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Precision outdoor leveling: The robust RL25H and RL25HV rotation lasers by CST/berger for long working ranges

  • Highly robust design for demanding outdoor applications
  • Precision leveling over an operating range of up to 450 meters is possible in combination with the RD5 receiver
  • Tilt function with up to eight percent inclination for precision grade measurement
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  • July 09, 2012
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Thanks to their robust design, the RL25H and RL25HV rotation lasers by CST/berger are ideal for outdoor leveling work. A durable rubber coating and a hard plastic laser head housing protect the instruments against water and vibrations. With a protection class of IP 56, they are also highly dust resistant. Both rotation lasers are used for horizontal leveling work such as grade measurement or ensuring a level foundation in foundation pits. The RL25HV can also be used in vertical applications such as facade construction.

High precision during long range work
The high precision of the RL25H and RL25HV rotation lasers is particularly useful during long range work: in combination with the RD5 receiver, these lasers have an operating range of up to 450 meters. Their leveling accuracy is 0.08 millimeters per meter. In the case of both lasers, the y-axis can be manually adjusted upwards or downwards by up to eight percent. This allows exact grade measurement, which is useful for applications such as making ramps or deliberately creating a height differential between two points. The lasers have a 5/8 thread for use in combination with a tripod.

The electronic automatic leveling function of the RL25H and RL25HV automatically equalizes surface unevenness of up to five degrees within the self leveling range. This simplifies working on uneven terrain. A shock warning function also prevents errors from occurring during leveling work. If impacts or vibrations from passing site vehicles impair the functioning of instruments, the laser stops automatically and indicates to the user that recalibration is needed.

Adapting rotational speed and operating range during operation
Compared to the RL25H, the control panel of the RL25HV has two additional functions:
The laser's rotational speed can be reduced from 600 rpm to zero, 150 or 300 rpm at the touch of a button. Reducing the rotational speed improves the visibility of the laser line, which is particularly advantageous when carrying out work indoors without the receiver. If the operator zeroes the rotational speed, the RL25HV can also be used for all types of work requiring an exact 90-degree angle.
The operating range of the RL25HV can also be limited at the touch of a button to 10, 25 or 50 degrees of the otherwise normal 360-degree radius. The reduced opening angle increases the visibility of the laser line within this range. Furthermore, other employees working on the same construction site are not disturbed by the laser.

The RL25HV package includes an RM7 remote control which has the same buttons as the laser device's control panel. It also features a Standby button which can be used to set the rotation laser to standby mode during stoppages. This allows the operator to resume work directly after stoppages without having to perform recalibration. The RM7 remote control is also optionally available for the RL25H.

The RL25H and RL25HV rotation lasers are now available at specialist retail outlets at the recommended retail price of 799 euros and 899 euros respectively plus VAT. They are delivered as a set in a carrying case including the RD5 receiver, rechargeable batteries and a charger with adapter. The RL25HV is additionally supplied with the RM7 remote control, a wall mount, a target plate and laser goggles.

 Specifications CST/berger RL25H CST/berger RL25HV
 Automatic self leveling horizontal horizontal and vertical
 Operating range with
 RD5 receiver (diameter)
 450 m 450 m
 Rotational speed 600 rpm 0, 150, 300, 600 rpm
 Adjustable opening angle none 10, 25, 50
 Leveling accuracy  0.08 mm  0.08 mm
 Self leveling range  5  5
 Max. inclination angle  8 %  8 %
 Dust and splash protection IP56 IP56

CST/berger is known throughout the world for its expertise in the field of leveling. Its innovative self leveling cross line and rotation lasers, optical leveling instruments, theodolites, total stations, magnetic locator devices, and a wide range of accessories from measuring rods to measuring wheels are to be found on construction sites all over the world where they are used by structural and civil engineers as valuable aids during leveling and measurement work. For example, these instruments were employed during the construction of the Panama Canal, the Empire State Building and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

The founding of CST/berger can be traced back to Christian Louis Berger, who was born in 1842 in Stuttgart, Germany. Berger emigrated to the USA in 1866 where he founded a company to manufacture technical instruments, which later became C.L. Berger & Sons in Roxbury, Massachusetts. In 1995 the company merged with Chicago Steel Tape (CST) to form CST/berger. Since 2008, CST/berger has been part of the Bosch Group, which is represented in around 60 countries worldwide.

Detailed information can be accessed at www.cstberger.com.

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