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Broadest range of cleaning accessories on the market: Versatile Power Scrubber Dremel Versa

dremel versa accessory range

Ideal for almost every cleaning job

  • Versatile: Extensive accessory range offers even more cleaning possibilities
  • Effective: New brushes and pads provide high scrubbing power
  • Precise: Three detail brushes for cleaning hard-to-reach areas
Natalie Kuzhim

Natalie Kuzhim


Dremel has expanded the range of accessories for its first-ever cleaning tool, the power scrubber Dremel Versa (see PI 11085 ). With three new pads and four new brushes, the Dremel Versa now offers the most extensive range of accessories for power scrubbers on the market. The overall eleven accessories make the Dremel Versa particularly versatile: From everyday cleaning to delicate or deep cleaning – the extensive range of accessories accompanying the Dremel Versa is suitable for almost every cleaning job.

Four new brushes for everyday cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas

All new brushes in the accessory set have different bristles that allow a wide range of wet and dry applications. The Dremel Versa kitchen brush features long nylon bristles for delicate cleaning and quick removal of food residue without scratching the surface. With the included extender, the kitchen brush has an overall length of 10 centimeters for a convenient reach into deep and narrow glasses, such as baby bottles or vases. The new durable corner brush has a higher scrubbing power than the kitchen brush due to its harder bristles. Thanks to its small and hollow center design, users can deep clean hard-to-reach places like corners of tiled walls or granite countertops and stoves, nooks and crannies of metal spokes or even car seats effectively. In addition, two new multipurpose detail brushes round off the range of cleaning brushes. Equipped with hard durable nylon bristles in a compact design and a 10-centimeter extender, the two detail brushes are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach and tough-to-clean spots like tile grout, faucets, clean nooks stoves, crannies and drains. The set of multipurpose detail brushes includes one flat brush, which cleans small flat surfaces and one conical brush, which helps to target those hard-to-reach areas or corners.

Powerful cleaning results on different materials indoors and out

The Dremel Versa polishing pad is the first addition to the new set of cleaning pads and ideal for multipurpose polishing applications. This acrylic pad has the lowest scrubbing power for polishing and cleaning delicate materials like silverware, stainless steel, leather or granite countertops without leaving any scratches. The new kitchen scour pad can be compared to the rough side of a green dish sponge. Its scrubbing power and material is ideal for the deep cleaning of dirty surfaces. It removes stains and food residue from pots or pans and cleans stove burners and grates or oven racks. It has more scrubbing power than the non-scratch pad, which can be compared to the rough side of a non-scratch blue dish sponge. Users can clean delicate surfaces like aluminum, stainless steel, copper, coated nonstick cookware or non-tempered glass as found in aquariums, with the non-scratch pad. The new extreme scour pad made of silicon carbide is ideal for cutting through and removing tough stuck-on mess. It has an even higher scrubbing power than the brown heavy-duty pad that is already featured in the accessory range of the Dremel Versa. With this pad, users can easily tackle hard to remove burnt on food from cast iron pans and mildew from stones.

All cleaning pads are designed with the hook and loop system, which allows the users to quickly switch from one cleaning application to another. The color selection of all pads is based on commonly used colors for cleaning products and, therefore, allows the users to easily identify which accessory to use. White is for sensitive applications, blue is for non-scratch applications that require higher scrubbing power, green is for everyday cleaning on non-sensitive surfaces, brown for heavy-duty and abrasive applications and black for heavy-duty wet and dry applications. For a sustainable and longer use of the accessories, all pads and brushes are designed to be washable and reusable.

The extensive range of accessories for the Dremel Versa will be available in October 2020. The prices given are recommended retail prices including VAT.

SpecificationsDremel Versa
Battery voltage/capacity 3.6 V / 2.0 Ah
Speed2,200 rpm
(length x width x height)
117 x 56 x 127 mm
IP protectionWaterproof with IPX7
Weight420 g
Scope of delivery/Recommended retail price including VAT
  • Tool in a zipper bag with 10-piece accessory set, splashguard with backing pad, USB charging cable, Quick Start Guide: 74.99 €
  • Polishing Pad (Set of 3): 9.99 €
  • Kitchen Scour Pad (Set of 3): 9.99 €
  • Extreme Scour Pad (Set of 3): 9.99 €
  • Corner Brush: 9.99 €
  • Detail Brush Set (1 Flat Brush, 1 Conical Brush and 1 Extender): 9.99 €
  • Kitchen Brush Set (1 Kitchen Brush and 1 Extender): 9.99 €

Subject to change.

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Their product range includes compact tool systems (e.g. compact saws and glue guns), benchtop tool systems (e.g. scroll saws) and rotary tool systems (multitools). A wide range of accessories and attachments can be ordered to further enhance the versatility of the tools. The innovative 3D technology used in the Dremel 3D Idea Builders is another valuable addition to the product range.

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