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  • eBike ABS decreases risks, increases safety
  • Less distraction in traffic thanks to Bosch technology
  • Bike-friendly cities as models
  • Travelling conscientiously with the eBike
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Stuttgart/Reutlingen – Pedelecs are changing our locomotion and are developing into an important factor in the modern mobility mix. The number of eBike owners in Germany has risen by one million just in the period between 2014 and 2016 according to the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD). Many decide to purchase an eBike because they want to travel quickly, comfortably and sustainably. This affects the usage: eBikers clearly ride oftener, longer and, according to the German Bicycle Association (ZIV) about two km/h quicker on average than with traditional bikes. Suitable overall conditions, adequate infrastructure, consideration and prudence of all motorists and cyclists are necessary for this purpose. Since it is certain that: traffic safety needs to improve further so that eBike driving pleasure is established permanently in the daily routine. Bosch eBike Systems makes a contribution to this with innovative products and comprehensive services. An overview of eBike safety.

Safer eBikes with the ABS from Bosch

More and more people are switching to and relying on their bikes with electric tailwind. There are currently more than three million pedelecs on German roads. But with the increase in the number of electric bikes and kilometres ridden, also the number of accidents is on the increase. Especially incorrect use of brakes or unsafe driving often play an important role in causes of accidents.

Bosch now brings a product in the market which increases traffic safety for the eBiker and his surroundings by introducing the first production-ready anti-lock braking system (ABS) for eBikes. The new development enables the pedelec to prevent the front wheel from locking as well as to limit the lifting of the rear wheel by means of an intelligent system. The braking distance and the risk of rollovers and falls can be reduced in this way.

But what are the chances that the eBike ABS is implemented in the market? “Similarities in cars and motorcycles have shown that such innovations are first special equipment in the premium segment, then they are mass-produced and become an option in the lower price range and at some time, this technology develops into legally specified. The ABS has the potential to become standard for high-quality pedelecs in the city and trekking segments,“ says Claus Fleischer, CEO Bosch eBike Systems.

Users are interested. According to a study undertaken by Kaiserslautern University of Technology and funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) one respondent in two considers ABS to make sense for pedelecs. So ABS heads the wish list of features for driver assistance systems for pedelecs. The Bosch eBike ABS will be available from autumn 2017 onwards, initially for selected fleet partners in the German-speaking countries; series production for trekking and city eBikes with the Bosch drive system is planned for autumn 2018.

Bosch on-board computer: Focussing on the essentials

Distractions in traffic present high risks. Bosch approaches this with the on-board computers Purion, Intuvia and Nyon. The displays offer all information like speed, pedalling rate or range at a glance: While operating the eBike, the eBiker keeps both hands on the handle bar and controls the on-board computer easily and comfortably via a separate unit during the ride. It is thus possible to focus on essentials and to enjoy the ride.

Riding correctly, switching automatically

Incorrect riding is a frequent cause of errors with dangerous consequences for eBikes. The 3-sensor concept of Bosch’s drives counters this. Torque, speed and acceleration are measured more than 1,000 times per second, and it is determindes precisely what support the rider needs in the respective situation. In this manner, smooth starts and optimum accelerations are guaranteed.

The automatic eShift solution for hub gear systems offers an additional advantage in terms of safety and comfort. The eBiker is always travelling in the right gear, there are no switching components to be operated during the ride. Potential sources of error are thus minimised.

Reaching destinations safely with high-quality batteries

The battery is the energy source of the pedelec: It provides the engine with electric power required for support while riding. Some people interested in eBikes are however sceptical about the charge in the battery being sufficient for their purposes. This worry is generally unfounded. Bosch's PowerPacks are among the lightest and most efficient batteries in the market and have the highest energy density. Ranges of more than 80 kilometres are entirely possible with one battery charge. Most stretches can thus be taken on without a care and the eBiker reaches his destination safely. It should however be kept in mind that the consumption and range depend on different factors, e.g., support level, handling, air resistance, weight of rider, tyre pressure and terrain.

Bosch's electronic battery management system controls and regulates the processes in the battery and protects it against too high temperatures, over-charge and total discharge. Bosch has compiled tips for correctly handling eBike batteries in

A peek into the future: Travelling safely in bike-friendly cities

It is becoming more and more important for cities and municipalities to make cycling even more attractive. After all, the bike helps in saving resources, reducing emissions and noise, and saving space. Yet how can people be motivated to switch to bicycles? One look at the Danish capital Copenhagen provides answers. 62 percent of residents ride to their workplaces or educational institutions in the undisputed bicycle capital of the world. Only nine percent use the car for this purpose. One of the reasons for this is that: People feel safe on bikes. This is shown by a survey of Copenhagen's residents conducted every two years (“Bicycle Account”). The subjective feeling of safety is a decisive factor for the success of this modern form of locomotion. Protected bike lanes, or wide bike paths along the main transport routes – that are physically separate from car traffic – are important for bike commuters. Thief-proof storage options are also of prime importance for eBikers.

Assuming responsibility

Reliable technologies, adequate infrastructure and conscientious action: these form the triad for safe mobility in the future.

eBikers can themselves do something to achieve this condition. A helmet should thus always be present when riding the eBike. A study of the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) has shown that: “Bicycle helmets can prevent or mitigate most life-threatening head injuries.”

In addition, eBikers should get thoroughly familiar with the pedelec and riding features to get through traffic confidently and safely. Training for new pedelec commuters may therefore make sense. Many dealers, associations and clubs offer riding safety training. There are also helpful tips for starters on the website of Bosch eBike Systems.

Defining mobility together

Safe mobility requires perfect interaction between different players, who incorporate their own respective competencies: “Conditions to establish this modern form of mobility safely and sustainably in the market are created if economy and industry bring tried and tested products into the market, countries and municipalities improve bicycle infrastructure even more, and motorists and cyclists prepare themselves for new circumstances and eBikes as new means of transportation.”

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Bosch eBike Systems is shaping the future of eBike mobility with innovative products and digital services ranging from highly efficient drive systems to the first production-ready ABS for eBikes and Connected Biking solutions. On the daily routes through the city, on leisurely rides through the countryside or for sporting adventures in the mountains: Bosch eBike Systems offers eBikers the right drive system (drive unit, battery, display, and app) for every requirement and every area of use, ensuring a unique riding sensation. Today, more than 100 of the world's leading bicycle brands trust the perfectly coordinated, modular product portfolio. As an independent division within the Bosch Group, Bosch eBike Systems also makes use of the Group's technology and manufacturing expertise. For healthy, safe and sustainable mobility that is fun.

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