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Winter check and Bosch spare parts make sure vehicle fleets get through the winter well and safely

On the road without breakdowns – even in winter

  • Quality also pays of economically: on the safe side with Bosch spare parts
  • For tough applications in commercial vehicles: Durable and extremely vibration-resistant Bosch TE batteries provide mobile living comfort in long-distance traffic
  • Best view throughout the dark season thanks to Bosch wiper blades and commercial-vehicle bulbs
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Ice, snow and temperatures below zero: Wet and cold weather in late autumn and winter severely affects each of the commercial vehicles of a vehicle fleet. This is as true for distribution traffic with constant starts and stops as it is for trucks used for long distances. To prevent weather-caused breakdowns from causing unpredictable and annoying downtimes costing both time and money, Bosch commercial-vehicle experts recommend preparing the fleet vehicles for the cold season by means of a winter check. In this regard, the quality of the parts replaced at the winter check is of key importance for the fleet vehicles’ reliability. As a developer and manufacturer of commercial-vehicle systems, Bosch knows the requirements placed on systems, components and parts – under any operating conditions. Bosch enhances the production of its wearing and service parts based on the experience gained and lessons learned at everyday workshop life.


Especially in winter, batteries need to be in top condition providing top performance to cope with cold starts. Checking the battery before winter sets in is thus indispensable in order to ensure operative readiness of vehicle fleets. The Bosch range includes a particularly powerful solution specifically designed for tough applications in commercial vehicles: the Bosch TE battery. It stands out for its particularly high vibration resistance. Meeting vibration-resistance standard V4, it is perfectly suitable for installation at the rear axle or for use in off-highway or heavy-duty applications. In comparison with conventional batteries, its deep-cycle resistance has been doubled. This is particularly beneficial for long-haul trucks equipped with a large number of electrical consumers – among others for the drivers’ mobile living comfort. The absolutely maintenance-free TE battery uses EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology. That is, the positive plate is coated with a polyester scrim. The high energy efficiency and the long service life of Bosch TE batteries show that high quality pays off from an economical point of view as well.


Besides particles, fuel filters also separate water which could otherwise freeze in winter thus causing trouble starting the vehicle engine. At the winter check, fuel filters should thus be replaced as a preventive measure. After all, their low price is out of all proportion to the costs of a vehicle breakdown. The same applies to air drier cartridges removing particles and oil mist from the compressed air of the pneumatic system drying it at the same time. Otherwise, water penetrating into the system due to insufficient filtration could cause valve failures. Activated-carbon cabin filters protect the drivers against harmful and foul-smelling gases, fine dusts and other pollutants. In addition, they prevent windows and windshields from fogging up throughout the cold and wet season and reduce the amount of deposits on the air conditioning system. Bosch recommends changing the cabin filter every 200,000 to 300,000 kilometers – preferably at the winter check.

Light and vision

Especially in case of rain, snow or ice, above all things, wiper blades ensure a streak-free view, improved vision and thus increased safety. Once the wiper rubbers are noticeably torn, leave stripes or streaks on the windshield when wiping or in case of chattering noises each time the wiper blades change their direction, it is about time to replace them – at the latest. For large commercial-vehicle windshields, Bosch recommends Bosch Aerotwin flat wiper blades or Bosch Twin conventional wiper blades. Aerotwin evenly distributes the contact pressure over its full length and perfectly adapts itself to the windshield curvature. Thanks to its innovative Power Power Protection Plus wiper-blade technology, Aerotwin cleans better, quieter and for longer. Bosch Twin with its metal bracket system and double corrosion protection is particularly robust and resilient. Testing the vehicle lighting system is yet another important part of winter checks. Specifically for use in commercial vehicles, Bosch provides Trucklight and Trucklight Maxlife halogen-bulb product lines featuring a robust design and particularly high vibration resistance. Their long service life makes them particularly economical. The range of Bosch lamps, for its part, stands out for intense daytime-bright light concomitant with low energy consumption.

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The Automotive Aftermarket division (AA) provides the aftermarket and repair shops worldwide with modern diagnostic and repair shop equipment and a wide range of spare parts – from new and exchange parts to repair solutions – for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Its product portfolio includes products made as Bosch original equipment, products developed in-house and specifically manufactured for the aftermarket, as well as services. About 13,000 associates in more than 150 countries, as well as a global logistics network, ensure that spare parts reach customers quickly and on time. AA supplies testing and repair-shop technology, diagnostic software, service training, and information services. In addition, the division is responsible for the “Bosch Service” repair-shop franchise, one of the world’s largest independent chains of repair-shops, with some 15,000 workshops, and more than 1,000 “AutoCrew” partners.

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