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“Make it your home”: New Bosch tools for do-it-yourselfers Henning von Boxberg, Member of the executive management of the Power Tools Division of Robert Bosch GmbH

  • on the occasion of the press conference in Leinfelden on March 15, 2012
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  • March 15, 2012
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The power tools market for do-it-yourselfers in Europe grew by two percent in 2011. Bosch again managed to grow faster than the market in this sector and generated seven percent more sales than in the previous year. We succeeded in strengthening our position by about two percentage points to more than 36 percent of the market share. The key to this success is our great innovative strength: about 40 percent of sales were generated with new products that were launched onto the market up to two years ago. 16 of the 20 best-selling products in European homecenters are from Bosch.

A fundamental prerequisite for success is that the products precisely meet the requirements of users. We keenly observe to see what moves do-it-yourselfers and what trends they are following. Currently, the three most important trends are:
· increasing individualization,
· a desire for tools that are easy to use,
· energy-efficient living.
Based on these findings, we are developing system solutions for projects in the house and garden with power tools, garden tools, measuring tools, and accessories under the motto “Make it your home”.

The high level of individualization is also demonstrated by the way in which people design their homes. New paints are especially popular: 50 percent of do-it-yourselfers regularly repaint their walls. Painting is the second most common DIY activity after hanging up pictures. More than 30 million paint buckets are sold every year in Germany alone. The majority of the paint is still applied with a paintbrush and roller.
Bosch is presenting an innovation for this that makes work easier and more fun for the do-it-yourselfer: the PPR 250 electric paint roller. Walls and ceilings can be painted quickly and cleanly with this tool. It can be used with all conventional emulsion and latex paints. Pressing the button on the remote control enables you to precisely control the amount of paint applied to the roll of the PPR 250 thanks to its “Paint Control” technology. This results in a very consistent paint finish and virtually drip-free operation. When the paint has been applied, the system is quickly emptied and cleaned thanks to the “Easy Clean” technology.

The PFS 105 E Wallpaint fine spray system is an all-rounder – particularly for applying paint to textured surfaces. It can be used with all conventional wall paints without any problems. Thanks to its spray gun with “Easy Jet” slot nozzle and “Spray Control” technology, it enables you to easily apply an even coat of paint to textured walls and hard-to-reach areas such as alcoves, corners and edges. The slot nozzle offers four different ways of spraying: vertically or horizontally with a wide or narrow spray jet. The “Spray Control” technology is a low-pressure system that generates a very fine paint mist.

New tools fulfill the desire for ease of use
The Bosch PSR Select is a world first. This cordless screwdriver ensures that the do-it-yourselfer always has his bits at hand when he is driving screws. It has an integrated cylinder that contains twelve standard bits. To change the bit, you turn the cylinder until the required bit appears in the viewing window. Then you press the switch behind the cylinder to push this bit forward into the bit holder, and you can carry on working as normal. The integrated lithium-ion battery is already standard in Bosch tools in this class. It has hardly any self-discharge and no memory effect. As a result, the PSR Select is ready to use even after lengthy breaks and you can recharge it at any time without worrying about impairing performance. The charging state is displayed by LED.

Even more powerful and faster Ixo
The Ixo from Bosch is known for being a small, lightweight, handy trendsetter. Since its market launch, the smallest screw­driver in the DIY range has sold about eleven million units and has continually improved. Now you can drive screws even more powerfully and faster with this handy tool. Equipped with a new motor, new electronics and a new 3.6 volt battery cell, the Ixo delivers 30 percent more torque. It has a speed of 215 instead of the previous 180 revolutions per minute and the lithium-ion battery now has 1.5 instead of 1.3 ampere hours capacity. This enables over 80 screws to be driven per battery charge.

Rotary hammer with more power and more impact force
With the PBH 2500, Bosch is adding a rotary hammer to its “Compact Generation” for do-it-yourselfers that has 50 watts more power and ten percent more impact force than the most powerful tool previously available in this range. This now makes it possible to drill diameters of up to 22 millimeters in concrete. You can choose between the model with SDS-plus chuck (RE) and the model with additional keyed adapter and six-piece SDS-plus drill bit set (SRE). Weighing only 2.2 kilograms, these light rotary hammers are extremely handy tools for medium difficulty to demanding hammering, drilling and chiseling work. They offer 600 watts of power, a single impact force of 1.9 joules, and they have a pneumatic hammer mechanism for high impact force in hard materials.

Cordless screwdriving, drilling, impact drilling with the Skil 2532
Skil is launching the model 2532 onto the market - a cordless combi drill for demanding drilling, impact drilling and screw­driving applications. This tool is both compact and powerful, weighing only 1.4 kilograms including 18 volt lithium-ion battery, which makes it the lightest tool in its class. It has a two-speed gearbox that offers high power for screwdriving in first gear and high speed for drilling with and without impact in second gear. The maximum drilling diameters are 35 millimeters in wood, ten millimeters in steel and 15 millimeters in masonry.

Skil Torro multi-drill makes DIY easy
With the Torro multi-drill, Skil is launching a tool onto the market that makes DIY easy for people who have little experience of using power tools. The Skil Torro drills into all common materials such as wood, metal, masonry and even concrete, eliminating the need to ask which tool is suitable for which application. Moreover, it saves you having to figure out whether you have to drill with or without impact: all you have to do is use the self-explanatory symbols to select the corresponding material and then make the correct setting by simply turning the switch. The tool offers 550 watts of power and has an optimized ratchet-controlled impact mechanism. This enables powerful drilling in masonry or concrete. When you select wood and metal as the materials, the impact is automatically deactivated. The Torro therefore covers all typical applications, from making dowel holes through to drilling rows of holes in wood or metal profiles.

The first step towards energy-efficient living: PTD 1 thermal detector
A healthy indoor climate and more energy efficiency in the house or apartment are fundamental wants of many people nowadays. The new PTD 1 thermal detector can be used to quickly and easily detect what are known as thermal bridges and mold risk areas. Thermal bridges are areas of the building where heat escapes and energy is lost. Typical examples of these are poorly insulated windows or uninsulated areas of outer walls. Depending on the mode selected, the tool measures room temperature, surface temperature of walls and objects, and humidity. It then assesses these readings in relation to each other and interprets the data. This is made possible by three sensors and a Bosch-developed software. The result is presented to the user in a traffic light system using three LEDs: red means “there is a high risk”, yellow means “there is an increased risk”, and green means “there is no risk”. This reveals critical positions in seconds, and the user can then take action to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient.

New communication concept in all media
We offer do-it-yourselfers power tools, garden tools, measuring tools, and accessories from a single source. We have developed a new, uniform communication concept to advertise this expertise more effectively. Its motto is “Make it your home” and it represents a simple thought: “No matter what project you want to do in your house and garden: Bosch has a solution for it.” We are using classical channels to communicate the new concept, but we are also exploring new avenues, performing online activities in addition to TV and various print advertising activities. We are using attractive “Point of Sales” material to meet the user's high expectations of the Bosch brand. We are contributing information and experiences in various “Social Media” platforms. The resulting online relationships give us direct contact to our customers, for example via e-mail. Further­more, we are currently developing an additional distribution channel. Under the motto “Tools to go”, customers can in future order DIY tools directly by means of a new type of advertise­ment poster. These posters display a QR-Code (“Quick Response”) next to the power tools. When this code is read with a smartphone, it leads customers directly to product infor­mation and a retailer from whom the tool can be ordered. Bosch Power Tools plans to set up the first posters with QR-Codes this year.

We want to use customer-oriented products, innovative marketing and our new communication concept to be successful again in 2012 and win new market shares.

RF00149 - March 15, 2012

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