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Bosch’s New Eyes Indoor Camera II Takes Action When Action is Needed

The security camera for reliable all-round protection – sounds an alarm and protects privacy.

  • Detects what is relevant: intelligent motion detection distinguishes people from other movements.
  • Sounds an alarm when necessary: in the event of a burglary, a loud built-in alarm siren loudly deters uninvited guests.
  • Only observes when desired: the uniquely retractable camera head can be retracted into its housing for optimal privacy.

Frank Bauderer


Stuttgart – A burglary takes place in Germany every ten minutes. The majority of these break-ins happen during the day when no one is at home1. Simple protective measures can help deter burglaries and significantly increase the likelihood of their detection. One of the best such measures is Bosch’s new Smart Home Eyes Indoor Camera II. Thanks to intelligent motion detection, the multi-award-winning2 Eyes Indoor Camera II distinguishes people from other movements and sounds its loud built-in alarm siren to reliably deter uninvited guests. At the same time, residents are alerted via push message notification with live video streaming to a smartphone. This intelligent security camera only guards the home when desired. The camera head can be retracted into the housing for optimal privacy. A simple tap on the camera head or a click in the Smart Camera app causes the head to retract instantly. Bosch’s new Eyes Indoor Camera II also offers a wide range of other uses in the Bosch Smart Home System, thus providing greater security and enhanced convenience in your home.

Always on the Safe Side

With its integrated alarm siren, the Eyes Indoor Camera II comprises a small alarm system in itself. If an unauthorised person enters the monitored home when its occupants are away, the security camera detects the intruder and triggers a loud alarm with the integrated sirene. The innovative person-recognition system combines intelligent video analysis with motion sensors so human beings can be reliably distinguished from other movements. Thus, the security camera can be activated, for instance, when the residents are away but have chosen to leave their pets at home. In addition, individual movement zones can be predefined in the app so only certain areas are monitored and only relevant events trigger the alarm. In case of an emergency, the residents are informed of the attempted break-in via push notification on their smartphone so they can immediately notify the police. The Eyes Indoor Camera II shoots razor-sharp full HD videos with additional in-picture-zoom function (even in the dark thanks to infrared lighting) so the residents can always get a clear video image of the situation. Additionally, thanks to the integrated loudspeaker and microphone, live video streaming with intercom is also possible allowing users to communicate via their smartphone with people in the living space or with their pets.

Safety Without Feeling Watched

When monitoring the premises, the Eyes Indoor Camera II takes into account the privacy requirements of all residents. No one wants to feel watched when they are at home. A simple tap on the camera head or a click in the app is all it takes to mechanically lower the camera head and thus physically cover the camera lens. When the last family member leaves the house, the camera can be simply reactivated if desired and the camera head extends. Furthermore, the Eyes Indoor Camera II assures reliable data security because both the storage of data and the transmission of live streams are secured against unauthorised access in compliance with the highest security standards.

More Advantages in the System

When integrated into the Bosch Smart Home System, the camera can be used in a variety of different ways via automations and scenarios. For example, it can be activated automatically as soon as residents leave the house. In this scenario, the door is locked by the smart door lock, the “leave home scenario” is triggered automatically and the camera is automatically activated. The Eyes Indoor Camera II offers greater security when integrated into the Bosch Smart Home alarm system. As part of the alarm system the smart camera immediately provides live images in the event of a burglary, a fire or water leakage.
The Eyes Indoor Camera II can be easily integrated into an existing Bosch Smart Home system as well as connected to Amazon Alexa. The additional option of displaying the camera’s video images on Amazon devices rounds out the system’s outstanding flexibility and combinability. This means that the video images shot by the camera in the children’s room can also be streamed into the living room on the Amazon Echo Show or via Amazon Fire TV.

The Benefits of Storage Options with Cloud+

With the additional Cloud+ subscription, which can be booked separately, users gain even more flexibility in video recording thanks to longer clips and expanded cloud storage.3 On the one hand, longer video clips of 30-, 45- or 60-second duration can be recorded instead of the standard 15-second video clips. This makes it possible to record longer intervals without interruption. On the other hand, the number of clips stored for 30 days per camera is raised to 400 clips. Even after the 30 days have elapsed, the 25 most important recordings can be saved as favourites and retrieved whenever desired.

Other Features

  • Access-protected storage of clips: stores 100 clips in the Cloud for seven days free of charge. Can be extended on request in the Cloud+ package.
  • The tripod thread facilitates alternative mounting options.
  • 145° diagonal field of view of (130° horizontal and 70° vertical) to monitor an entire room.


  • Eyes Indoor Camera II: From Q4/2022 in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Switzerland. From 2023 in the UK.
  • Cloud+ can be added to the Bosch Smart Camera app starting in Q4/2022.

Prices in Germany

  • Eyes Indoor Camera II: €259.95 including 19% VAT.
  • Cloud+: €2.99 per month or €29.99 per year. The first fourteen days are free; afterwards the service can be cancelled monthly.


Bosch’s Smart Camera App must be installed in order to use the Eyes Indoor Camera II. A Bosch Smart Home Controller and the Bosch Smart Home App are required to take advantage of other benefits the Bosch Smart Home system has to offer.


2Red Dot Design Award “Best Smart Product” and IF Design Award 2022

3Available in the Bosch Smart Camera App starting in Q4/2022

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Bosch Smart Home simplifies home life by controlling routine tasks in the background. It offers greater comfort, security and energy efficiency.

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