” scenario, which activates the alarm system, switches off the lights, lowers the heating, and locks the front door soon afterwards via a smart door lock. If residents want to open a window to get some fresh air at night without triggering the alarm when the alarm system is activated, a double click on the button of the Door/Window Contact II or II Plus is all it takes to temporarily pause the alarm system for a single opening and closing of a window.

The Right Door/Window Contact for Every Situation

Both versions of the Door/Window Contact II or the Door/window Contact II Plus detect the unauthorised opening of windows and doors. The Door/Window Contact II Plus provides even more security because it triggers an alarm at the slightest vibration when burglars first begin tampering with a window – and even before they can get it open. The built-in vibration detector makes the Door/Window Contact II Plus particularly well-suited for outdoor use because the vibration sensor can also detect the attempted theft of the Door/Window Contact. The sensitivity of the vibration sensor can be adjusted in five stages to suit conditions at the location where it is installed.

Thanks to its tiny 3mm small magnet, the standard model of the

Door/Window Contact II is especially suitable for inconspicuous mounting. Both versions of the new Door/Window Contact II are available in white and anthracite, so they blend discreetly into any residential surroundings.

Further Features

  • Protection class IP45 enables both indoor and outdoor use
  • Convenient status query via voice control using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Long service life thanks to 3V lithium battery
  • Quick and easy installation thanks to included adhesive product and intuitive step-by-step instructions in the app


From September 2022 in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. From November 2022 in Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

Prices in Germany

  • Door/Window Contact II (white or anthracite): €42.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT
  • Door/Window Contact II Multipack (3 pieces, white): €119.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT
  • Door/Window Contact II Plus (white or anthracite): €52.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT
  • Door/Window Contact II Plus Multipack (2 pieces, white): €99.95 RRP incl. 19% VAT


A Bosch Smart Home Controller and an installed Bosch Smart Home App are required in order to use the Door/Window Contact II and Door/Window Contact II Plus.

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