Press contacts in Germany

Corporate Communications

Vice President

  • Uta-Micaela Dürig
    Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, Brand Management and Sustainability, Spokesperson Bosch Group
    Phone: +49 711 811-6280 vCard

Office assistance

Media and Public Relations


  • Dr. Christoph Zemelka
    Offices in personal union

    Coordination Change- and Communications Management

    Head of Media and Public Relations, Spokesperson Bosch Group (Corporate, Business, Strategy Communications, Consumer Goods and Building Technology, Industrial Technology, HR Communications and Wage Policy, Asia Pacific, Sites Communications, E-Media)
    Phone: +49 711 811-48444 vCard

International Corporate Communications

Corporate, Business and Finances

  • René Ziegler
    Spokesperson Corporate and Business, Coordination Acquisitions and Disinvestments
    Production, Purchasing and Logistics
    New research and advance engineering center Renningen
    Phone: +49 711 811-7639 vCard
  • Dr. Ingo Rapold
    Spokesperson Corporate and Finances, Coordination Innovation Communications
    Phone: +49 711 811-48905 vCard
  • Thilo Resenhoeft
    Spokesperson Corporate Technology and Sciences incl. Sensors/MEMS, Software, Healthcare
    Phone: +49 711 811-7088 vCard

Strategic Communications

  • Dr. Andrej Heinke
    Consultant Strategic Communications, Corporate Foresight / Megatrends, Editorial coordination annual report and Bosch today
    Phone: +49 711 811-38195 vCard

Human Resources

  • Sven Kahn
    Spokesperson Human Resources, Coordination Corporate Communications for HR-topics
    Phone: +49 711 811-6415 vCard

Sites in Germany

Business Sectors Industrial Technology Consumer Goods and Building Technology

Business Sector Automotive Technology

  • Udo Rügheimer
    Spokesperson Automotive Technology in general (Electromobility, Battery Systems, Joint Ventures, Automotive Aftermarket (Corporate))
    Phone: +49 711 811 6283 vCard
  • Stephan Kraus
    Spokesperson Automotive Technology (Driver Assistance, Safety and Braking Systems, Electrical Drives, Starter Motors and Generators)
    Phone: +49 711 811-6286 vCard
  • Florian Flaig
    Spokesperson Automotive Technology (Diesel and Gasoline Systems, Commercial Vehicles)
    Phone: +49 711 811-6282 vCard
  • Heiderose Dreiner
    Spokesperson Product Press
    Automotive Aftermarket
    Phone: +49 721 942-3145 vCard
  • Dr. Joachim Siedler
    Spokesperson Robert Bosch
    Car Multimedia GmBH
    Phone: +49 5121 49-4612 vCard
  • Annett Fischer
    Spokesperson Bosch Engineering GmbH, motorsports
    Phone: +49 7062 911-79137 vCard
  • Christian Hoenicke
    Spokesperson Product Press Automotive Electronics and Sensors
    Phone: +49 711 811-6285

E-Media, TV and Radio

Office assistance

Subsidiaries, Business Units, Joint Ventures