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Most powerful cordless multi-tool in the product portfolio: Dremel 8260 with longer runtime and lifetime than ever

dremel 8260

Now with mobile app for even more features and services

  • First Dremel multi-tool with a brushless motor – more powerful than the corded pendant
  • Even wider range of information and services thanks to pairing with a smartphone
  • New Dremel Max range of accessories – the best in terms of efficiency and durability

Stefanie Schaefer


The Dremel 8260 is the most powerful cordless multi-tool which Dremel has ever launched. It is the world’s first tool in its class to feature a brushless motor coupled with Bluetooth connectivity and offers another 50 percent more battery capacity than the most powerful 12 V cordless tool to date, the Dremel 8220. With the Dremel 8260, DIYers now have a particularly efficient and durable cordless tool with twice the runtime. With its power output, the Dremel 8260 even surpasses the most powerful corded tool to date, the Dremel 4250, by 20 percent. Even demanding cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, carving, and engraving tasks can therefore be easily performed.

Added value thanks to a mobile app and MyDremel

And that’s not all: The Dremel 8260 is also the world’s first connected cordless multi-tool in its class and provides users with added value through the digital LED display and connectivity. DIYers can always thus keep an eye on the tool and battery status as well as the speed. As soon as the device is paired with the smartphone via Bluetooth, they also receive individual information by means of the Dremel App: For example, a runtime calculator shows the predicted remaining battery life in the current task and even considers whether a light or heavy duty task is involved. Users also obtain personalized feedback, for example warnings in the event of overheating, and therefore learn how to become even better acquainted with their tool and how to use it. A material guide is also installed that helps on which accessory and speed produce the best work results when processing the nine most common materials. The speed itself can also be regulated at six preset levels via the mobile app. And anyone who needs help can also contact customer service conveniently from the app. Creating a MyDremel profile with free registration of their new Dremel tools offers DIYers additional added value, such as a 1-year warranty extension and useful information such as operating instructions or proof of purchase and warranty certificate to make it easier to use services. If you’re looking for inspiration, just take a look at the optimized Dremel website: designing a tea light with a perforated pattern, engraving glass or leather, assembling a shelf or upcycling old objects into modern eye-catchers – all these and much more are projects with step-by-step instructions that show just how versatile the Dremel universe is. Access to the best of Dremel via mobile app or on the web, this is what the new digital offer provides and bundles.

Dremel Max – the best accessories in terms of efficiency and durability

Dremel also offers a completely new range of accessories: Dremel Max. It stands for maximum performance and durability, and comprises a total of seven accessories for cutting, engraving, and carving. For example, the Dremel Max EZ SpeedClic Premium cutting wheel has a lifetime which is 20 times longer than the standard accessory. It can even cut alloyed steel. The Dremel 8260 is compatible with all previous accessories, including EZ SpeedClic, and all new accessories. It is therefore more versatile than ever. In combination with the Dremel Max accessories, it works even more efficiently and has a 20 percent faster cutting speed.

The Dremel Max range of accessories is available right now, the Dremel 8260 as of November. It will be possible to create a MyDremel profile with free registration of newly purchased tools from September onwards.

Specifications Dremel 8260-5Dremel 8260-5/65
Motor/motor brakeBrushless/YesBrushless/Yes
Digital display/connectivityYesYes
Battery voltage/capacity 12 V/3 Ah12 V/3 Ah
Charging time95 min95 min
Speed range5,000 – 30,000 rpm5,000 – 30,000 rpm
(length x height x width)
24.4 x 6 x 5.2 cm24.4 x 6 x 5.2 cm
Weight including battery590 g590 g
Scope of delivery/recommended retail price including VATTool in a storage bag including a 12 V 3 Ah lithium-ion battery, charger, and 5-piece EZ SpeedClic accessory set: €209Tool in an aluminum case including 2 x 12 V 3 Ah lithium-ion batteries, charger, 65-piece accessory set and 6 attachments: detailer’s grip, shield attachment, shaping platform, line cutter, circle cutter, and multi-purpose cutting guide: €299

 Dremel Max accessories
Scope of
delivery/recommended retail
price including VAT
• 1 x Diamond Cutting Wheel Dremel Max EZ SpeedClic (SC545DM): €24.99
• 1 x Premium Metal Cutting Wheel Dremel Max EZ SpeedClic Premium (SC456DM): €19.99
• 2 x Engraving Bit Dremel Max 3.2 mm (194DM): €10.99
• 1 x Tungsten Carbide Carving Bit Dremel Max (9901DM) 3.2 mm: €14.99
• 1 x Tungsten Carbide Carving Bit Dremel Max, sharp, 3.2 mm (9903DM): €14.99
• 2 x Carving Bit Dremel Max 7.8 mm (115DM): €17.99
• 2 x Carving Bit Dremel Max 6.4 mm (117DM): €20.99

Subject to change.

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Dremel is one of the leading providers of precision power tools for do-it-yourself experts and hobbyists. The brand aims to combine innovative tool solutions, functionality, and sophisticated design. Dremel was founded by Albert J. Dremel in Wisconsin, USA, in 1932. Today, the company is part of the global Bosch Group. The company’s products are available in more than 90 countries. Dremel's European head office is located in Breda, in the Netherlands.

Their product range includes compact tool systems (e.g. compact saws and glue guns), benchtop tool systems (e.g. scroll saws) and multi-tool systems (rotary tools). A wide range of accessories and attachments can be ordered to further enhance the versatility of the tools.

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