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Innovation by tradition: New Bosch tools for professionals Dr.-Ing. Egbert Schneider, Vice President Engineering worldwide of the Power Tools Division of Robert Bosch GmbH

  • on the occasion of the press conference in Leinfelden on March 15, 2012
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  • March 15, 2012
  • Power Tools
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

After the economic crisis of 2009, the markets for professional tools in Europe recovered significantly in 2010 and 2011. The market recorded clear growth of six percent in the past year, although this growth differed greatly from region to region: the western European states and also Germany performed above average, whereas the southern European states, which are suffering from the debt crisis, achieved practically zero growth. The fact that Bosch continued to invest heavily in marketing and development, even during the economic crisis of 2009, is now paying off. With new products and many innovative ideas, our business with professional tools grew in 2011 considerably faster than the market at eleven percent. Bosch therefore increased its market share from 29 to 30 percent.

The “Bosch hammer” celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. In 1932, Bosch produced the first rotary hammer in series. It had a hammer mechanism for drilling and chiseling, and it enabled work to be done much faster than was previously possible with hand tools. This world first celebrated its pre­miere 80 years ago at the Leipzig trade fair, setting a milestone in the construction industry.

Bosch has since then been successfully enhancing the professional rotary hammers with its great innovative strength. Bosch hammers gained a great deal of trust from users on account of their quality, capability and lifetime. This made Bosch a worldwide leading supplier of rotary hammers. Many Bosch developments have prevailed as worldwide standards. Selling 80 million rotary hammers speaks for itself.

The recently presented models are also entirely aimed at the needs of the professional. The GBH 2-24 DF Professional and GBH 2-24 D Professional rotary hammers offer 790 watts of power and an impact energy of 2.7 joules, therefore providing a fast drilling rate. The rotation stop and the changeable chuck (on the GBH 2-24 DF Professional) enable a large range of applications.

The new GBH 8-45 DV Professional rotary hammer features a power input of 1500 watts, low vibration and an impact energy of 12.5 joules. The low vibration levels of 8 m/s2 when drilling and 7 m/s2 when chiseling are thanks to the triple-effect “Vibration Control”: the decoupled handle, the vibration-reduced hammer mechanism, and the mass damper in the aluminum housing.

The GSH 11 VC Professional stands for top performance in demolition work and also offers the best power-to-weight ratio. It shatters on average more than one ton of concrete per hour. This is made possible by its impact energy of 23 joules and power input of 1700 watts. The low vibration level of 8 m/s2 makes work more comfortable and increases the daily operating time permitted by EU legislation to about three hours.

70 years of know-how in metalworking
Bosch has more than 70 years of know-how in metalworking, both with angle grinders and with abrasives. The technology leader has added the GWS 15-125 CIE Professional to its extensive range of small, especially durable, powerful and ergonomic angle grinders. This tool offers a considerably longer lifetime than competitor models and high power of 1500 watts. Constant Electronic, Vibration Control, Kick-Back Stop and restart protection provide the most comprehensive user safety of all tools in this class.

The new GWS 26 LVI Professional two-hand angle grinder with 230-millimeter disc weighs only 5.6 kilograms, making it the lightest tool of all 2600-watt angle grinders with this disc size. This enables precise control over the tool even in heavy duty applications. Bosch achieved the weight reduction of more than ten percent compared to the predecessor model using a new motor that also has “Constant Electronic” for constant power under load. Vibration Control, Kick-Back Stop, restart protection and the auxiliary handle make work safer.

“D480 Speed Series” for all abrasive applications
From its own research, development and production, Bosch offers a large range of professional abrasives for working on a wide variety of surfaces. It fits all conventional machine types and suits all applications.

The new high-quality “D480 Speed Series” abrasives have been specially developed for sanding coatings and composites. The specifically developed abrasive grit mixture with a fine, polycrystalline structure ensures the highest material removal rate when coarse sanding: instead of gradually rounding off and becoming blunt, these grains are self-sharpening because they break off during sanding to continually produce new edges. When manufacturing this abrasive, an electrostatic coating process enables an exceptionally even distribution of the grains, which provides a homogeneous sanding pattern when interme­diate and fine sanding. This makes time-consuming re-work redundant. The abrasive system includes grits from 40 to 1500.

LS-Boxx added to mobility concept
Many professionals need to store their tools and accessories in their vehicle and transport them to the jobsite in a well-orga­nized and safe way. The L-Boxx mobility concept is especially suitable for this and has become successful on the market as a result: more than 1.5 million L-Boxxes have already been sold worldwide.

The new LS-Boxx is an innovative addition to the L-Boxx system. It offers the drawers that many professionals wanted in the L-Boxx. This enables tools, consumables or small items to be transported in a compact unit. The power tool is stored in the upper part of the LS-Boxx. Two 53 or 72-millimeter-high drawers are available for consumables and small items. An open 92-millimeter-high drawer offers space for packs of screws, a meter stick or other material. All in all, the new LS-Boxx is a compact system that can be used directly on site in a time-saving way. As with the L-Boxxes, the LS-Boxx also precisely fits the German TÜV-tested in-vehicle equipment system from Sortimo and can be clicked together with other L-Boxxes. The LS-Boxx is therefore quickly, tidily and also safely stowed in the vehicle.

Compact cordless impact driver
The user requirement for compact and lightweight but powerful tools is met by the new GDR 14,4-LI Professional and GDR 18-LI Professional cordless impact drivers from Bosch. They offer high performance and the shortest design in their class. These tools are only 138 millimeters long, weigh only 1.3 kilograms with “Compact” battery (1.3 Ah) and therefore make it easy to work especially overhead or in confined spaces. They are designed for maximum screw diameters of twelve millimeters, and they tighten or loosen these screws quickly and powerfully thanks to their torques of 120 and 130 newton meters respectively. The high speed of 2,600 revolutions per minute ensures fast work progress.

GSL 2 Professional surface laser displays surface irregularities
Measuring tools continue to be a promising growth segment for Bosch. Another world first is being launched onto the market again this year: the GSL 2 Professional surface laser. Professio­nal tradespeople can use this compact instrument, for example when laying screed, to detect surface irregularities at the push of a button without having to painstakingly check the entire surface with a straight edge. It projects two laser lines onto the floor surface with its 360-degree rotating laser head. If the surface is even, the two lines meet on the floor and are perceived as one line. If there are surface irregularities such as depressions or elevations in the floor, the lines will deviate from each other. The user will then see two laser lines. The inspec­tion method covers the entire surface continuously, and it is easy, fast and reliable.

Measuring even in difficult conditions
With the D-tect 150 SV Professional, Bosch recently launched a detector onto the market that uses an extremely sophisticated measurement method: the ultra wideband radar technology enables different objects such as plastic pipes, metal, wooden substructures and power cables to be detected up to a wall depth of 15 centimeters with an accuracy of plus/minus five millimeters. No other measurement method enables this accuracy and reliability even in difficult conditions, such as in damp concrete. Bosch has managed to combine this sophisticated technology with very easy tool operation. With our new products for 2012, we are again offering impressive innovations in power tools, accessories and measuring tools that make work easier for professionals and help them to achieve a better work result faster. We will continue to pursue our strategy and consolidate our leading position again this year with great innovative strength.

RF00148 - March 15, 2012

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