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Bosch at CES 2017: Community based Parking

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Especially in urban residential areas, curbside parking spots are in high demand. With community-based parking, Bosch is taking over the search for a parking spot, thus easing the burden on drivers. When a car is driving along the street, ultrasound sensors detect available spots and measure the size of the space between parked cars. The data gathered is then transmitted to a digital street map. High-performance Bosch algorithms assess the plausibility of the data and make forecasts on the parking spot situation. A real-time map is available to cars in the vicinity, and drivers can thus drive directly to available parking spots. Pilot projects in the U.S. are planned for 2017. In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and other OEMs, Bosch is currently testing the community-based parking concept in German (and European) cities.