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3D printer for all: The Dremel 3D Idea Builder An easy and convenient way to turn ideas into objects

  • Ready to use straight out of the box
  • Easy-to-operate system, intuitive software for adapting and designing models
  • Eco-friendly build material and a large printing surface for custom designs
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  • March 18, 2015
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If you want to turn creative ideas into actual designs, look no further than the Dremel 3D Idea Builder. It prints anything you need in 3D: missing cubes or action figures, decorative objects like vases and candlesticks, items of jewelry from earrings to bracelets, Christmas tree decoration, key rings, toys, pencil holders, and much more. Watch how the 3D printer builds the object of your choice layer by layer from a virtual model. This opens up entirely new possibilities for users to transform their ideas into colors and shapes.

Ready to use straight out of the box and easy to operate
The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is suited to both novices and advanced users. You can start printing from the moment you take the unit out of the box: 12 ready-to-print 3D models are stored on the supplied SD card. Thanks to integrated software and a color touchscreen, models can be displayed on the unit straight away – there is no need for a computer. What's more, unlike regular 3D printers, the Dremel 3D Idea Builder is supplied with a pre-installed printhead which extrudes the build material (filament) for making the model. This saves time and effort.

From the idea to the printed object: How it works
Over 100 additional print templates from which you can choose your favorite model are available to advanced users at www.dremel3d.com. They can easily be adapted, e.g. you can adjust the size to suit your needs. In addition, you can create entirely new objects using the free Autodesk123D modeling software. The virtual model is then loaded into the printer straight from the computer or SD card. You can monitor build status and follow the printing process on the touchscreen.

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder uses PLA, an eco-friendly plant based plastic. Ten different filaments are available – in black, white, translucent white, blue, red, green, orange, violet, and metallic gold or silver. Simply insert the filament of your choice and start the modeling process. The printer melts and prints the filament and creates an object layer by layer. It does this by applying ultra fine layers up to 100 micrometers in thickness, i.e. 0.1 millimeters – no thicker than a sheet of paper. As a result, the surface of the 3D print is very smooth. If minor rework is needed for low resolution models, Dremel can supply suitable multifunctional tools such as the Dremel Micro.

Safe and silent printing
The build chamber is protected by a transparent door that keeps out contamination such as dust and hairs while printing is in progress. The closable door also acts as sound insulation for the blower that regulates the temperature inside the unit. The removable build platform offers space for models up to a size of 23 x 15 x 14 centimeters. If smaller objects are needed, multiple models can be printed at once. A build tape affixed to the build platform holds the models in position during printing and stops them from moving. Build time is dependent on the size and complexity of each individual model, and can vary from a few minutes to several hours. Based on the time information given for each model, users can see how much time they need to plan for.

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is available from June 2015 at a recommended retail price of 999.99 euros including VAT through retailers and the Dremel online shop. The unit comes supplied with a white filament, a USB cable for connecting to a PC, an SD card with four gigabytes of memory, a power cord, a spool lock, two build tapes, a spatula for removal of the finished item, a tool for cleaning the printhead and a leveling sheet for alignment of the build platform. The individual filaments are available as accessories at a recommended retail price of 29.99 euros. For more information, please visit www.dremel3d.com.

 Specifications Dremel 3D Idea Builder
 Maximum build resolution 100 µm (0.10 mm)
 Maximum print size (length x width x height) 23 x 15 x 14 cm
 Data transfer SD card, USB cable
 Size (length x height x width) 48.5 x 40 x 33.5 centimeters
 Weight (excluding filament) 8.85 kg

Dremel was founded in 1932 by AJ Dremel who introduced the world's first multitool. Today, it is dedicated to creating and manufacturing Versatile Tool Systems™ of the finest quality for consumers engaged in a wide variety of hands-on DIY & creative hobbies, such as indoor and outdoor home maintenance projects, automotive restoration, woodworking, model building, as well as a multitude of creative projects from jewellery making to scrapbooking. The Dremel Versatile Tool Systems™ consist of compact, versatile and precise tools such as the Multitool system, Spiral saw system, Gluegun system and many more. All products come with dedicated accessories and attachments making it easier to perform detailed and intricate tasks for any kind of hands-on project. Since 1993, Dremel has been part of the Bosch Group represented in around 50 countries worldwide.

For more information please visit www.dremel.com.

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