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A foretaste of the 66th IAA Passenger Cars 2015, Frankfurt/Main Bosch press conference
Tuesday, September 15th 2015, 1:30 p.m.
Hall 8, Booth A03

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  • September 01, 2015
  • Mobility Solutions
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Press releases (5)

IAA technology in a nutshell The Bosch innovations on show at the IAA 2015 Electrification, automation, and connectivity for the mobility of the future

  • Raising pressure in diesel and gasoline engines
  • Connected powertrain: reduced emissions and fuel consumption
  • Electrification: affordable hybrids, increased range thanks to smart thermal management
  • Assistance systems: help with collision avoidance, making turns, and in heavy traffic
  • More safety, efficiency, and convenience for drivers: Bosch solutions for displays and connectivity

Cloud-based wrong-way driver warning A guardian angel in the data cloud Bosch solution swiftly identifies danger

  • Wrong-way drivers rapidly identified and alerted
  • Simple integration into existing internet connections
  • Bosch offers a variety of connected solutions for more safety, efficiency, and convenience

Parking smarter Special-effects technology for safe parking Bosch multi-camera system

  • Four near-range cameras capture vehicle's entire surroundings
  • Bosch blends real and virtual worlds in live image
  • Vehicle parks itself with the help of sensor data fusion
  • Automated parking begins in the car but goes much further

Thermal management system Bosch smart temperature regulation increases electric cars' range by up to 25 percent Optimum temperature for passenger compartment and battery

  • Power for temperature control can consume up to half of battery charge
  • Heat conduction: similar to a domestic fridge
  • Solution is basis for future vehicle generations

Boost recuperation system The hybrid for everyone: Bosch's 48-volt system makes sense even in compact vehicles First generation to be production-ready by 2017, new second-generation prototype to also help drivers park

  • Cuts fuel consumption by 15 percent and enables boost function
  • New function: all-electric driving in stop-and-go traffic
  • New function: electric, automatic parking - via app and key

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