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Cordless pneumatic pump for mobility, leisure and sport: Compact and versatile Bosch EasyPump

Mini-compressor for numerous applications

  • One of the lightest cordless pneumatic pumps on the market
  • Ideal for inflating tires, balls and small water sports equipment
  • Fully automatic pumping process with real-time measurement and autostop function

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You have a flat tire and it’s too far to the next gas station? Operating a manual air pump is too strenuous? Weighing just 430 grams, the new and very compact EasyPump from Bosch is the solution at home and on the road. Thanks to its ergonomic design with a very narrow handle, the cordless pneumatic pump fits comfortably in the hand and is ready to use immediately. The EasyPump is suitable for inflating different tires like bike, car and motorcycle tires as well as balls ranging from a football through to a basketball. The pump also easily inflates swim rings or beach balls – without needing any human breath whatsoever. Unlike conventional pneumatic pumps, all the necessary adapters are neatly stored in the tool handle and are therefore always at hand. Whether a ball needle, adapters for the French valves/Presta valves customary on racing bikes, or a volume adapter for a swim ring or a beach ball, everything has its place. The EasyPump can also be set precisely for any application: its autostop function ensures that the required air pressure is always accurately attained.

Easy handling with applications up to 10.3 bar

The target value can be preset in bar, PSI or kPa and then saved. The maximum pressure of the pump is 10.3 bar, 150 PSI and 1,050 kPa, and is therefore also suitable for racing bike tires which require the highest pressure at 8 bar and more. It is very simple to use the pump: all settings can easily be made by means of clear buttons and simply read on the large display. The target value, the current pressure, the selected pressure unit and the charging state of the battery are shown. In addition to the automatic pressure operation, the pump can easily be used even without setting the target value by means of the manual Start/Stop function. The pump’s LED light ensures that valves can also be clearly seen in a dark environment, thus making it easier to connect them to the tool.

Mobile tool with high capacity for each battery charge

Measuring just 215 millimeters, the EasyPump fits in every sports bag, bike bag and glove compartment. The textile cover around the air hose prevents any kinks or breakages. The air hose can also be flexibly rotated 360 degrees, which makes it easier to reach valves into narrow spaces. With just one battery charge it is possible, for example, to inflate six tires on a trekking bike from 0 to 4.5 bar or five mid-class car tires from 2.0 to 2.5 bar. The EasyPump can also be charged in a car, in a notebook or via Powerbank thanks to a USB-C charging cable.

The EasyPump is available from February 2021 onwards. All prices are recommended retail prices including the current rate of VAT.

Battery capacity3.6 V
Max. pressure10.3 bar/150 PSI/1,050 kPa
Air flow rate at 0 bar10 l/min
Autostop functionYes
Max. number of car tires per battery charge (from 2.0 to 2.5 bar, 205/55R16) / duration5 / Ø 2:43 min per car tire
Max. number of bike tires per battery charge
(from 0 to 4.5 bar, trekking bike, 28" x 1.5" wide) / duration
6 / Ø 2:08 min per bike tire
Max. number of balls per battery charge
(from 0 to 0.8 bar, football size 5) / duration
38 / Ø 0:55 min per ball
Charging connector /
length of charging cable
USB-C / 1 m
Dimensions (length x width x height) /
hose length
215 x 49.2 x 106 mm /
240 mm
Weight0.43 kg
Scope of delivery/recommended retail price including 16% VATTool in a carton box with a textile bag, USB-C charging cable, ball needle, adapter for a French valve, and a volume adapter: 68.23 €

Subject to change.

The Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a division of the Bosch Group, is one of the world’s leading providers for power tools, garden tools, power tool accessories and measuring tools. In 2023, its roughly 19,500 associates generated sales of 5.6 billion euros, about 90 percent of which outside of Germany. With brands such as Bosch and Dremel, the division stands for customer focus and great engineering progress. The core success factors are innovative strength and pace of innovation. In 2024, Bosch Power Tools will again launch more than 100 new products onto the market in its four business segments power tools, outdoor and garden tools, accessories and measuring tools.

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 429,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2023). The company generated sales of 91.6 billion euros in 2023. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. With its business activities, the company aims to use technology to help shape universal trends such as automation, electrification, digitalization, connectivity, and an orientation to sustainability. In this context, Bosch’s broad diversification across regions and industries strengthens its innovativeness and robustness. Bosch uses its proven expertise in sensor technology, software, and services to offer customers cross-domain solutions from a single source. It also applies its expertise in connectivity and artificial intelligence in order to develop and manufacture user-friendly, sustainable products. With technology that is “Invented for life,” Bosch wants to help improve quality of life and conserve natural resources. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 470 subsidiary and regional companies in over 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing, engineering, and sales network covers nearly every country in the world. Bosch’s innovative strength is key to the company’s further development. At 136 locations across the globe, Bosch employs some 90,000 associates in research and development, of which nearly 48,000 are software engineers.

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