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Gardening made easy: Bosch innovations for your garden

Speech by Henning von Boxberg, President of the Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH und Henk Becker, Managing Director of the Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH on the occasion of the press conference in Stuttgart on August 29, 2018

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Bosch innovations make gardening easy – this is our credo and the demand we place on every product and every service. In order to understand and provide what users want and need, we focus on them right from the start.

Hobby gardeners, garden lovers, nature enthusiasts, home growers, city gardeners – no two are the same, and yet they have one thing in common: The desire for easy-to-use gardening tools. The better the tool is tailored to meet the user’s needs, the more fun gardening is. Today, we will show you how innovations from Bosch will help you to have a beautiful garden conveniently and easily.

We will talk about typical gardening jobs: Lawnmowing, grasstrimming, hedgecutting, cleaning around the home and on the go − we provide the ideal solution for each of these tasks. In our introduction, we have already provided you with a glimpse behind the scenes: We have shown you how we use artificial intelligence to improve autonomous lawn care. I am therefore particularly excited to present to you now our new Indego generation in detail: The Indego S+.

The next generation: Robotic lawnmowers with artificial intelligence

A perfect lawn and as little work as possible ‒ that is the greatest wish of most garden-owners. Robotic lawnmowers meet this need particularly well: Once set up, the user can sit back and relax: The Indego does the mowing for them. We are making autonomous lawn care even smarter and more convenient than ever: “Alexa, mow the lawn with Indego!” – our Indego S+ is one of the first robotic lawnmowers you can voice-control using Amazon Alexa. Start, stop, park in the base station, request the last time the lawn was mowed or when the Indego S+ will mow the next time – simply link the robotic lawnmower to Amazon Alexa and get started!

The S in the product name stands for “smart” and that says it all: Our Indego is the only robotic lawnmower that automatically calculates the best time for the next cut by using a weather forecast from the internet. The Indego S+ only mows your lawn when the conditions are suitable: Not too hot, not too wet, not too cold. We call it “SmartMowing”.

More flexibility: “MultiArea” and “SpotMow” expend the function range

Our robotic lawnmower becomes more efficient and flexible thanks to the “MultiArea” function. More than half of all the gardens in Europe have multiple areas of lawn. With “MultiArea”, the Indego S+ can now mow separate gardens, e.g. at the front and back of the house. Move it to the other area and your robotic lawnmower mows the lawns in both areas systematically in lanes by using a second base station and the tried-and-tested “LogiCut” navigation system.

“SpotMow” ‒ with this new function, you can specifically mow small areas with a size of 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 meters – areas that otherwise would have been covered by garden furniture or play equipment such as trampolines. To do this, you simply place the Indego S+ at the bottom left-hand corner of the area you wish to mow, select “SpotMow” with the required size, and Indego S+ gets going.

Software update: Increased runtime and functions – available for all

With the new software, we also provide improved battery management: Runtime is increased by 50 percent per battery charge. This makes the Indego even faster.

And there is good news for anybody who already owns a current Indego model: You will also be able to use “MultiArea” and “SpotMow” functions in the future thanks to a free-of-charge software update. The Connect models will receive the update automatically on request. These connected models also offer voice control using Amazon Alexa and “SmartMowing”. This is what we call “focusing on the user”!

Bosch “LogiCut”: Mowing in parallel lanes – right from the outset

Another benefit for the user: Our Indego is still the only robotic lawnmower on the market to mow the lawn systematically in lanes. It therefore is and remains significantly faster than comparable competitor models, which mow in a random pattern.

Auto calendar: The only mower with an automatic mowing cycle

The Indego is also the only mower on the market that automatically calculates the mowing cycle based on the size of the lawn. This calendar function saves you from having to program this information manually. The number, days, time and duration of mowing procedures is automatically calculated based on the actual lawn size, the area that can be mowed in one battery charge, the required charging times and the breaks that must be observed, for example, when people are likely to be taking a siesta or at the weekend. You can always rely on the efficient care of the entire lawn area – without having to lift a finger yourself.

Service: Comprehensive support continuing after purchase

We make gardening easy – and that includes a comprehensive after-sales service. For example, you can have your Indego installed: From staking out the perimeter wire to choosing the correct mowing program, our specialist advisors are by your side to provide advice and assistance. You can reach us by telephone too: Our support service team is available to help you six days a week, up to 12 hours a day. If you want to keep your Indego in top-notch condition for next year, you can make use of our winter service from November until March; which offers cleaning, testing of all electronic and mechanical components and exchange of wear parts. And we offer a ten year spare parts warranty with planning and cost security.

Favorite design: Bosch Indego now with a personal touch

Just as your garden can reflect your individual style, you can now design your Indego and its garage to be just as unique: At, there is already a great selection of different designs. From daisies, pebbles, wood, and country flags, through to abstract patterns, such as carbon and exotic animal and plant designs – anything is possible. Your Indego takes care of the lawn all by itself, it is clean and quiet – and now it has its very own look with your favorite design.

The HydroGraphics covers are only available for our robotic lawnmowers. This printing process is used in the automotive sector and now also ensures high-quality surfaces that are built to last for the Indego. 17 different designs are available.

Those who fancy something exotic can bring a piece of the jungle or the steppe into the garden and let the Indego slip into the robe of peacocks, tortoises, zebras or leopards. You can also show your true colors with those of your country or your favorite flower: 35 different designs are available as self-adhesive and weather-resistant skins. They are easy and quick to apply.

Of course, you can also add a little style to the robotic lawnmower’s garage. 39 different skins are available for this. If that is not individual enough for you, you can simply upload your own photo and decorate your Indego together with its garage using your favorite design – a highly personal touch, home made by you!

Even today: Improved obstacle detection thanks to artificial intelligence

The many functions that I have just presented to you offer the user a high level of comfort. As you already know from our introduction today, we are focusing on artificial intelligence to improve our robotic lawnmowers even further ‒ and to make lawnmowing even easier. We are developing algorithms based on classified data sets. During mowing, these algorithms automatically check a large number of possible solutions to enable the Indego to master certain situations more efficiently – such as detecting obstacles. Our vision is that, in the future, each Indego will use artificial intelligence to learn about its own environment and make decisions. Every user will be able to say: “I have the best Indego for my garden.”

At this point, let me again provide you with a brief summary of why the Indego, in our view, is the best robotic lawnmower on the market:

  • We are focusing on artificial intelligence and therefore making lawn care even easier – both today and in the future.
  • You can voice-control your Indego via Amazon Alexa.
  • Only the Indego automatically calculates the best time to mow the lawn based on a weather forecast.
  • Only the Indego can mow separate gardens, e.g. at the front and back of the house, systematically in lanes.
  • You can automatically mow targeted small areas of 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 meters.
  • The runtime per battery charge is now 50 percent longer – which makes the Indego mow the lawn even faster.
  • The Indego is and remains the only robotic lawnmower on the market to mow your lawn systematically in lanes. It is therefore faster than mowers that mow in a random pattern.
  • The Indego uses the auto calendar, which makes manual programming of the mowing cycle unnecessary.
  • With the Indego we make gardening easy for you – offering a comprehensive after-sales service.
  • The Indego offers you the best look and the greatest variety of individual designs – including your own photo or personal favorite design.

New Rotak generation: Stress-free lawn care now cordless

Our new generation of cordless mowers brings great and quiet pleasure to those who like to take lawnmowing into their own hands. One thing many users would like to see is mowers that are quieter, yet simultaneously more powerful. Lawnmowers that take up as little space as possible when stored also matter to garden owners. We have taken notice of these needs and, following on from our corded Rotak models, we are now launching the quietest cordless high-performance lawnmowers onto the market. This is made possible by our ProSilence technology: From the lawnmower housing to its motor and blades – all components have been optimized to make cordless lawn care as efficient and quiet as possible. This not only makes the lawnmowers quieter, but also optimized the mowing sound which is now more pleasant. A total of three cordless models are available – from the UniversalRotak 36-550 with a 38 centimeters cutting width for lawns up to 550 square meters to the AdvancedRotak 36-750 with a 46 centimeters cutting width for up to 750 square meters.

Let me give you a concrete example of noise reduction: We have managed to reduce the guaranteed sound power level of the AdvancedRotak models from 90 decibels to 86 decibels. That is 60 percent less – the sound power level is halved every three decibels.

We are meeting the need for space-saving storage with foldable Ergoslide handles as well as a foldable grass box. This reduces the required storage space height by up to 30 percent and reduces the volume by more than 20 percent. That means that the lawnmowers are even easier to store.

The new cutting-height system is just as easy to use. Instead of using a control lever on the side, you simply press a button next to the handle. If you then pull the handle, the cutting height automatically locks into place – easily and conveniently.

We involve users in the product development process from the outset and adapt the function and design of our tools to their needs. The feedback from the market shows that we are hitting the mark with users: The predecessor models, our Rotak 37 and 43 LI cordless lawnmowers, are the best-selling cordless lawnmowers in German DIY stores. That is praise and incentive enough for us to continue striving to improve our tools.

We are relying heavily on battery technology – not just for lawnmowing. Henk Becker will now present to you our new products in the 18 volt segment.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are consistently expanding our cordless range. The focus is and remains on our “Power for All” battery system: Users can operate more than 25 DIY and garden tools such as rotary hammers, jigsaws, hedgecutters and grass trimmers with one and the same 18 volt battery. This system saves you batteries and chargers you do not need – and therefore money.

We are now adding four new garden tools to this range: Two particularly ergonomic grass trimmers, a lightweight and powerful hedgecutter, and the first cordless low-pressure cleaner from Bosch. If you have opted for the 18 volt system, you can master almost any task using our tools. This is what we call “a smart combination”.

“Syneon Chip”: Intelligently controlled energy for every project

Another advantage of our cordless tools: They provide just the right amount of energy that is required for each application. This is based on an optimum coordination of key components such as the motor and gearbox combined with an intelligent electronic system called the “Syneon Chip”. This offers you the maximum runtime for each project. Furthermore, our tools maintain full power until the battery is empty. This allows you to continue sawing, screwdriving, hedgecutting or even cleaning the terrace at full capacity until the end.

Let me give you a concrete example of the efficiency of our energy and battery management: Thanks to the “Syneon Chip”, our AHS 55-20 LI hedgecutter offers almost 40 minutes more runtime per battery charge than comparable competitor models. You can therefore work for longer with our tools.

Grass trimming made easy: Convenient, efficient edge cutting

I would like to go into more detail on the subject of cordless tools and present to you our new generation of trimmers: I will start with the model for small gardens – the EasyGrassCut 18. Many users find trimming grass to be a time-consuming and tedious task. The size and handling of the tool is especially relevant here ‒ including line tracking of the cutting line.

Our EasyGrassCut 18 is designed for comfortable lawn care in smaller gardens. Well-balanced, lightweight, adjustable auxiliary handle ‒ all of this makes the trimmer extremely easy to handle. Its powerful motor and durable cutting line ensure quick and reliable results.

The line length increases automatically once the start button is pressed. This enables you to work without interruption. Precision edge cutting is now achievable without needing to stoop over: Instead of turning the head, you can simply press the button on the handle and rotate it by 180 degrees. And then you can get going!

As is the case with all tools in the “Power for All” system, the interchangeable battery is easy to remove and can be inserted in any other 18 volt tool.

Another new addition to the system is the UniversalGrassCut 18. It has been designed to comfortably and efficiently trim medium-sized gardens, and combines advanced ergonomics with innovative spool management – more on this shortly. First, I would like to explain to you why working with the UniversalGrassCut 18 is particularly easy on your back: For the first time, it features two height-adjustable handles arranged in a V shape. These handles distribute weight across both arms, ensuring an ergonomic working position and reducing strain on the back. Thanks to its telescopic system and adjustable trimmer head, you can use the tool flexibly and tackle a wide range of tasks. You select your cutting position using the foot pedal, thus eliminating the need for inconvenient stooping: Normal trimming, trimming in difficult-to-reach areas such as under garden benches or edge cutting – depending on what the current situation requires.

The UniversalGrassCut 18 also ensures that work progresses quickly: The new InteliFeed spool management detects when the line is insufficient and increases the line length automatically, making manual line tracking unnecessary. In addition, the spool and line can be changed much more quickly and easily: The line is enclosed in a sleeve to prevent it from jumping from the spool when it is removed. There is also an eyelet in the spool cap through which the line runs to the outside of the device, preventing the line becoming snagged in the spool. The result is a high comfort level when using the trimmer and changing accessories.

Once the work is done, the tool can be stored without taking up too much space – and you can use the interchangeable battery for a new project thanks to the “Power for All” system. What about when you want to construct a raised bed, for example? Or a goal wall? Give your creativity free rein!

Users appreciate our products: Our high-performance trimmer, the AdvancedGrassCut 36, is already the highest rated trimmer in the 36 volt segment on Amazon. Here are a few examples of how the user sees us: Our trimmer is “perfect. Incredible power and easy to handle.” “It far exceeded my expectations.” Such feedback can only spur us on to create more innovations.

Hedgecutting made easy: Entry-level model with 18 volt

Even when cutting hedges, you can now benefit from this expansion to the “Power for All” system. We make hedgecutting easy for you! Cut hedges effortlessly with precise results right from the first cut and preferably without a cable ‒ those are the wishes and needs of our users.

We are now launching the EasyHedgeCut 18-45, a remarkably lightweight yet powerful cordless hedgecutter, as an 18-volt entry-level model. Weighing just 2.3 kilos, it cuts small, young hedges efficiently every time – up to 160 square meters per battery charge. Its low weight and great balance ensure simple handling: The hedgecutter sits perfectly in your hand, making it extremely easy to guide. The 450-millimeter diamond-ground blade, boasting a 15-millimeter tooth opening, ensures that hedges are cut cleanly and efficiently.

Our “Anti-Blocking system” enables work to progress rapidly, even when tackling thicker branches: If you are unable to cut through a thick or particularly hard branch at the first attempt, micro-electronics in the motor adjust the running direction of the blades so that they are repeatedly applied to the same point until the branch has been cut through. This system is unique in the market. And it has been for ten years already: In 2008, our AHS 52 LI was the first hedgecutter to be equipped with the “Anti-Blocking system”. Today, all cordless hedgecutters from Bosch offer this benefit – even including, for example, our EasyHedgeCut 12-35, which is the best-rated hedgecutter in the 12 volt segment on Amazon. 4.9 out of 5 stars – the greatest praise that our users can give us. Women in particular appreciate the lightweight, power-saving hedgecutter: “Perfect for garden Amazons” – a big compliment!

After cutting the hedge, you can easily insert the interchangeable battery in any other 18 volt tool from the “Power for All” system, for example in the new Fontus – the first cordless low-pressure cleaner from Bosch.

Easy cleaning without power and water supply: Fontus

Many users want a tool for cleaning that they can use without power or water supply. With the Fontus, we are now able to grant this wish: It is a powerful mobile cleaner for working around the home and on the go. Racing bikes or mountain bikes, greenhouses in allotments, barbecues, camping equipment: Our Fontus can handle all these cleaning tasks and many more – reliably, effectively and, at the same time, gently. It can even be used to wash dogs after a walk in the woods or fields – whether before going into the house or before jumping into the car. The powerful 18 volt battery ensures that you can work conveniently with the Fontus for up to 60 minutes, in any location. The water tank can hold up to 15 liters while the maximum pressure is 15 bar. This means that the Fontus offers the longest runtime, the highest pressure and the largest water tank of any comparable cleaner on the market.

Another advantage is the high level of convenience: With its extendable handle and robust wheels, the Fontus is easy to maneuver. This low-pressure cleaner is also easy to transport and can be conveniently loaded into a car thanks to its extra handle. All accessories are always be stored within the tool.

The Fontus features four spray patterns and three pressure modes. These can be flexibly combined, providing you with a total of twelve cleaning variants. The pencil jet is therefore ideal for removing stubborn dirt. Using this pencil jet together with the turbo pressure mode is, for example, an easy way to clean extremely dirty garbage cans in no time at all. Bicycles, strollers, shoes and garden tools can be cleaned effectively using the 15-degree fan jet and the medium pressure level. The 50-degree fan jet is the ideal choice for cleaning larger surfaces such as garden furniture. The shower jet enables gentle cleaning. It waters flower beds, for example, without damaging the plants themselves – and you can even use it to wash your dog.

The Fontus is a cordless tool with its own tank and it therefore works without power or water supply. It is the latest tool in the 18 volt system and therefore opens up a new area of application: Cleaning around the home and on the go.

Users already appreciate our expertise when it comes to cleaners. Our EasyAquatak 120 is the top-rated entry-level high-pressure washer on Amazon: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Henning von Boxberg:

Perhaps you have already noticed: Our garden tools have a new design.

Before I reveal any more about this to you, allow me to again provide a brief summary of why users are making the best choice when they purchase garden tools from Bosch:

  • With the Indego S+, we are offering, in our view, the best robotic lawnmower in its class.
  • Our new Rotak models are the quietest cordless high-performance mowerson the market.
  • With “Power for All”, we are offering the best cordless system. It is the only system that comprises DIY tools and garden tools but also household appliances such as vacuum cleaners ‒ and covers all relevant applications from screwing and drilling to cleaning.
  • Our “Syneon Chip” provides just the right amount of energy that is required for each application. The result is a longer runtime and the best energy and battery management on the market.
  • With the Fontus, we are offering the only cordless cleaner that has enough power to thoroughly clean the dirt from two bicycles. This is the added value that users are looking for.

As you can see: We are well-positioned for the future. We offer products for every need, with the intention of making gardening easier for hobby gardeners, garden lovers, nature enthusiasts, home growers and city gardeners. Trimmers, hedgecutters, high-pressure washers – users give our products top marks in customer reviews. This is the result of our strategy of focusing on the user for each and every product development. Knowing their needs is the basis of our innovative strength and the key to our success.

What else does the user need? – A simple, clear product design

One aspect that plays an important role when we exchange ideas with users is to look at things from the outside again and again and to question them critically. We always focus on each individual product, but we also have to look at the range as a whole. We want our tools to be accessible. We also want people without much experience with power tools to be able to simply pick up one of our tools and use it with ease. We are therefore focusing on a new product design. It follows the motto formulated by the designer Anton Stankowski: “Omit the unimportant. This intensifies the information.” So, what have we done? We have started to give our garden tools a smoother silhouette and a clearer style. We have reduced the control elements down to the necessary minimum. Nothing to distract you – the user can focus on simply operating the tool. In addition to the innovations that I have presented to you here today, I have also brought a few other examples along with me: Chainsaws, hedgecutters and successively our DIY tools too – all of these will, in future, be presented in Bosch Pale Green with black and gray accents. Please let us know what you think about our new design!

What else does the user need? ‒ Inspiration, tips and support

We focus on the user. This means that we want to be more than just a power tool manufacturer. We want to be a reliable companion who is always there for amateur gardeners and DIY enthusiasts, inspiring them, helping them to construct exciting projects and imparting knowledge in a simple and comprehensible way. This is why we set up the online magazine You can find beautiful, practical and playful things here − new inspiration and ideas to spur on your creativity. Projects such as a mini greenhouse for your balcony, a hanging lounger for the allotment or a little garden table made from fruit boxes are all described in an easy-to-follow way on In the DIY school section, you can learn to work expertly. There you can find materials science, tips and tricks, and many simple but precise instructions – for example, what perfect lawn care looks like. What tools are used for which tasks? What material is suited to which project? And what is the right way and time to cut roses? Answers to these questions and many more tips, tricks and trends can be discovered at

The experts are already impressed with our platform: In June, was awarded the BCM Gold Award 2018 in the category “Content Strategy”. This is the largest competition for content marketing in Europe. I invite you: Have a look at and get inspired!

Now that I am drawing my speech to a close, let me sum up the most important points for you once again:

  • We know the requirements of our users and develop solutions that make gardening easier for them.
  • We focus on pioneering technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in order to continuously improve our products.
  • We are expanding our “Power for All” cordless system for various DIY, garden and household tools, and continuously offer users new areas of application.
  • We see ourselves as a partner to amateur gardeners and DIY enthusiasts ‒ we not only provide them with tools, but also with the inspiration and expertise to achieve their goals themselves.

Test our innovations and see for yourself. Thank you for your attention.

The Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of the Bosch Group, is one of the world’s leading providers for power tools, garden tools, power tool accessories and measuring tools. In 2022, its roughly 20,000 associates generated sales of 5.9 billion euros, about 90 percent of which outside of Germany. With brands such as Bosch and Dremel, the division stands for customer focus and great engineering progress. The core success factors are innovative strength and pace of innovation. In 2024, Bosch Power Tools will again launch more than 100 new products onto the market in its four business segments power tools, garden tools, accessories and measuring tools.

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 428,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2023). According to preliminary figures, the company generated sales of 91.6 billion euros in 2023. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. As a leading IoT provider, Bosch offers innovative solutions for smart homes, Industry 4.0, and connected mobility. Bosch is pursuing a vision of mobility that is sustainable, safe, and exciting. It uses its expertise in sensor technology, software, and services, as well as its own IoT cloud, to offer its customers connected, cross-domain solutions from a single source. The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to facilitate connected living with products and solutions that either contain artificial intelligence (AI) or have been developed or manufactured with its help. Bosch improves quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. In short, Bosch creates technology that is “Invented for life.” The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 470 subsidiary and regional companies in over 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing, engineering, and sales network covers nearly every country in the world. The basis for the company’s future growth is its innovative strength. At 136 locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 90,000 associates in research and development, of which roughly 48,000 are software engineers.

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