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Smart Helpers in Everyday Life – Bosch Smart Home Presents Innovations at IFA 2022

New solutions for energy-saving heating and a secure home

  • Economical heating: the new Radiator Thermostats II heat each room with energy efficiency and exactly as needed.
  • Convenient control: thanks to flexible placement, the new Room Thermostat II efficiently controls the temperature from anywhere in the room.
  • Smart heat regulation: the new Room Thermostat II 230 V enables the networking of wired heating systems such as underfloor heating.
  • Protect against burglary and conserve energy: the new Door/Window Contacts II and II Plus help to heat sustainably and also trigger an alarm the moment a burglary is attempted.
  • Reliable all-round protection: the new Eyes Indoor Camera II reliably monitors the home and triggers an alarm.

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Stuttgart – The mindful and thrifty use of resources is more important than ever. Saving energy is an especially high priority in this context. That is why it is all the more important to heat as efficiently as possible, especially during the cold season of the year and as energy costs continue to rise. According to the Fraunhofer Institute, the correct combination of smart functions can reduce energy consumption by as much as 36 percent1. Efficient heating therefore not only reduces the burden on environment, but also eases the strain on your budget. With this in mind, Bosch Smart Home presents three new heating solutions.

In addition to smart heating, the focus for the coming dark season of the year is also on the issue of security. Boasting an attractive new design, the new Door/Window Contacts II and II Plus support both intelligent heating and enhanced home security.

The new Door/Window Contacts II boost the efficiency of heating and make a decisive contribution to an even more secure home. With the new Eyes Indoor Camera II, Bosch Smart Home provides another important update for burglary protection.

Efficient Heating in the Bosch Smart Home System

Bosch Smart Home presents the smart Radiator Thermostat II with improved functions. Compared to its predecessor, the unit impresses its users with a new high-quality design that facilitates more intuitive operation. With the Radiator Thermostat II, the desired temperature for each room can be pre-set via the app, by voice command or directly on the device. Heating becomes even more convenient when personal time programmes are created to heat rooms only when warmth is needed. Heating according to need makes it especially easy to save heating energy.

The Room Thermostat II, which can be placed anywhere in the room as a free-standing unit or attached to a wall, provides greater comfort when heating.
The Room Thermostat II controls the temperature of all networked Radiator Thermostats II and thus always ensures the optimal room temperature at the desired location. The new design of the Room Thermostat II makes operation simpler and even more intuitive. Smart heating thus becomes even easier.

The new smart Room Thermostat II 230 V enables the smart heat regulation of wired heating systems by connecting them to existing underfloor heating systems or directly to a heat source. The new design ensures that the Room Thermostat II 230 V harmonises seamlessly with any home décor, while simultaneously making it easier and even more intuitive to operate.

Further information about the new Radiator Thermostat II, the Room Thermostat II and the Room Thermostat II 230 V can be found here: LINK

Energy Efficiency and Security in One: The Door/Window Contact II and Door/Window Contact II Plus

Smart heating alone does not guarantee ideal room climate: proper ventilation is also an important factor. The new Door/Window Contacts II help to prevent continued heating while the room is being ventilated. Like their predecessor model, they reliably report open windows or doors to the Bosch Smart Home system. Smart radiator thermostats then automatically reduce the temperature. For the first time, the new Door/Window Contacts II are available in two colour variants: white and anthracite. A tiny 3 mm magnet unit makes it simple to inconspicuously integrate the standard model Door/Window Contact II into any home environment. The Door/Window Contacts have always been an important component of the Bosch Smart Home alarm system. They instantly trigger an alarm if doors and windows are opened without authorisation.

The Door/Window Contact II Plus offers even greater security thanks to its additional vibration sensor. This improves burglary protection because attempted break-ins are detected even before doors and windows are opened – and before would-be intruders can damage the house. This makes the Bosch Smart Home alarm system even more secure.

Further information about the new Door/Window Contacts II (Plus) can be found here: LINK

Always on the Safe Side with the New Eyes Indoor Camera II

Bosch Smart Home offers another update for improved security with the new Eyes Indoor Camera II, which features intelligent motion detection that distinguishes human movements from other motions. If necessary, its newly integrated siren sounds a loud alarm. The camera also features the privacy mode: the camera head of the Eyes Indoor Camera II retracts fully into the housing, either at the touch of a fingertip or via the app.

Further information about the new Eyes Indoor Camera II can be found here: LINK

Flexibly Control the Smart Home with the Universal Switch II

With the new Universal Switch II, the smart home can also be controlled without a smartphone. The Bosch Smart Home app lets its user individually assign as many as four functions to each button on the Universal Switch II, thus enabling it to control individual devices, scenarios or automations. Either portable or mounted on the supplied wall bracket, the Universal Switch II is a flexible companion in the Bosch Smart Home. The newly designed Universal Switch II ensures an improved and simple operation because its buttons are marked with readily palpable embossing. Interchangeable symbol stickers contribute to unmistakable and individualised use.

Availability & Prices in Germany

  • Radiator Thermostat II: From August 2022; €79.95 RRP including 19% VAT.
  • Room Thermostat II: From Q4/2022; €79.95 RRP including 19% VAT.
  • Room Thermostat II 230 V: From Q4/2022; €114.95 RRP including VAT.
  • Door/Window Contact II: From September 2022; €42.95 RRP including 19% VAT or in multipack (three contacts) for €119.95 RRP including 19% VAT.
  • Door/Window Contact II Plus: From September 2022; €52.95 RRP including 19% VAT or in multipack (two contacts) for €99.95 RRP including 19% VAT.
  • Eyes Indoor Camera II: From Q4/2022; €259.95 RRP including 19% VAT.

Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH was incorporated as a fully owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. Headquartered in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, the company offers complete, intelligent consumer solutions for networked homes.

Bosch Smart Home simplifies home life by controlling routine tasks in the background. It offers greater comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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