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Bosch garden tools: Easy garden care with tools from Bosch Henning von Boxberg
President of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Stuttgart on August 26, 2014

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  • August 26, 2014
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press release

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Bosch is a leading supplier of electric garden tools for hobby gardeners. As the technology leader for lithium-ion battery powered tools, we have been instrumental in shaping the hobby gardening market. And, by the beginning of next year's gardening season, we will be providing the advantages of our leading cordless technology to professional users such as gardeners and landscapers as well – making their work easier.

Until now, only gasoline-powered tools have been able to meet the requirements of professional users in terms of performance, runtime, weather resistance and robustness. However, gasoline power has long meant that the professional had to put up with a lot of noise, vibration and exhaust fumes – often throughout their entire working day. Furthermore, there are high gasoline costs and regular maintenance intervals to contend with – and tools that don't always start right away. It stands to reason that professionals have been looking for a powerful alternative to gasoline-powered garden tools.

Bosch meets the requirements of professionals
Today we present professional cordless garden tools – two lawnmowers and two brushcutters – which meet the requirements of professionals in all of the areas mentioned. They offer high performance, long runtime, weather-resistance and robustness, quiet operation, lower operating costs, reduced maintenance, convenient starting, low vibration, and exhaust-fume-free operation. We have accomplished this by using innovative Bosch technology – such as our EC motors and weather-resistant batteries with exceptionally high capacity.

The advantages of Bosch cordless technology for professionals
EC motors from Bosch set industry standards with regard to the lifetime and runtime of cordless tools. Previous motors used stationary permanent magnets and rotating electromagnets and operated using carbon brushes which slid along the surface of the electromagnets. These brushes wear down due to friction and heat.

In contrast, Bosch's brushless EC motors are virtually maintenance-free. Electronics perform the function of the switch. The permanent magnets are fitted to the rotor, while an alternating field is generated in the stator. As a result, the EC motors work with a degree of efficiency of more than 80 percent instead of 60 to 70 percent. The tools are cooler operating, they can perform up to 30 percent more work per battery charge, and they offer a considerably longer lifetime than conventional motors.

Continuous, profitable work is an important competitive factor in the professional gardening business. The new 36 volt, 6.0 Ah battery has sealed cells, making it weather-resistant. It can be stored, transported and used in the rain without any problems. An LCD display integrated onto the battery itself informs the user at all times about the charging state of the battery and its number of charging cycles. It automatically rights itself to the proper reading position when used in the lawnmower or brushcutter in order to make it easy for the user to read. Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery features unique CoolPack technology. Aluminum cooling fins reliably protect the cells against overheating despite high energy draws and ensure that the battery can fully exploit its capacity even in intense applications. This provides consistently higher motor performance than is achieved using conventional batteries. The heat dissipation also has a positive effect on the lifetime of the batteries, enabling them to last for at least twice as long as a battery without CoolPack technology.

As with the battery, the 36 volt quick charger is also weather-resistant. It charges the battery to 80 percent in 30 minutes with ten amperes of charging current, and to 100 percent within 42 minutes. This ensures uninterrupted work because the battery can be recharged faster than it is discharged. The charger is also very robust and durable thanks to its aluminum housing. When the battery is in the charger, an integrated locking mechanism reliably holds it in place. This prevents it from becoming damaged during transport, for example.

We will enter the market by launching four professional tools which are genuine alternatives to gasoline-powered professional tools: two lawnmowers – the GRA 48 Professional and GRA 53 Professional, and two brushcutters – the GFR 42 Professional and GFR 25 Professional.

Powerful professional mowers with low noise levels
The GRA 48 Professional lawnmower has a 48-centimeter width of cut, while the GRA 53 Professional has 53 centimeters, for faster mowing progress. Powered by two 36 volt, 6.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, both mowers offer high performance and long runtime. The mowers self-drive system with separate motor and continuously variable speed control allows the work rate to be adapted to the user's preference and lawn conditions. The height of cut can be conveniently adjusted from 20 to 70 millimeters. The grass box capacity is 69 and 75 liters respectively – and a mulching attachment is available as an option.

With these professional lawnmowers from Bosch, professional users can mow the same area in one hour as they can with a gasoline tool. In the case of the GRA 53 Professional with 53-centimeter width of cut this is 1500 square meters, about the size of six tennis courts. However, the Bosch mower is 50 percent quieter than a conventional gasoline mower. Its sound power level of 92 decibels is approximately as loud as a large dog barking. In contrast, a conventional gasoline mower generates at least 95 decibels, which is the equivalent of the sound of a heavy goods vehicle hurtling past on the road. This is because the decibel is a logarithmic unit, so the noise emission doubles every three decibels.

Cheaper to run than gasoline mowers
Professional lawnmowers from Bosch have lower operating costs than gasoline mowers. Given standard use, an investment in a Bosch cordless professional mower is repaid in just the first year, with a potential upside of about 60 euros, depending on the gasoline model. After three years, savings will already have risen to about 1180 euros. This calculation includes the cordless mower from Bosch, two batteries and the charger, and assumes a three-hour duration of use over 200 days a year. The Bosch mower consumes approximately 0.22 kilowatt hours per battery charge and battery, whereas the gasoline tool consumes approximately 650 milliliters of premium gasoline per hour. At the current prices of 0.25 cents per kilowatt hour and 1.60 euros per liter of premium gasoline, this means that the investment in a Bosch professional lawnmower pays off after only 178 days of use.

Powerful professional brushcutters with low noise levels
In addition to the lawnmowers, we will also be offering professionals two powerful cordless brushcutters: the GFR 42 Professional and GFR 25 Professional. Both brushcutters are ready to use in any weather and have a powerful EC motor with direct drive. They differ from each other in terms of their respective cutting systems: the GFR 42 Professional is equipped with a line spool for light to medium vegetation, while the GFR 25 Professional has a metal blade for use in thicker vegetation. In combination with a large selection of cutting accessories, including different line thicknesses and blades for virtually any application, both brushcutters offer the high performance that professionals require for their day-to-day work. Both tools are well balanced, helping to minimize user fatigue even on long working days. The switches are installed on the ergonomic two-hand grip, making intuitive operation possible and ensuring that users always have maximum control over the tool.

Bosch brushcutters reduce strain on the hearing of users, residents and passers-by even more significantly than our lawnmowers. The model with metal blade, for example, works at only 79 decibels, which is the same noise level as a vacuum cleaner. In comparison, a gasoline brushcutter generates about 100 decibels, making it as loud as a demolition hammer.

Indego robotic mower can now also be operated using an app
We will also be launching convincing innovations for the coming gardening season in our core segment – garden tools for private users. We are again focusing on “Autonomous Lawnmowing”. Until now, robotic mowers have had machine displays and less than user-friendly menu navigations which can only be operated directly on the tool itself. Furthermore, if these robots are blocked by a branch, for example, the user does not receive any notification of the obstruction. We are offering the right solution for this because our successful Indego robotic mower will be “connected” in future. With the “Bosch Smart Gardening” app, it can be operated from anywhere easily and conveniently using a smartphone or tablet. Its owner also automatically receives status messages on his smartphone or tablet.

The unique functions of the Indego 1200 Connect include
  • automatic software updates,
  • remote diagnosis including notification if the robotic mower requires assistance – for example because it has been lifted,
  • accessory advice with direct access to an online retailer,
  • mowing progress and position map,
  • activation or deactivation in the event of theft, for example.
Reliable data transfer using GSM mobile communication standard
These exclusive functions are based on the Indego 1200 Connect's use of data transfer via GSM – the most popular mobile radio standard in the world. It currently offers about 98 percent network coverage in Europe. The Indego 1200 Connect always uses the strongest signal for the connection, regardless of the provider, with communication between app and tool mediated by a Bosch server. Multi-server data storage, or the separate storage of user data and related communication data, ensures maximum data security.

Equipped with these features, the Indego 1200 Connect combines easy operation using an app with its tried-and-tested, unique “LogiCut” navigation system for efficient mowing in lanes. The result is maximum control and convenience, plus 30 percent faster cutting compared to robotic mowers that mow in random patterns.

More new products from Bosch
In addition to this innovative product for autonomous lawn care, we will also offer hobby gardeners more new products to make gardening easier. For example, the AMW 10 multi-tool range will include a powerful leaf blower attachment in future. This tool will now cover the four main functions required for garden care: leaf blowing, trimming, hedgecutting, and tree pruning.

We will also add two especially powerful and robust tools to the Bosch high-pressure washer range: the AQT 42-13 and the AQT 45-14 X. These models belong to the “Expert” class and enable quick and easy performance even in demanding tasks, such as cleaning large areas or very dirty surfaces around the house and garden.

New products in the “Urban Series” from Skil
The Skil brand offers practical solutions for the price-conscious urban gardener. The model 0791 and 0795 leaf blower/vacuums are new to the “Urban Series”. They have been designed for removing leaves in smaller gardens and can be switched from the blow function to the vacuum function in just one move.

The Skil range is completed by the model 0761 high-pressure washer, a compact and powerful tool for easy cleaning in an urban environment – for example for patios, garden furniture, plant tubs and flower boxes. As with all “Urban Series” tools, these new products can be space-savingly stored thanks to their “Easy Storage” system.

With these new products we believe we are well equipped for success in the 2015 gardening season. We will increase our sales again, and further strengthen trust in the Bosch brand. We will do our utmost to win over users in the new “professional garden tools” product segment and to make work easier for them. We are convinced that we will accomplish this due to our know-how in technology, marketing, sales and service.

RF00234 - August 26, 2014

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