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Easy Gardening with Bosch: The easy and convenient way to a beautiful garden

Speech by Henk Becker, Managing Director of the Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH on the occasion of the press conference in Stuttgart on July 27, 2017

Manuel Roj

Manuel Roj


Ladies and gentlemen,

Learn from the user – develop for the user: The introduction to User Experience and Design Thinking will have enabled you to get an idea of how we systematically analyze users’ requirements and desires. And how we place these at the center of product development. During the development process, we keep checking whether we’re on track: Do users find our product useful? Do they find it easy to use? Do they have fun using it? Do they find it esthetically pleasing? Finding the answers to these questions forms the basis of our innovative strength and is the key to our success.

Today, I will give you an insight into how we are making it easier for private users to care for their gardens. Hobby gardeners, garden lovers, nature enthusiasts, city gardeners, self-supporters – no two are the same, and yet they have one thing in common: The desire for easy-to-use gardening tools. Easy Gardening with Bosch – today I will show you how our innovations can help you to achieve a beautiful garden in an easy and convenient way.

We will discuss typical gardening jobs: Trimming trees and shrubs, lawn mowing, shaping hedges − we off er the perfect solution for all of these tasks. Allow me to start with a small sensation; we call it EasyPrune: Our first power-assisted cordless secateurs for effortless cutting.

EasyPrune: The first power-assisted secateurs from Bosch

Pruning flowers, thinning out branches in hedges, cutting back shrubs and fruit trees: Time and again, users have fed back to us how strenuous these jobs are with manual shears. Our solution: A cordless secateurs which provides power when you need it. Where conventional secateurs reach their limits, our EasyPrune’s power-assist technology is just getting started: It cuts through branches with a diameter of up to 25 millimeters effortlessly. The power-assist function only cuts in when the handles are actively squeezed together as they would be with conventional secateurs. A choice of three different settings also lets you adjust the power assistance to your specific needs. However many cuts you make, your hand will not tire because 3 of 10 the EasyPrune makes light work of cutting all types of branches, thick or thin. You can make up to 450 cuts with a single battery charge.

A major advantage is that we can utilize synergies within the Bosch Group in our development work. In the case of EasyPrune, we have successfully transferred the principle used for eBikes − power assistance when you need it – to a secateurs. Cutting different material types and thicknesses requires the application of different amounts of force. This is where EasyPrune’s powerassist technology comes in: A sensor measures the pressure being exerted as you cut. If the force in this area exceeds a set limit, the electronic powerassist function will automatically cut in. Gardening has never been easier. This is what we mean by “Easy Gardening.”

New Rotak generation: The quietest mowers in their class

Lawn mowing is arguably the most frequent gardening job. Our Rotak lawnmowers are tried and trusted. We are continuously developing our products. And: We want to make what’s good even better. One thing many users would like to see is mowers that are quieter, yet simultaneously more powerful. Lawnmowers that take up as little space as possible when stored also matter to garden owners. We have taken notice of these needs and, with our new Rotak generation, are bringing the quietest lawnmowers in their class onto the market. This is made possible by our ProSilence technology: From the lawnmower housing to its motor and blades, all components have been optimized in view of the user’s needs and the desire for reduced volume with high power. To begin with, there are four corded ProSilence tools: Two Universal models, at 1 300 and 1 400 watts, and two Advanced models at 1 700 and 1 800 watts. And that’s not all: Cordless models will follow next season.

Let me give you a specific example of noise reduction: We have managed to reduce the guaranteed sound power level of the new AdvancedRotak 750 from 95 decibels to 89 decibels. That is 75 percent less – the sound power level halves every 3 decibels. However, it is also very much about psycho4 of 10 acoustics, in other words, how a user perceives noise. Besides volume, this includes the frequency, tone, and duration of sound. We analyzed our previous models thoroughly. Our lawnmowers are now substantially quieter and their mowing sound more pleasant.

We are meeting the need for space-saving storage with a foldable grass box. It can be fitted and removed in just seconds. To store it, simply remove it, fold it up, and place it on the lawnmower body.

A foldable grass box alone would not greatly reduce the size of the stored lawnmower. So, what have we done? We have improved the design of the handle too. The new Ergoslide system now has a telescopic handle with a very simple height adjustment and folding function. That means that the lawnmowers are even easier to store.

The new cutting-height adjustment is just as easy to use. Instead of a gear lever on the side, you simply press the red button next to the readily accessible handle on the lawnmower. If you then pull the handle, the cutting height automatically locks into place – easily and conveniently. You may already have noticed that we are presenting the new Rotak series with a new design: All the lawnmowers have textured high-quality surfaces and grille elements with sealed foils, which are also used, for example, on designer fittings for premium vehicles. We have done this to send out a visual signal as well: We are different and quieter than ever before!

We also utilized synergies within the Bosch Group when developing our new generation of lawnmowers. They are based on the experience gained from developing vacuum cleaners. It was above all a question of psycho-acoustics, in other words, how a user perceives noise. We have learned a great deal from our colleagues in the household appliance division – and we are using this expertise to create added value for our users.

Indego Garage protects against the elements

Garden owners that want a beautiful, well-maintained lawn are increasingly choosing robotic lawnmowers. Our Indego 400 and Indego 400 Connect models are representative of optimized autonomous lawn care. Both models are 50 percent smaller and half as loud as previous models, and they can mow up to 400 square meters, an area which accounts for approximately 75 percent of all private gardens. They work with the tried-and-tested “LogiCut” navigation system for systematic mowing in lanes. In 30 minutes, or one battery charge, they mow an area twice as large as equivalent competitor models and are 35 percent quicker extrapolated up to 400 square meters. Besides this, the Indego 400 Connect can easily be controlled from wherever you are using the Bosch “Smart Gardening” app.

Our users value their Indego mowers but do not want them to be exposed to the elements – or the gaze of other people – when they are parked. There is a clear analogy with cars – which is why we will be offering an Indego Garage in future. It is exactly tailored to our robotic lawnmowers and their base stations, in other words, as small as possible and as big as necessary. The Indego 400 and Indego 400 Connect can park in it so that they are protected in a space-saving way.

The Indego Garage is made of high-quality UV-resistant material which does not become discolored by the weather. Its cover is transparent so that you can keep an eye on the lawnmower’s display and operate it without any additional effort. The assembly is also very practical: The four individual parts slot together easily and can be fixed into the ground with four screws. An Indego robotic lawnmower with garage protection for autonomous lawn care – you can only get that with Bosch.

“Power for All”: Expansion of cordless segment for home and garden

The same principle applies to all hobby gardeners − no matter whether they have a small urban yard or a large kitchen garden: The easier the gardening, the more enjoyable it is. What tools could better meet this demand than cordless tools? Our focus is on the “Power for All” cordless system, which comprises DIY and garden tools: With a single 12 or 18 volt battery, you can currently operate 14 or 21 power tools respectively − from drill driver to hedgecutters. You only need one battery and one charger per volt class. This enables you to do without batteries and chargers that you do not need, and you can save money at the same time.

Maximum runtime thanks to the “Syneon Chip”

Our cordless tools have another advantage: They enable up to 85 percent more applications than comparable competitor models. This is based on optimum coordination of key components such as the motor and gearbox combined with an intelligent electronic system called the “Syneon Chip.” This offers DIY enthusiasts and hobby gardeners the maximum runtime for each project. Furthermore, our tools provide full power until the battery is empty. As a result, users can mow their lawns, trim shrubs, or even prune branches powerfully until the battery runs out.

Work around the garden is now set to get easier with the launch of three new 18 volt tools: A small convenient chainsaw, a pole pruner to cut trees and a pole hedgecutter to trim hedges without a ladder.

UniversalChain 18: Powerful, light 18 volt chainsaw

The UniversalChain 18 is our answer for all users who find conventional chainsaws daunting, heavy, and cumbersome. Thanks to its compact design and features, it is also suitable for people who have limited experience of handling chainsaws. Why? Weighing just 3 kilograms, our UniversalChain 18 offers the best power-to-weight ratio in its class. It is very compact and user-friendly. Our chainsaw has a recoil protection to help the user perform every cut with perfect control. The protective guard at the tip of the blade reduces vibrations and makes clean cuts easier, which promote the healthy growth of wood. Typical applications are pruning fruit trees and cutting thicker timber or branches for firewood. The UniversalChain 18 is also comfortable and easy to handle thanks to its integrated SDS system, which enables the saw chain and bar to be fitted in just a few hand movements and without the use of tools, and its automatic chain lubrication.

Do you remember our “Syneon Chip”? The optimum coordination of motor and gearbox in combination with this intelligent electronic system is the reason why the UniversalChain 18 is also particularly efficient: With a single battery charge, it can manage up to 40 cuts in soft wood with a diameter of 100 millimeters − perfect wood for your next log fire or campfire!

UniversalChainPole 18: Prune branches easily without a ladder

We also offer users added value with our UniversalChainPole 18 pruner. Anyone with tall trees in their garden wants a tool for cutting branches without having to climb a ladder. It takes a lot of effort and carries a high risk of injury. Cordless tools continue to be very popular – but they have to have the right power. And the cut must be clean, without tearing.

Our new pruner can do all of this − cordlessly. Thanks to its adjustable telescopic pole, the UniversalChainPole 18 cuts hard-to-reach branches even up to a height of 3 to 4 meters and with a diameter of up to 150 millimeters. Its head can be pivoted around up to 120 degrees and the tool measures 2.0 to 2.6 m from the tip protector to the handle. This means that you can slim down treetops or cut branches at different heights effortlessly without damaging the tree. The good balance and light weight of 3.6 kilograms including the battery provide great ease of use, ensuring that your arms and back are well taken care of, even when the tool is used for a long time. With a chain speed of 4 meters per second and a chain length of 20 centimeters, the pruner offers a powerful and continuous cutting performance. The key here is also the “Syneon Chip”.

UniversalHedgePole 18: Easy hedgecutting without a ladder

Easy hedgecutting without a ladder – that’s what our UniversalHedgePole 18 is all about. For many users, cutting tall hedges was an annoyance until now − but our tool is coming to the rescue: You can now quickly and accurately cut young shoots and small to medium branches on tall hedges such as conifers, privets, beeches or yews. The hedgecutter has a 43-centimeters blade, its length is adjustable and the tool measures 2.0 to 2.6 meters from the tip protector to the handle. Its head can be pivoted around 135 degrees − offering even more flexibility.

You might already know about it from other Bosch hedgecutters: Our anti-blocking system. It ensures continuous cutting performance − even for thicker branches: If the tool fails to cut through a branch at the first attempt, micro-electronics in the motor adjust the running direction of the blades so that they are applied to the same point until the branch has been cut through. Bosch is the only company on the market offering such technology.

“Power for All”: One 18 volt battery for more than 20 tools

Chainsaw, pole pruner, pole hedgecutter − with these innovations, we are expanding our 18 volt “Power for All” battery system to 24 DIY and garden tools. The range now covers all common applications from impact drilling, through cutting and grinding, to lawn trimming, branch cutting, and hedge cutting. Users have “a smart combination” and do without batteries and chargers that they do not need, and they can save money at the same time. Once again: Easy Gardening made by Bosch.

GlassVac: New segment − window cleaning made easy

I am particularly happy today to be able to present a new Power Tools segment to you: Window cleaning. We all know the feeling: Our laboriously cleaned windows show up streaks in the sunlight or dirt in the corners and at the edges. Buckets knocked over, dirty dishcloths, wet newspaper – window cleaning is a pain! Our solution is GlassVac, the first cordless window vacuum from Bosch. It is the most compact tool on the market: At a height of only 20 centimeters, it is 30 percent smaller than similar competitor models and can therefore vacuum up to window edges more easily.

You can clean windows and smooth surfaces easily in two steps. Step one: Mix detergent with water in the applicator and spray it on the surface. Scrub off stubborn dirt straight away with the integrated microfiber cloth. Step two: Switch on the GlassVac, place it against the window, and start vacuuming. That’s how easy window cleaning can be!

The wiper blades have “Power Protection Plus”, an innovative wiper-rubber technology with polymer coating, which until now had been used only for windscreen wipers from Bosch. This technology now also guarantees clean results at home: The wiper blade glides effortlessly over surfaces because it generates very little friction, so that streaks and annoying squeaking noises are a thing of the past. The wiper lip is also very robust and durable and lasts longer than conventional rubber lips. So you can see we are aware of the strengths within the Bosch Group, and are making use of existing expertise, and transferring know-how successfully to a new product − always with our focus on users and their needs. That is the reason why we are presenting this tool today at our garden press conference: We are moving from high-pressure washer development into new terrain with GlassVac – in order to even better meet the desires and requirements of our users.

Bosch innovations make gardening easy

To conclude my speech, I would like to briefly recap the most important points:

  • Thanks to User Experience and Design Thinking, we are familiar with the requirements of our users and we develop solutions that make work easier for them.
  • We focus on cordless tools that offer added value – for example, “Power for All” with an interchangeable battery for various DIY and garden tools.
  • eBikes, vacuum cleaners, windscreen wipers − we utilize synergies within the Bosch Group to make our products even better.
  • We continue to develop not only existing segments, but also enter new segments – always with our focus on users and their needs.

Thank you for your attention!

The Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of the Bosch Group, is one of the world’s leading providers for power tools, garden tools, power tool accessories and measuring tools. In 2023, its roughly 19,500 associates generated sales of 5.6 billion euros, about 90 percent of which outside of Germany. With brands such as Bosch and Dremel, the division stands for customer focus and great engineering progress. The core success factors are innovative strength and pace of innovation. In 2024, Bosch Power Tools will again launch more than 100 new products onto the market in its four business segments power tools, outdoor and garden tools, accessories and measuring tools.

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 429,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2023). The company generated sales of 91.6 billion euros in 2023. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. With its business activities, the company aims to use technology to help shape universal trends such as automation, electrification, digitalization, connectivity, and an orientation to sustainability. In this context, Bosch’s broad diversification across regions and industries strengthens its innovativeness and robustness. Bosch uses its proven expertise in sensor technology, software, and services to offer customers cross-domain solutions from a single source. It also applies its expertise in connectivity and artificial intelligence in order to develop and manufacture user-friendly, sustainable products. With technology that is “Invented for life,” Bosch wants to help improve quality of life and conserve natural resources. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 470 subsidiary and regional companies in over 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing, engineering, and sales network covers nearly every country in the world. Bosch’s innovative strength is key to the company’s further development. At 136 locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 90,000 associates in research and development, of which nearly 48,000 are software engineers.

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