Press contacts in Germany

Corporate Communications

Vice President

  • Dr. Christoph Zemelka
    Senior Vice President Corporate Communications, Brand Management and Sustainability, Spokesperson Bosch Group
    Phone: +49 711 811-48444 vCard

Office assistance

Media and Public Relations


Corporate, Business and Finances

  • René Ziegler
    Spokesperson Corporate, Business and Finances, Coordination Acquisitions and Disinvestments, New research and advanced engineering center Renningen
    Phone: +49 711 811-7639 vCard
  • Nicole Neuer
    Spokesperson Corporate, Business and Finances, Purchasing and Logistics
    Phone: +49 711 811-11390 vCard
  • Thilo Resenhoeft
    Spokesperson Corporate Innovation Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, coordination research and advanced engineering, IoT, Production and Industry 4.0
    Phone: +49 711 811-7088 vCard
  • Nadine Loleit
    Consultant annual report and Bosch today
    Phone: +49 711 811-38195 vCard

International Corporate Communications

Human Resources

Sites in Germany

Business Sectors Industrial Technology Consumer Goods and Building Technology

Business Sector Mobility Solutions

  • Stephan Kraus
    Spokesperson Mobility Solutions (Car Multimedia and Bosch SoftTec GmbH, Automotive electronics and sensors, Automotive Aftermarket (Coordinator)
    Phone: +49 711 811-6286 vCard
  • Florian Flaig
    Spokesperson Mobility Solutions (powertrain, diesel and gasoline systems, electric drive, starters and generators, motorcycle technology - powertrain, interface between electromobility and e-bikes), electromobility, focus on battery technology)
    Phone: +49 711 811-6282 vCard
  • Jörn Ebberg
    Spokesperson Mobility Solutions (assistance and safety systems, braking systems, motorcycle technology - braking systems, electrical small-power motors)
    Phone: +49 711 811-26223 vCard
  • Heiderose Dreiner
    Spokesperson Product Press
    Automotive Aftermarket
    Phone: +49 721 942-3145 vCard
  • Annett Fischer
    Spokesperson Bosch Engineering GmbH, motorsports
    Phone: +49 7062 911-79137 vCard
  • Andreas Ziegele
    Spokesperson Lenksysteme
    Phone: +49 7171 31-3481 vCard

E-Media, TV and Radio

  • Michael Kattau
    Spokesperson E-Media, online media, social media, inquiries TV and radio, apprenticeship, facilities and buildings
    Phone: +49 711 811-6029 vCard

Office assistance

Subsidiaries, Business Units, Joint Ventures