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Bosch is on course for worldwide growth with security systems Gert van Iperen,
President of the Board of Management of
the Bosch Security Systems division, part of
Robert Bosch GmbH

at the “security 2012” press conference
in Essen on September 25, 2012

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  • September 25, 2012
  • Security Systems
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press release

Dear Sir/Madam,

This year's security fair takes place at a time that is characterized by worldwide political and economic challenges. Security is an all important factor here, meaning that our market is experiencing incredible dynamism in many regions and more subdued investment activity in others. In 2011, growth in the world market for security technology amounted to a little over 3 percent. China, the ASEAN states, Russia, and Latin America in particular, made out-standing contributions towards this trend. In Europe however, the financial crisis prevented several countries from achieving higher levels of growth.

Bosch Security Systems achieved sales of EUR 1,447 billion in 2011 – 5 percent more than the previous year. As of January 1, 2012, we were employing around 12,500 associates worldwide.

In 2011, sales rose by 25 percent in China where we are now well established with a total of 31 sales offices. One project in the region was to supply the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center with a communication and security system and a public address system. We are also enjoying success in the ASEAN states. For example, we were awarded the contract to install a public address and evacuation system and to expand the video surveillance system in Changi Airport in Singapore. Our Building Integration System (BIS) is used to integrate all the systems, including access control and building management. We also saw double-digit growth in Turkey, Russia, India, and Latin America.

For the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, we designed and installed the complete system for fire detection, public address, evacuation, and video surveillance and supplied the intercom system of our Bosch brand RTS. The particular challenge here was to install all of the components discreetly and sympathetically into the wonderful architecture of this impressive building, constructed in the traditional Russian style.

We are also successful in the Near and Middle Eastern countries. Together with a local partner, we installed the public address and evacuation system in one of Turkey's largest airports, the Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir. This system can be used to transmit live announcements and pre-recorded messages in 100 areas of the building.

Despite the fact that the market conditions in Southern Europe were not favorable, we were able to maintain or even improve upon our market position. An important project for this region was the flexible and reliable voice alarm, public address and interpretating system we installed at the Palacongressi in Rimini, Italy’s biggest congress center. The challenge here laid in the homogeneous integration of the audio system throughout the building and with the interpreting solution.

Let us now look at our progress on the global market.
In 2012, the markets continued to develop on an uneven course overall. China, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region remain the main drivers for growth. As the fourth largest global market, Germany occupies a midfield position in terms of growth, whereas various countries in Southern Europe suffer under the financial crisis.
In the first three quarters of 2012 we achieved a growth of 4 percent compared to last year – again with significant regional variations.

What do we see as major trends in the security industry?
Firstly, we are seeing a move away from proprietary, analog-based systems toward networked based systems which can offer unlimited scalability, efficient use of resources, remote verification and control and will enable services that will enhance security and safety. Secondly, we are seeing an influx of new competitors in the market, which is also driving forward the speed of innovation.

What will the significant growth factors be in the coming years? I think we can say that our innovations, product portfolio, and strategic partnerships will be the major factors. We will need to implement global marketing, sales and support for our customers along the total value chain.

With a high level of expenditure in research and development, amounting to around 10 percent of sales, we are bringing new, innovative products and solutions to the market on a regular basis.

Below are some examples, starting with the video surveillance sector:
  • Our new “HD Security Redefined. Anywhere. Everywhere.” concept is one noteworthy example. With the addition of Dynamic Transcoding Technology to our IP and HD range, we are extending the possibilities for low-bandwidth remote monitoring. Users get access to high-quality HD images anywhere and everywhere, even in poor lighting conditions or with limited bandwidth.
  • The Bosch Technology Partner Program is another good example.
    Also in the rapidly growing IP video market, it is important to make the most of any opportunities. There are countless product variations in this market, which are not always compatible. We will start the Bosch Technology Partner Program in order to better tap into this potential.

    The program aims to:
    • 1. create a highly integrative product portfolio compatible with the world of IT, with open hardware and software interfaces.
    • 2. provide the market with a transparent, user-friendly and comprehensive integration tool set with SDKs (Software Development Kits), application examples, or complete software modules.
An in-house web portal will ensure that users have access to the necessary support. Users include architects, system integrators, and end customers, who will ultimately provide the multiplier effect. All partner firms will also profit from this thanks to additional sales and growth.

  • Bosch apps
    Bosch is also making life easier for our customers in other ways, by offering a number of different new apps for example. Want to see exactly what the surveillance camera sees? Now you can with the “DVR Viewer” app, which enables videos and still images from cameras connected to the Bosch Video Recorder 400 and 600 Series to be viewed on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

    To help customers select the right cameras, accessories and storage devices for their individual security project we have developed the “Advantage Line System Builder” app. It gives users the flexibility to build their perfect system and creates a shopping list of products to take to an Advantage Line distributor. It even contains lists of distributor locations.
There are also important new developments in the field of communications; including our professional audio and conference systems, public address systems, and intercom solutions:

OMNEO Media Networking Architecture
As a leading supplier in this field, we developed the new media network architecture – OMNEO. What does the name stand for? OMNEO is an open, manufacturer-neutral (non-proprietary) protocol for operating different media devices via a standard IP network. It essentially comprises of two components: a media transfer component and a system control component. The main advantage of OMNEO is that it is able to stream media and transmit control commands to different systems simultaneously via a single protocol. It offers a powerful and user-friendly solution that can be used in practically any network, of any size. It also permits the continued use of existing Ethernet hardware and related components.

OMNEO uses the Dante media transfer protocol and is the result of a partnership between Bosch and Audinate Pty, Australia.
The OCA (Open Control Architecture) system control component is an open, future-proof communication standard developed by the OCA Alliance. Bosch Security Systems was one of the founding members of this alliance and continues to spearhead it to this day.
Through this product, we are harmonizing Bosch solutions with other open standards such as AVB (Audio Video Bridging), and are providing an innovative Ethernet-based infrastructure for all applications.
OMNEO offers considerable growth potential for our industry. In the future, this architecture will be a central component of our platform technology for communication products. It will be used in our audio and conference systems, as well as our public address systems and intercom solutions. For example, OMNEO is ideal for use in stadiums and arenas, where components from all these solutions are required.

Let's look at our other product areas:
  • At this year’s security fair, we will present the AMAX 4000 intrusion control panel designed for small to medium-sized businesses. This system transmits alarms in the conventional manner and via IP and GPRS.
  • Also being introduced is the Modular Fire Panel 5000 Series, which features Ethernet and fiber optic cable technology to enable a high degree of flexibility.
Alongside these key innovations, we are continuing to expand our entire existing product and services range, which will ensure that we are able to offer the right solution for every market segment.

  • To this end, we are enhancing our international range of intelligent security solutions. To do this, we established the “Engineered Solutions and Software” business unit, whose job it is to help our customers plan complex projects, which we then implement on site with local partners.
  • We are also developing the Advantage Line product range for small and medium-sized applications. The first products are already on the market and are in high demand.
With these additions to our product portfolio, we are now covering the entire market – from small and medium-sized applications through to large, customer-specific ones.

What can customers expect from “Engineered Solutions and Software”?
“Engineered Solutions and Software” was set up to handle complex projects and supports customers around the world with a consistent concept approach. The business unit handles the planning, tender preparation, and implementation stages of the project – services that are in demand from a wide range of industries, such as airports, energy suppliers, transport and traffic companies. The projects are implemented on site using local partner companies. This new offering has brought us particular success in Eastern Europe, India, and the Arabian peninsula. As security technology is increasingly merging with other infrastructures, we are working closely with other Bosch divisions such as Drive and Control Technology and Bosch Thermotechnology, allowing the customer to rely across the board on our solution expertise from different divisions. In the project for the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow for example, Bosch Drive and Control Technology installed the stage technology, including electrical and hydraulic drives, while Bosch Security Systems supplied the entire fire detection, video surveillance, public address and evacuation system. During the installation phase, the two divisions worked together in constant contact with the customer.

Let's now take a look at the less complex applications. We are well equipped for these, too:

Advantage Line product range
With the Advantage Line product range, we have developed security products specifically for small to medium-sized applications, such as office buildings, schools, gasoline stations, or the retail sector. All products in the Advantage Line are easy to install, maintain, and operate. They are characterized by their high levels of performance and reliability. Equipped with the right number of functions, these products help reduce installation costs and time.
Since the middle of 2011, this product range has included a variety of video surveillance solutions, both analog and IP. Customers can choose between standard resolution, HD or integrated IR models. Public address and fire alarm systems have been part of the “Advantage Line” since May 2012, with this addition including a comprehensive range of amplifiers, microphones, and loudspeakers. We have added the Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series to the Advantage Line portfolio. The expanded product range also features the Smoke detector 320 and 500 Series, which can be discreetly flush-mounted. But there is still more to come – we will constantly expand the "Advantage Line" to include new products and solutions.

“MATRIX" complete access control solution
I would now like to present to you the latest news from our Building Security business area.
In Germany and the Netherlands, we offer planning, setup, maintenance and financing of security systems and solutions from a single source. In April 2012, to help grow business in this area, we launched “MATRIX” as part of this portfolio. “MATRIX” is a complete access control solution featuring electronic cylinders and fittings, as well as readers, terminals, and controllers. With standard software for all doors and access points, it can be integrated with other Bosch security solutions. For instance, the BIS from Bosch can be used to link this access control system to other systems, such as video surveillance and fire alarms. This allows the customer to manage their building centrally via a single system, with only one access key required for all the types of access points – from the doors fitted with a mechatronic lock to the time posting system at the terminal. “MATRIX” also seamlessly combines traditional online access control with mechatronic solutions, supporting all types of connection (online, offline, and wireless) as standard. As part of this portfolio expansion, Bosch has formed a partnership with Dorma Holding GmbH + Co. KGaA, a leading supplier of premium door solutions, with the aim of providing access control systems for the German market. This collaboration in the mechatronics sector enables us to provide complete building security solutions.

UGM 2040 Universal Security System
Our new Universal Security System, UGM 2040, which is also offered by our Building Security business area, is designed to act as a central control unit for security systems and to automate tasks across different systems. This system platform can be used for many different security technology applications. In addition to the original fire alarm and intrusion detection or video surveillance functions, it also has the task of keeping access routes clear for the fire department in the event of a fire, monitoring IT infrastructures, and carrying out evacuations. This provides the user with a highly capable fail-safe level for all building-related controls.
UGM 2040 is a hybrid system offering both serial and IP-based networking via Ethernet; this latter enables the seamless integration of all Bosch security control panels and offers a bridge to the IT environment. Existing IP data paths and analog telecommunication lines can be used together in one system to create a reliable and versatile security solution. At the same time, an Ethernet solution can keep the costs of acquisition down, as the cost can be spread over several facilities. External systems can be easily connected via an open interface. The 19-inch system also has an intuitive color touch screen user interface and is easily installed in switch cabinets.
We will be very happy to show you these and our other new systems and products in person here on our stand after the press conference.

What news are there from our Communication Center business area?

Worldwide growth for Bosch Communication Center
For years now, Bosch Communication Center has been following a distinct growth trend. When it comes to expanding the international network, we are concentrating on the growth regions of Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, in addition to our existing locations. For this expansion, we are focusing on our core business areas, in particular our technology-oriented services. We have opened new sites in Russia, China and Brazil, and a sales office in Australia to expand our business in the Asia-Pacific region. Target industries continue to be the tourism sector, manufacturing/IT and telecommunications.

A few select projects in particular highlight our industry expertise:
  • We support Thomas Cook travel agencies with technical advice as well as customer assistance for various tour operators, such as Neckermann and Bucher.
  • Since June 2012, we have been operating the “eCall” service for Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. This service is to become mandatory for all new vehicles in Europe from the middle of this decade.
Communication with passengers and emergency response teams
According to information from the EU Commission, receiving an immediate eCall notification and knowing the exact coordinates of an accident could reduce the response time of the emergency services by 50 percent in rural areas and by 40 percent in cities.
The Bosch eCall service differs from other solutions that will merely send an automatic message with data information to the emergency number in the event of an accident. In addition to this service, we also provide direct contact between those involved in the accident and those providing help. Based on the automatically transmitted data, such as the geoposition and any additional information about the passengers, our associates will inform the responsible emergency response teams in the relevant countries. Communication with both the passengers and the emergency response teams is conducted in the relevant language. We want to make this service available in 28 European countries by the beginning of 2013. We are now also offering a similar model, the eCall for motorcyclists.

The services provided by Bosch Communication Center also play a key role in the next topic:

“Cloud-based Security & Services”
Everyone is talking about the “Internet of things and services”, about new capabilities and uses and this is also something that we are involved with. We are working intensively on the Web 3.0 application. Our “Cloud-based Security & Services” concept, which combines our products and services into a comprehensive range for small to mid-sized businesses, is part of this.
To give an example, a video surveillance camera uses a secure Internet connection to transmit scenes to the Bosch Security Cloud, a process that involves an in-house Bosch infrastructure within our EN 50518-certified monitoring center. At the Bosch monitoring station, which meets the most stringent European security standards, trained associates monitor the respective premises 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can intervene directly if necessary by means of speaker announcements. This process ensures that damage and vandalism can be effectively prevented.
With this service package Bosch not only looks after the building surveillance system, but can also provide additional benefits like customer statistics, valuable information for amongst others, the retail sector. The user can also find out about the situation at the business location at any time of day using a smartphone app.
All data and business procedures are encrypted, and all devices must first be authenticated by the Bosch Security Cloud. This ensures that we achieve the highest possible levels of security for each part of the solution.
We are now offering this service in Germany and the Netherlands. After this initial first step, we will quickly add additional products and services in 2013, and will also tap into more markets.
This concept makes it clear how products and services are becoming increasingly interconnected. Bosch Security Systems offers all the elements needed to set up this kind of interlinked system easily and provides the customer with a complete solution.

Remote Services are another important topic: Diagnostics, maintenance, and equipment and systems control are a few examples. Our associates access the customer system via a secure IP connection, perform a fault diagnosis, and are therefore able to rectify faults remotely or even carry out maintenance work. These services are also often part of our complete packages for building security.

Security technology, a future growth market
The future global market for security technology and services will continue to grow at above-average rates, as the fundamental need for security becomes intrinsically linked to the state of the economy. A reliable supply system with energy and telecommunication services and a secure transport infrastructure are essential conditions for international competition between countries. Added to that is the need to handle natural resources carefully and to use the available infrastructures very efficiently. Both conditions apply, given that there are more and more people living in our centers of population. For example, experts anticipate that the market for smart cities technologies will grow to almost USD 40 billion by 2016.

In the next few years, we therefore expect an average growth in the world market of around 4 percent. The demand in China, India, and Latin America in particular will contribute towards this trend. In Central and Western Europe as well as North America, growth will remain rather below average.

Video surveillance systems already make up the biggest market share today. This sector will grow at an above-average rate by around 6 percent per year over the next few years.
As one of the leading global suppliers of video systems, this development is particularly favorable for Bosch, and yet we consider ourselves well positioned in the other business areas, too. With our resources in personnel and our worldwide presence, with our high commitment to research and development, and our resulting high levels of innovation, and thanks to the strength of the Bosch brand, we will also continue to grow in future. We will drive forward the networking of products and services and achieve our targets in the market. In this regard, we see ourselves in the tradition of the words spoken by our founder, Robert Bosch: “Anyone who stops getting better, has stopped being good.”

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