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Bosch: electromobility as a future core business

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Bosch: electromobility as a future core business

In the foreseeable future, electromobility will become one of Bosch’s core businesses. The supplier of technology and services has set itself the goal of becoming the market leader in electromobility for battery- and fuel-cell-powered vehicles. On the road to sustainable mobility, Bosch has already invested 5 billion euros in electrical powertrains. In 2021 alone, Bosch will spend 700 million euros on developing electrical mobility solutions, including fuel cells. This is nearly 40 percent more than the previous year. The heavy upfront investments the company has made in this area are paying off: its powertrain electrification business is currently growing twice as fast as the market. Since 2018, Bosch has acquired 90 projects in this field, including 30 worth 7.5 billion euros last year alone.

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