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For an even wider range of applications: New X-LOCK accessories by Bosch for professionals

Simplest change system for angle grinders

  • Comprehensive: Complete system with more than 150 X-LOCK accessories
  • Efficient: Three new discs for different applications and materials
  • Comfortable: Quick change without effort and losable parts
Julia Anne Hand

Julia Anne Hand

One click and everything is in place: With X-LOCK, Bosch revolutionized accessory changes with angle grinders ‒ and developed the simplest change system on the market with an extensive range of accessories. Craftspeople can revert to more than 150 X-LOCK accessories. Three new accessories are now ready to provide an even wider range of applications: The particularly durable diamond cutting wheel “Diamond Metal Wheel”, the “Prisma Ceramic Fibre Disc” ‒ the first Bosch ceramic fiber disc with triangular-shaped grain for even faster material removal ‒ as well as the versatile “Cleaning Disc” for gentle removal of rust, paint and varnish. The advantage of the X-LOCK system: Instead of numerous small steps with losable parts, such as adjusting nuts, flanges and wrenches, including high physical effort, the accessory change is really easy. The disc is positioned in the X-LOCK holder and clicked on. It is unlocked by a lever. Duplicate stock-keeping is not required when changing to the X-LOCK system: Almost all X-LOCK accessories can also be used on angle grinders with conventional clamping systems.

“Diamond Metal Wheel”: With a lifetime up to 100 times longer

Using diamond technology to cut steel, stainless steel, cast iron and copper more efficiently: In comparison to conventional cutting wheels, the versatile “Diamond Metal Wheel” offers craftspeople a service life up to 100 times longer in metal engineering, in foundries or metal workshops. This is based on the combination of steel body and diamond cutter, which is used for the first time instead of resin-bonded abrasives for applications in metal. It also ensures that the cutting depth of the wheel remains unchanged from the first to the last cut. Its cutting speed is also constant: The “Diamond Metal Wheel” has a special design with integrated cooling openings, which prevents deformation. Thanks to its robust steel body, the wheel does not splinter even if the angle grinder should fall to the ground. Furthermore, craftspeople can work in a healthy manner: The wheel does not generate any chemical odors or additional dust due to wear of the wheel itself.

“Prisma Ceramic Fibre Disc”: Rapid material removal on steel and stainless steel

New prism technology from Bosch: Formed ceramic grains with a prism structure on the “Prisma Ceramic Fibre Disc” make aggressive grinding as well as rapid, constant and a more precise grinding result possible in comparison to fiber discs with crushed ceramic grain. Two versions are available: The R781 series for applications on unalloyed or low-alloyed steels and the R782 series with a cooling active ingredient and a larger grain range up to 120+ for stainless steel. With the “Prisma Ceramic Fibre Disc R781”, material removal is achieved up to 40 percent faster. The R782 series even achieves material removal up to 80 percent faster. In comparison to aluminum oxide fiber discs, both series have a material removal rate of up to four times faster. Thanks to prism technology, craftspeople in metal construction, shipbuilding, container construction, foundries and blacksmiths require less pressure when processing a workpiece. A better grinding result can thus be achieved in a very short time in operations such as deburring or removing weld seams.

“Cleaning Disc”: For materials ranging from metal to plastic

The “Cleaning Disc” allows craftspeople to remove rust, paint, varnish or graffiti quickly without changing the properties of the material or damaging the actual surface. The disc is characterized by its special design with an open fleece structure: Metal that has been ground off can not clog the grinding surface, for example, and the disc has a considerably longer service life than discs with a closed structure. Thanks to its resin impregnation, it is also suitable for the widest possible range of materials: From metal and ceramics to concrete and plastic – with the “Cleaning Disc”, craftspeople can clean almost any surface.

The X-LOCK range provides accessories for almost all applications as well as 17 X-LOCK angle grinders: Nine corded models from 750 to 1 900 Watts and eight cordless models with 18 Volts and conventional disc diameters of 115 and 125 millimeters.

The accessories “Diamond Metal Wheel”, “Prisma Ceramic Fibre Disc” and “Cleaning Disc” are available with immediate effect. All prices are recommended retail prices excluding sales tax.

X-LOCK accessories DiameterRecommended retail price plus sales tax
„Diamond Metal Wheel“
  • 115 x 22.23 mm
  • 125 x 22.23 mm
  • Further diameters for a wide tool range (angle grinders without X-LOCK, masonry saws, miter saws, etc.)
  • 29.54 €
  • 38.45 €
Ceramic Fibre Disc”
R781 (metal)

Grain 36+ to 80+
  • 115 x 22.23 mm (grain 36+)
  • 125 x 22.23 mm (grain 36+)
  • Further diameters for angle grinders without X-LOCK
  • Pack of 25: 52.48 €
  • Pack of 25: 60.33 €
Ceramic Fibre Disc”
R782 (inox & metal)

grain 36+ to 120+
  • 115 x 22.23 mm (grain 36+)
  • 125 x 22.23 mm (grain 36+)
  • Further diameters for angle grinders without X-LOCK
  • Pack of 25: 58.31 €
  • Pack of 25: 67.05 €
„Cleaning Disc“
  • 115 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 10.00 €
  • 11.05 €

Subject to change.

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