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One system for all paint applications: The new “siachrome” polish range from sia Abrasives polishes, seals and cleans

  • Polishing paste, paint sealant and cleaning solution for all standard paint systems
  • Simple color system makes for easier use
  • Also suitable for high-gloss surface finishes in the furniture segment
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  • July 04, 2012
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Two polishing pastes, two paint sealants, cleaning solution with matching polishing sponges and an applicator pad – the new polishing system “siachrome” from sia Abrasives requires only a few components, making it an easy-to-use yet highly efficient product. It effectively removes fine sur­face scratches and marks from all standard paint systems while providing a reliable seal. All products are suitable for hard and soft paints as well as for standard and ceramic paints. The typical range of applications of “siachrome” includes car paints. These products are also suitable for use on high-gloss surfaces such as furniture fronts.

The all-in-one polishing system – from scratch removal to sealing
Marks and scratches are easily visible on paint or high-gloss surfaces at a certain incidence of light and therefore are particularly unsightly. The scratch remover “siachrome Cut” reliably removes fine surface scratches. This product is based on highly pure aluminum oxide, which is noted for its consistent surface roughness and uniform grit. When used in combination with the accompanying yellow polishing sponge, “siachrome Cut” produces surfaces with a long-lasting and rich deep gloss finish.

On dark surfaces, a circular veil or fine scratches might still be visible after initial polishing. This problem can easily be remedied by using the finish paste “siachrome Finish”. Due to its extremely fine grit, this product reli­ably re­moves microscratches and holograms from all types of paint. The accom­panying black polishing sponge is especially soft and gentle on the surface. After applying “siachrome Cut” and “siachrome Finish”, the cleaning solu­tion “siachrome Magic” can be used to remove polishing resi­dues. This product is now even more effective thanks to a new formulation.

Fast and efficient paint sealing
Two paint sealant products round off the “siachrome” polishing system: “siachrome Pearl” and “siachrome Platinum”. They provide fast and effi­cient sealing of the paint after polishing and protect the surface from damage by weather, resin, fly or bird droppings. With a mixture of natural and syn­thetic waxes as well as highly cross-linked polymers, “siachrome Pearl” provides a rich and long-lasting deep gloss finish. “siachrome Platinum” is even more efficient thanks to the use of natural Carnauba waxes, which produce an even harder and more durable protective film. Both “sia­chrome” paint sealants can be used both after polishing the paint finish with “siachrome Cut” or “siachrome Finish” and on unpolished surfaces.

Ingenious color system saves time
When it comes to achieving best polishing, sealing or cleaning results, the right combination of polishing paste and polishing sponge is vitally impor­tant. With the new “siachrome” polishing system, this is easily accom­plished by using a simple color system: products with the same color code produce optimal results and therefore are used in combination with one another. For example, “siachrome Cut” is used in combination with the yellow polishing sponge, “siachrome Finish” with the black polishing sponge and paint sealants “siachrome Pearl” and “siachrome Premium” with the white applicator pad.

The new “siachrome” polishing system is now available from specialized dealers or directly through sia Abrasives. All polishes, sealants and cleaning solution can be purchased separately. The polishing sponges are available in packs of 5.

 Product specifications siachrome Cut siachrome Finish siachrome Pearl siachrome Platinum siachrome Magic
 Function Scratch remover Finish paste Paint sealant Paint sealant Cleaning solution
 Contents 1 kg 1 kg 1 l 200 ml 0.5 l
 Recommended retail price excluding VAT € 42 € 42 € 42 € 210 € 17

sia Abrasives is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality abrasives. For 135 years, the company headquartered in Frauenfeld / Switzerland has developed, manufactured and marketed complete abrasive systems tailored to specific requirements and applications for surface preparation and finishing on workpieces of all kinds. Through its own companies or representatives in more than 80 countries, sia Abrasives maintains direct contact with industrial and trade customers. The company has been part of the Bosch Group since 2009. In the Bosch Power Tools Division, sia Abrasives is the specialist in coated, bonded, nonwoven and foam abrasives.

Detailed information can be found at www.sia-abrasives.com.

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