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New product segment: The Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit

Clip your dog’s nails safely, quickly and easily

  • Better protection: sanding dog nails gently and in a controlled manner
  • Less noise: quiet motor for relaxed nail care at home
  • Easy operation: small, light and cordless tool for trimming in one go
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Trimming dog nails yourself safely, quickly and easily – this is now possible thanks to the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit. With this tool, Dremel is using the advantages of innovative precision-tool technology for especially safe and relaxed dog nail care at home. With the Pet Nail Grooming Kit nails can be sanded down to the required length in a controlled manner. Fitted to the tool is an attachment providing protection during nail care, as it safely encloses the sanding disc and the rotating parts. An additionally fitted transparent protective cap offers better control and paw guidance: With an angle of 45 degrees the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit is the only kit in the market worldwide to follow the natural shape of the dog’s nail. This significantly lowers the risk of clipping nails too short or injuring dog’s nail. Compared to nail clippers, nails are cut more gently, more evenly and with a smooth finish. This makes it easier on both dog’s nails and on delicate wooden floors or carpets. On top of that, the transparent protective cap collects the nail dust and keeps dog hair out – simply safe and clean.

Relaxed, stress-free nail care at home

The Pet Nail Grooming Kit has a quiet motor to make nail care pleasant and stress-free for both dogs and owners. The process is easy on sensitive dog ears and prevents fear and anxiety. The smooth result also saves you having to go to the vet or groomer – and therefore saves you time and money, as well as your dog’s nerves. With the tool dog owners can now take care of their dog’s nails at home – in a relaxed and familiar environment.

Nail care made easy

Thanks to its compact size and light weight of just 270 grams, the Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit sits nicely in your hand. This means that dog owners can easily and effortlessly trim all nails in one go. With the easy-to-use speed setting, you can adjust the speed in two steps – offering a gentle and a more powerful setting just as your dog and its nails require. The Pet Nail Grooming Kit is cordless and uses four alkaline AA non-rechargeable batteries.

The Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit will be available at retail outlets from June 2018 onwards. The prices given are recommended retail prices including VAT. Subject to change.

SpecificationsDremel Pet Nail Grooming Kit
Rated speed7000 – 18,000 rpm
Weight270 g
Batteries4 x AA
Scope of delivery/recommended retail price including VAT
Tool incl. sanding attachment with protective cap, 4 sanding discs and quick guide: €39.99
Additional sanding discs are available in packs of 10

Dremel is one of the leading providers of precision power tools for do-it-yourself experts and hobbyists. The brand aims to combine innovative tool solutions, functionality and sophisticated design. Dremel was founded by Albert J. Dremel in Wisconsin, USA, in 1932. Today, the company is part of the global Bosch Group. The company’s products are available in more than 90 countries. Dremel's European head office is located in Breda, in the Netherlands.

Their product range includes compact tool systems (e.g. compact saws and glue guns), benchtop tool systems (e.g. scroll saws) and rotary tool systems (multitools). A wide range of accessories and attachments can be ordered to further enhance the versatility of the tools. The innovative 3D technology used in the Dremel 3D printers is another valuable addition to the product range.

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