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Preventing damaged screws and surfaces: New cordless Bosch impact wrenches for professionals

More control than ever thanks to customizable screw modes

  • Three different tools for sheet/wood and metal applications
  • Easy handling and maximum flexibility thanks to User Interface and Connectivity
  • Added value thanks to customizable modes based on user feedback

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With three new cordless impact wrenches, Bosch offers tradespeople maximum control and flexibility in processing small to medium-size sheet/metal and wood screws. The 18 V models differ in terms of their tool holders: The GDR 18V-210 C Professional with its internal hexagon holder is particularly suitable for sheet/wood applications, the GDS 18V-210 C Professional with its external square holder is suitable for metal applications, while the GDX 18V-210 C Professional combines these application areas with its established combination holder. Professionals in construction trades such as joiners or fitters can thus select the right tool to meet their requirements. The impact wrenches have been optimized based on user feedback and now offer, besides high performance, two screw modes which for the first time can be selected directly on the tool’s User Interface and further configured with the app. In this way, the cordless impact wrenches prevent damage to screws and surfaces ‒ making the GDR 18V-210 C Professional, the GDS 18V-210 C Professional, and the GDX 18V-210 C Professional clearly distinct from common impact wrenches in their class on the market.

Preset screw modes in detail

Button A, the first mode, is preset for self-tapping screws in metal application, while button B, the second mode, is preset for wood screws. In mode A, for self-tapping screws, the ‘Auto Slow-down’ function guarantees that the impact wrench slows down automatically as soon as the impact procedure starts. This prevents screw heads from being torn off and threads from being stripped. In mode B, for wood screws, the ‘Auto Shut-off’ function can be set such that the tool switches off at a certain point to prevent damage to the material. Both predefined modes can be further customized using the Bosch Toolbox app and saved to ‘Favorite’ for later applications. Fitters can therefore save time during repetitive screwdriving tasks and always ideally set the tool to the specific application. Furthermore, the app can also be used to select the ‘Metal Bolt Mode’ for work with socket wrenches. This mode includes the functions ‘Shut-off after time’, ABR (Auto Bolt Release) and ‘Auto Slow-down’. If ‘Shut-off after time’ is selected, the impact wrench switches off automatically after a predefined time of tightening screws and nuts. As a result, they are not overtightened and do not break. On the other hand, ABR (Auto Bolt Release) and ‘Auto Slow-down’ are used to release screws and nuts. These modes switch off the impact wrench or slow it down automatically as soon as the screw or nut is loosened. This ensures that the screw or nut does not fall and is not lost during disassembly.

Speed, battery, and charge state can be viewed at a glance at any time

Tradespeople are also in full control of the speed during the complete work procedure. They can select three speed settings directly on the tool and adjust the rpm per speed setting using the app. The maximum speed is 3,400 rpm, while the maximum tightening torque is 210 Nm. All three impact wrenches thus deliver power and speed for demanding and repetitive screwdriving tasks. Furthermore, tradespeople can always see the battery and tool status based on the traffic light principle ‘Red, Yellow, Green’ thanks to the integrated LED on the tool’s User Interface.

The Professional 18V System saves time, space, and money

The impact wrenches run on powerful 18 V batteries. Bosch guarantees their compatibility with new and existing power tools and chargers in this voltage class and, thanks to the opening of the Professional 18V System to other manufacturers, this compatibility even goes beyond the Bosch tool portfolio. Many brands, many tools, one battery system: Tradespeople thus save time, space, and money.

The connected impact wrenches GDR 18V-210 Professional, GDS 18V-210 C Professional and GDX 18V-210 C Professional are available from January 2022. These are the recommended retail prices excluding VAT.

GDR 18V-210 C
GDS 18V-210 C ProfessionalGDX 18V-210 C
Battery voltage18 V18 V18 V
Max. tightening torque/
breakaway torque
210 Nm/‒210/370 Nm210/370 Nm
Tool holder¼" internal hexagon½" external square½" external square /
¼" internal hexagon
Speed settings333
No-load speed
1st setting/2nd setting/
3rd setting
0 ‒ 1,100/2,300/
3400 rpm
0 ‒ 1,100/2,300/
3400 rpm
0 ‒ 1,100/2,300/
3400 rpm
Rated impact rate
1st setting/2nd setting/
3rd setting
0 ‒ 2,200/3,300/
4,100 rpm
0 ‒ 2,200/3,300/
4,100 rpm
0 ‒ 2,200/3,100/
4,100 rpm
Max. tightening torque
1st setting/2nd setting/
3rd setting (approx.)
0 ‒ 80/160/210 Nm0 ‒ 90/160/210 Nm0 ‒ 130/160/210 Nm
Screw diameterM6 ‒ M16M6 ‒ M16M6 ‒ M16
Standard modes
on User Interface
A: Self-tapping screw, B: Wood screwA: Self-tapping screw, B: Wood screwA: Self-tapping screw, B: Wood screw
Weight without/with ProCore18V 4.0 Ah
1.1/1.6 kg1.1/1.6 kg1.2/1.7 kg
(length x height x width)
126 x 205 x 61 mm134 x 205 x 61 mm147 x 205 x 61 mm
Scope of delivery/
recommended retail price excluding VAT
• Tool in a carton: €210
• Tool in the L-Boxx with the GCY 42 Professional connectivity module: €245
• Tool in the L-Boxx with 2 x ProCore18V 4.0 Ah batteries, the GAL 18V-40 Professional charger and GCY 42 Professional connectivity module: €440
• Tool in a carton: €210
• Tool in the L-Boxx with the GCY 42 Professional connectivity module: €245
• Tool in a carton: €220
• Tool in the L-Boxx with the GCY 42 Professional connectivity module: €255
• Tool in the L-Boxx with 2 x ProCore18V 5.0 Ah batteries and the GAL 18V-40 CV Professional charger: €435
• Tool in the L-Boxx with 2 x ProCore18V 4.0 Ah batteries, the GAL 18V-40 Professional charger and GCY 42 Professional connectivity module: €450

Subject to change.

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