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Economical injector tester for any workshop New fully automatic Bosch tester EPS 118 for common-rail injectors

  • Quick fitting and testing
  • For injectors of all important manufacturers
  • Precise testing in line with the “check and change” principle
  • Simple display of the test results for workshop customers
Thanks to the growing number of passenger cars and commercial vehicles with diesel engines equipped with common-rail systems, repairs on these systems become ever more attractive for automotive workshops. Bosch developed the new EPS 118 tester for an economical entry into testing common-rail injectors. The space-saving tabletop unit can be controlled easily and without previous knowledge either using the integrated touch screen or by means of a tablet PC. The precise common-rail injector test is performed fully automatically. Afterwards, the EPS 118 tester indicates if the injector is okay or if needs to be replaced (“check and change” principle). Using the new tester all common solenoid-valve and piezo injectors of the most important manufacturers on the market can be tested – besides Bosch, this includes injectors from Continental, Delphi, Denso and Siemens. The fully automatic Bosch EPS 118 enables any workshop to test common-rail injectors by its own both easily and quickly.

Precise testing provides reliable results about the injector performance
The EPS 118 tester works with test pressures of up to 1800 bar and displays the operating condition of common-rail injectors in a realistic manner. At the fully automatic test the injector is tested both electrically and hydraulically. In addition, this test performs a resistance, induction and capacity measurement and checks the different hydraulic test items. Allowing an additional and quick evaluation of the injector performance, the injection spray pattern into the injection chamber is yet another indicator. The required test values for CR injectors from Bosch and other manufacturers as well as pictures of injectors are already integrated into the database of the device. By means of a wireless LAN connection, the workshop can print out the test results combined with the customer data. Printer, keyboard and mouse can be connected either via USB or using WLAN. The tester works with a (uniphase) voltage between 100 and 230 volts and requires a workshop-standard six to eight bar compressed-air system.

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  • June 16, 2015
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  • May 19, 2015
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Bosch authoring system eases the creation of AR solutions with large volume of data Bosch banks on Augmented Reality applications for workshops, trainings and sales

  • Augmented Reality applications have a great future potential
  • Bosch is the world’s leading platform provider for the industrialization of Augmented Reality
  • Applications for workshops, trainings and sales
Augmented Reality applications (AR) expand the reality in a computer-assisted manner by adding useful additional information. Using a tablet computer or a smart phone, matching explanations, pictures or videos are added to the live image once the user points the device’s camera at an area for which Augmented Reality information is available. Market researchers are convinced: Concomitant with the widespread use and growing prevalence of smart phones and tablet computers, Augmented Reality solutions will play a key role in our future lives. Bosch is a pioneer and trendsetter in terms of Augmented Reality applications for the automotive sector. At the same time, it is the first company providing a platform for the industrialization of Augmented Reality.

Software platform eases the creation of AR applications
Bosch developed a platform for the creation of high-performance Augmented Reality applications. In a relatively easy and fast manner, it facilitates the integration of digital and visual contents into, for instance, technical documentations. For this purpose, the Bosch Common Augmented Reality Platform CAP is backed by a comprehensive database of which it extracts the matching contents for the respective Augmented Reality application. Besides written information and explanations in text format, video clips, pictures, safety instructions with audio clips, 3D data, circuit diagrams, technical drawings and markers for the tracking configuration can be added as well. The cross-platform system is independent from specific tracking or rendering techniques. The platform is thus designed for the industrialization of AR contents and applications allowing companies to use Augmented Reality for all sectors.

Diverse future Augmented Reality solutions for service, repair and training purposes
Thanks to Augmented Reality applied in automotive workshops, the technician will see, for instance, the location of hidden components or the cable harness behind the dashboard on his tablet computer. Instructions and required special tools will then be displayed at the live image. The next work steps are thus clear and unnecessary disassembly and assembly can be avoided. By means of the touch screen, the displayed objects can be controlled and additional information can be accessed. Sophisticated and time-consuming consultation of service manuals is no longer required. Mistakes and confusion caused by different versions of the same vehicle model can be excluded. Augmented Reality eases repair processes, makes them faster and, at the same time, increases the quality of work. With the help of Augmented Reality used for trainings, sophisticated repairs and the correct handling of state-of-the-art automotive technology can be taught much easier and faster.

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  • May 19, 2015
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Anniversary of advanced automotive-technology training For 10 years now, the Bosch Service Training Center in Plochingen teaches versatile workshop knowledge Practical trainings about more than 100 topics

  • Every year, more than 4 000 participants make use of the range offered by the Bosch Service Training Center in Plochingen
  • The range of courses is updated regularly in order to adapt it to the needs of automotive workshops
  • Groups of a maximum of 16 participants on up to four vehicles allow effective trainings with a high amount of practical content
Plochingen/Germany – Ten years ago, the modern new building of the Bosch Service Training Center (STC) in Plochingen near Stuttgart was inaugurated. On an annual base, up to 4 000 participants from automotive workshops and trade take part in diverse Bosch trainings at the technically well-equipped training rooms and workshops. In addition, some 2 000 automotive mechanics participate in the advanced trainings wholesalers offer all over Germany on behalf of Bosch. These trainings are also coordinated by the Service Training Center.

In 2010, an extension building was added to the Service Training Center which is since used to complement the program by theoretical and practical trainings of workshop-relevant topics concerning wheels, tires and chassis. Besides the trainings at the STC in Plochingen, Bosch also offers trainings for automotive workshops in 41 Bosch Service Training Centers in 35 countries around the world.

Practical advanced vocational training with latest learning methods
Throughout the last years, the demand for highly qualified cross-manufacturer advanced training has risen constantly. The Bosch Service Training Center looks back on a success story lasting for ten years already. During this time, it has constantly been enhanced. This includes the continuous expansion of the range of trainings offered by the STC – e.g. by adding truck trainings – thus complementing it by recent workshop-related topics such as latest e-learning methods as well as the alignment with the needs of both automotive workshops and participants by means of the online booking platform.

Cross-manufacturer system trainings with a lot of practical examples
Highly qualified Bosch experts teach technical and workshop-oriented know-how closely linked to the daily business at the workshop. The trainings cover topics concerning vehicle systems such as injection systems or exhaust gas treatment – in a manner which is completely detached from individual vehicle makes. In addition to the theoretical part, more than half of the trainings consist of practical work on the vehicle. For this purpose, the STC has a special vehicle fleet at its hands, which includes vehicles from several manufacturers. On these vehicles, a maximum of 16 course participants can train and practice systematic troubleshooting as well as maintenance and repair tasks. For that, the trainers use realistic cases from everyday work at the workshop. The trainings in Plochingen are complemented by e-learning possibilities – such as web-based trainings, multimedia presentations or the Virtual Diagnosis Simulation – allowing the participants to further deepen the theoretical knowledge at home.

Range of trainings is updated continuously
In 2015, new trainings such as motorcycle technology with Bosch Esitronic Bike, CP4 testing and maintenance as well as high-voltage technology were included in the program offered. The range also contains commercial trainings – for instance, for sales of passenger-car tires and services to end consumers –and trainings concerning customer communication for complaint management. Including Bosch vehicle technician for high-voltage technology, a recent apprenticeship series was also integrated into the program. In addition, during the anniversary year, there is also a new multimedia presentation about diagnostic systems in Mercedes vehicles on the example of a Class A Mercedes. The complete range of courses and the online registration for the respective trainings are available online at
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  • May 11, 2015
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