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A higher material removal rate in just two steps: New Bosch “2-step” grinding system for angle grinders

Save considerable time on surface treatment

  • New ceramic fiber disc for an even higher removal rate on the first step
  • Optimized SCM discs for finer surfaces on the second step
  • Combine the new abrasives for time savings of up to 25 percent
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Using the Bosch “2-step” grinding system for angle grinders, professionals can grind mild and stainless steel surfaces smooth in just two steps. The optimized system offers an even higher removal rate than the previous system and ensures time savings of up to 25 percent, compared to conventional grinding with multiple fiber discs of different grit sizes. The system covers all common applications, such as removing coarse to fine weld seams. The process consists of using a fiber disc and a SCM disc (SCM = Surface Conditioning Material), which perfectly match together: First of all, the fiber disc is used to remove the weld seam, then the SCM disc is used to achieve a smooth surface with a fine structure.

Ceramic fiber disc for an even higher removal rate on the first step
The new fiber disc “Best for Metal + Inox” has a longer lifetime and offers a higher removal rate than previous zirconia fiber discs, thanks to the ceramic grit. The grit is harder, tougher and breaks better than zircon, meaning that it continuously sharpens itself. As a result, less pressure is required for the grinding process. The applied cooling aid minimizes discoloration. The new fiber disc “Best for Metal + Inox” is equally suitable for work on mild as well as stainless steel; Bosch makes it easy for tradespeople to choose the right abrasive.

Optimized SCM discs for smoother surfaces on the second step
The new generation of the SCM disc also ensures a higher removal rate in comparison to the previous disc, thanks to a higher grit amount. At the same time, it offers a smooth, even surface without visible scratches. Mild steel is therefore optimally prepared for painting or powder coating, and stainless steel for satin finishing. The basis for the good surface quality after grinding is the elasticity of the SCM disc. Attached to the flexible carrier material are equally flexible nylon fibers combined with fine abrasive grit. These materials act like a spring and prevent the abrasive grit from penetrating deep into the work piece. Moreover, the SCM disc follows the existing surface structure. This means that good grinding results can be achieved even on uneven surfaces.

The ceramic fiber and SCM discs are available in standard sizes for angle grinders, regardless of the brand. Bosch offers a variety of professional tools, including the GWS 19-125 CIE Professional. Thanks to its variable speed, this is particularly suitable for work with the “2-step” grinding system. All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT. Subject to change.

Expertise from Bosch in the abrasive segment
With its abrasives range, Bosch covers the entire spectrum from hand sanding, to sanding with power tools, through to use with stationary tools for different materials. Bosch uses the more than 135 years of experience of sia Abrasives, a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative abrasives which was acquired by Bosch in 2008, for the product development and the manufacturing process.

For the best results when grinding construction steel and stainless steel, Bosch recommends combining the following discs:

Mild steel – Preparation for powder coating
1) 2 608 621 610 “Best for Metal + Inox” ceramic fiber disc, 125 mm diameter, P36
2) 2 608 624 137 “Best for Finish” SCM disc, 125 mm diameter, coarse
Stainless steel – Preparation for satin finishing
1) 2 608 621 613 “Best for Metal + Inox” ceramic fiber disc, 125 mm diameter, P80
2) 2 608 624 138 “Best for Finish” SCM disc, 125 mm diameter, medium

Ceramic fiber disc “Best for Metal + Inox”Recommended retail price excluding VAT
Diameter 115/125 mm in six different grits: 36/50/60/80/100/120Between €0.87 (115 mm/grit 120) and €1.46 (125 mm/grit 36) per disc

SCM disc “Best for Finish”Recommended retail price excluding VAT
Diameter 115/125 mm in four different grits: Extra oarse/coarse/medium/very fineBetween €3.57 (115 mm/very fine) and €5.09 (125 mm/extra coarse) per disc

Backing pads for fiber and SCM fleece discsRecommended retail price excluding VAT
Diameter 115/125 mm• 115 mm: €11.20
• 125 mm: €11.79

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