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Smart update: The display can now think for itself

Bosch eBike Systems is expanding the smart system to include an independently changing screen layout, new fitness and health features and more customisation options

  • Automatically changing screens showing relevant riding data depending on the riding situation for Kiox 300 and Kiox 500
  • Individual combination of riding modes
  • Integration of external heart rate monitors and indication of heart rate information on Kiox displays and the ride screen of the eBike Flow app
  • New display of elevation graphs, performance data and riding mode usage
  • A new limit mode for S-Pedelecs limits support to 25 km/h upon request
Tamara Winograd

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Stuttgart/Reutlingen – The current update means that the smart system from Bosch eBike Systems is becoming even smarter: the Kiox displays now automatically show eBikers the relevant information - and change screens independently to suit the riding situation. From now on, the four previously preconfigured riding modes can be combined individually. In another new feature, external heart rate monitors, such as a chest strap or a smartwatch, can be linked to the eBike via Bluetooth and made visible on the new heart rate display. Particularly informative features for keeping an eye on your own performance are the new screen showing the extent to which the various riding modes have been used and the screen comparing your own performance values with the motor power. The limit mode for speed pedelecs which allows support to be limited to 25 km/h on request, rounds off the update.

Changing display: Automatic adaptation to every riding situation

Less distraction, unimpeded flow and full focus on the essentials: the new "Dynamic display" function means that the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays can now automatically show relevant information for every riding situation - and change completely independently. This means you can see the most important information at all times. For example, the system recognises inclines and then displays your personal performance, cadence and the elevation covered. When you come to a downhill section, the screen changes to focus attention on speed. Speed, distance travelled and range overview can be seen when riding on the flat. When the eBike is stationary, the system automatically shows a summary of interesting data from the current trip: maximum and average speeds, distance travelled and elevation, trip time and current range.

Whatever you want: create your own preferred riding modes

So far, four different riding modes have been preconfigured and adjusted by the eBike manufacturer. Pedelec users can now choose from all the riding modes available for the drive unit, define up to four favourites and adjust the configuration in the eBike Flow app according to their preferences. For example, if you feel you don't need Eco mode and want to set the Sport or Auto mode instead, you can simply make the change in the settings of the eBike Flow app under “Custom riding modes".

Keep a close eye on your current heart rate and the elevation graph as you go

Whether cycling for exercise or health purposes or just to feel good, many eBikers find it important to know their current heart rate while riding. The update enables compatible heart rate monitors (such as a chest strap or a smartwatch) to be paired with the eBike Flow app using Bluetooth technology. The heart rate is then shown on the Kiox 300 and Kiox 500 displays or the ride screen while riding.

Make better use of your energy and avoid any surprises: who wouldn't want to know whilst navigating whether the hardest climb of the trip has already been completed or whether you're about to encounter the last mountain and need to refill your water bottle in advance? With the practical new “elevation graph” feature ensures that eBikers are always well informed about the progress of their trip. The Kiox displays or the ride screen show a clear elevation graph for the trip, as well as the rider's current position.

Analysis during or after the journey: new performance data available

Two new evaluation options offer eBikers interesting information about their own performance values and how they use the support levels. The new "Riding mode usage" screen for the Kiox 300 and 500 uses a clear pie chart to show the extent to which the various riding modes are used (including Off mode). The “Power share" screen provides insights into the average rider power compared to the average performance of the drive unit, based on current activity and the selected riding mode.

When less is more: the new Limit mode for S-Pedelecs

"Limit mode" limits the maximum speed of S-Pedelecs to 25 kilometres per hour. The new mode can be selected as a personal riding mode and makes it easier for speed pedelec riders to adjust their own speed as necessary. For example, trips with other eBikers can be more enjoyable if everyone can effortlessly ride together at the same speed. The new, dynamic mode must be predefined by the manufacturer and cannot be retrofitted. "Limit mode" is then displayed below Eco mode. Similarly to Auto mode, it automatically adjusts support, so that the speed does not drop on climbs or headwinds and the riding mode does not have to be changed manually. Because the reduced top speed also reduces energy consumption, S-Pedelec users can use the “limit mode” to travel longer distances. The new riding mode is available for S-Pedelecs in Europe. The legal requirements for speed pedelecs - including helmet, number plate and insurance requirements as well as the ban on using cycle paths - still apply.

The latest update of the eBike Flow app can be downloaded from the app store at no additional cost. After a successful eBike system update, the screens can be enabled in the app settings under “My eBike” > “Display configuration”.

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