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Proven in series production - Innovative measuring and testing technology from Bosch

  • Flexible, application-oriented, and fully integrated solution package in the optical measurement and testing technology
  • Innovative, patented, optical measurement principles
  • Efficient and automated use of measurement technology in manufacturing and quality control
Genf – With the introduction of visual inspection systems at the Geneva Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, EPHJ 2015, Bosch completes its range of optical measuring and testing equipment. Originally, the application-oriented solutions and systems were developed exclusively for the manufacturing equipment and measuring rooms of the Bosch Group, where they have proven themselves in daily use. Precise measurements directly or close to the manufacturing process are the key to ensuring high quality while minimizing the rejection rate. By using automated solutions which are integrated in production, the costs of a 100% inspection are significantly reduced.

The interferometric distance sensor WPD has been developed for measuring tasks with highest precision requirements. The measurement rate of up to 50 kHz reduces significantly the measurement time compared to tactile systems. The non-contact optical measurement principle can even detect sensitive surfaces without damage or distortion.

The FMS100 was developed to verify rotationally symmetrical industrial precision parts. Rotational speeds up to 100 revolutions per minute and optical probe arms enable rapid measurements of inside and outside geometries. Typical tasks include measurement of roundness and straightness, taper, and diameter. The contact-free optical probe arms allow the measurement of the parallelism of very thin objects (e.g. microscopic bores or pins) without changing them through the contact force. These solutions have been proven in Bosch manufacturing and enable the economic and automated use of measurement technology with nanometer resolution in the production environment.

The flatness FTP40 system allows the rapid measurement of two opposed parallel surfaces in a single measurement, without moving the measuring object. The result: a very high precision and a significant reduction in cycle time. The system is used for rapid measurement of flatness, thickness, and parallelism. The FTP40 is characterized by a high resolution and accuracy, short cycle time, contact-free and wear-free measurement.

The modular Visual Inspection Systems VMI100 and VMD200 are used for the visual inspection of standard parts. The test characteristics are emphasized by optimized illumination and allow the operator to test components over a longer period of time without fatigue. The systems are delivered ready to use as a package with computer, software, camera, lenses, tripod, and illumination. On request, various customer applications can be realized. Also, a wide range of accessories is available.

Bosch presents its solutions at the Geneva Trade Fair, EPHJ 2015 from June 2nd to 5th, 2015, booth M114.

Tobias Wiesendanger
Telephone: +49 711 811-21888
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  • May 21, 2015
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Achema 2015 New inspection technologies for higher product quality and safety Bosch expands inspection portfolio

  • KHS 1: new high-end headspace leak detection platform from Bosch
  • AIM 3 reliably combines visual inspection and high-voltage leak detection
  • Cooperation with Lighthouse Instruments for best-in-class container closure integrity testing
Frankfurt/Main, Germany – At Achema 2015, Bosch Packaging Technology showcases two new pharmaceutical inspection machines. The KHS 1 is a new development emerging from a cooperation of Bosch with Lighthouse Instruments, LLC. It is designed for container closure integrity testing of ampoules, vials, bottles, cartridges and syringes using laser headspace analysis (HSA). The AIM 3, in turn, is the new member of the well-established AIM series. It offers the possibility to perform both visual inspection and high-voltage leak detection (HVLD) for ampoules and vials on one single platform. “These new platforms underline the expertise of Bosch Packaging Technology in all inspection areas. Independent of the product or application, we can offer extensive consulting and the appropriate technology to ensure the highest product safety and quality for all requirements,” Mahmoud Hamada, business development manager at Bosch Inspection Technology, explains.

Successful cooperation with HSA pioneer
To further expand its inspection portfolio, Bosch collaborated with Lighthouse Instruments, the leading provider of non-destructive laser spectroscopy headspace analysis systems. This expertise in leak detection fits ideally with the highest quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. “By combining this expertise with our market-leading machinery for pharmaceutical inspection applications, we have developed a highly flexible and customizable high-speed platform,” says Joachim Baczewski, head of Inspection Technology and president of Bosch Packaging Technology K.K. in Japan. Jim Veale, president of Lighthouse Instruments, adds, “We are excited to offer the pharmaceutical industry best-in-class leak detection machines together with Bosch Packaging Technology.”

The KHS 1 is the new high-end leak detection system from Bosch for closure integrity testing with laser headspace analysis. It measures the absorbed light passing through the headspace region via laser spectroscopy. HSA is applicable to lyophilized products and medicines filled under vacuum or purged with inert gas. The new KHS 1 inspects both standing and non-standing containers at outputs of up to 600 per minute, and can combine HSA with optional near infrared (NIR) measurement and container coding. In order to ensure the highest reliability and accuracy, a built-in automatic re-calibration is continuously performed using certified reference containers.

AIM 3: compact platform for visual inspection and leak detection
Eisai Machinery (now Bosch Inspection Technology) developed the first model of the AIM series forty years ago. In 1985, the successful KLD series using HVLD technology was introduced. It detects leaks by measuring the electrical resistance of containers with conductive solutions. At Achema, Bosch now launches the new AIM 3, which combines both visual inspection of the AIM series and high-voltage leak detection of the KLD series. It inspects ampoules and vials containing solutions and suspensions at outputs of up to 400 containers per minute. “Our aim was to offer pharmaceutical producers and contract manufacturers from all over the world an economical solution for medium speeds at high Bosch quality standards,” Mahmoud Hamada explains.

In order to sort out damaged containers before they enter the main inspection turret, the AIM 3 is equipped with a pre-inspection station. The core module features a high-resolution CMOS camera with high-speed interface for particle and cosmetic inspection, as well as a re-inspection function. The customizable platform can be retrofitted on site to add further visual inspection stations or the HVLD module. The latter delivers equivalent measurement results for all glass qualities, such as molded and tubing, as well as clear and amber glass. Both inspection steps are controlled via one common Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Bosch’s technologies are on display at Achema in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from June 15 to 19, hall 3.1, booth C71.

Mahmoud Hamada
phone: +49 7951 402-1620
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  • May 18, 2015
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Achema 2015 High purity media and bio processing solutions from a single source: three market launches from Bosch Focus on flexibility and energy efficiency

  • New bioreactor for laboratory-scale development of active ingredients
  • WFI unit with new generation process reduces energy consumption
  • New generation of pure steam generators with high yields
Frankfurt/Main, Germany – At Achema 2015, Bosch Packaging Technology showcases three process technology novelties for the production of liquid pharmaceuticals. Visitors can see a new bioreactor for the cultivation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) on laboratory and pilot scale. Bosch further showcases an energy-efficient and compact distillation unit for the production of WFI (Water for Injection). It combines two different processes in one platform for the first time and enables the direct production of WFI from drinking water. Moreover, Bosch introduces the new generation of pure steam generators. “The units fit in perfectly with the exemplary lines for the processing of sterile liquid pharmaceuticals shown at Achema, and emphasize Bosch’s line competence,” explains Dr John Medina, sales director at the Bosch subsidiary Pharmatec, which has developed all three novelties.

Bioreactor for research and pilot batches
“Whether customers produce oncology drugs, insulin preparations or medicines for the treatment of autoimmune diseases – our bioprocessing units for the pharmaceutical industry enable the production of high-quality biopharmaceuticals with excellent process results,” says Medina. For the first time, Bosch now offers a complete machinery range covering different scales for laboratories, clinical studies, and production.

The fully automated bioreactor for batch sizes between 15 and 50 liters is delivered with the complete periphery required for bioprocesses. This way Bosch complements the existing portfolio of fermentation devices, which to date are available for production volumes of 500 to 5,000 liters. Moreover, Bosch offers complete solutions for the subsequent downstream processes, as well as for the final formulation of the injection solution. “In accordance with our line competence, we can also integrate further downstream modules from specialized manufacturers upon demand. This allows customers to accomplish their entire project with only one point of contact,” Medina emphasizes. The complete solutions can also be easily combined with further filling and packaging machines for liquid pharmaceuticals from Bosch.

High purity media of the highest quality
In all pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing operations, product quality and patient safety come first. This is also true for high purity media, such as WFI. At Achema, Bosch showcases a new unit, which uses a patented vacuum membrane distillation technology. This highly efficient thermal process combines both distillation and membrane filtration in one modular concept. “Hence we fulfill the current and future requirements of the European, U.S. and other international pharmacopeia for the production of WFI,” says Medina.

Due to the especially effective membrane distillation, the unit can prepare WFI immediately from potable water without intermediate steps. Compared to conventional distillation units, the relatively low temperatures of 50 to 80 degrees Celsius achieve high energy savings while ensuring effective protection against germs and contamination. In a first step, ordinary potable water is evaporated, before it is pressed through a plastic membrane for filtration and then condensed. The membrane system withholds suspended solids, dissolved organic material and bacteria. Online measurements of TOC (total organic carbon), pressure, temperature and conductivity monitor the process continuously. To ensure pharmaceutical water quality regarding microbiological purity, the unit can be additionally sanitized at 85 degrees Celsius.

Complete solutions from a single source
Bosch furthermore presents the new generation of energy-efficient pure steam generators and distillation units. The optimized thermal utilization of heating energy enables high WFI and pure steam yields, which result in reduced operating costs. “We have streamlined our number of pure steam generators and types of distillation units and have put them together in a consistent range to reduce delivery times, as well as investment costs. The series now encompasses a performance range of 100 to 7,500 kilograms per hour,” Medina explains.

Depending on requirements and application areas, these three new developments offer customers complete solutions for water preparation, as well as product development and production from a single source. From the first stage of drug development, Bosch supports pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers with the appropriate technologies as well as profound consulting and services.

Bosch’s technologies are on display at Achema in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from June 15 to 19, hall 3.1, booth C71.

Klaus Schreiber
phone: +49 351 28278-833
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  • May 12, 2015
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Achema 2015 Bosch highlights complete systems capabilities for pharmaceutical applications Seamless System for product handling and packaging

  • Gentle product handling and accurate placement with feed placer
  • Horizontal flow wrapper with hermetic sealing ensures product protection
  • Flexibility to suit different layout and production requirements
Frankfurt am Main, Germany – To meet pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers’ needs for increased productivity, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading provider of processing and packaging solutions, highlights its complete line capabilities at Achema 2015. As part of its Seamless Systems portfolio, Bosch will exhibit the Sigpack LDF feed placer for flexible handling of products such as blow-fill-seal (BFS) cards, blister packs, ampoules, syringes, inhalers or medical devices. At the show, the BFS robotic handling will be combined with the Sigpack HSL horizontal flow wrapper for hermetically sealed packaging at production speeds of up to 300 packages per minute.

Precise placement for continuous production flow
The Sigpack LDF feed placer displayed at the show will demonstrate the gentle handling and accurate placement of eye drop vial cards by picking and placing them into the infeed chain of the Sigpack HSL flow wrapper. Based on proven Delta robot technology, the Sigpack LDF features an advanced gripper design that can be adapted to suit different production requirements. Products arrive in an upright position and are then laid flat, get verified by a vision system and stacked in sets of twos, ready to be wrapped. The precise placement ensures the correct product orientation, closes gaps and enables continuous production for maximum uptime. With optimized gripper technology, the feed placer offers high flexibility for different product sizes and applications and can be implemented with single or multiple robots cells.

Hermetic sealing for a wide range of products
At Achema 2015, the BFS vial cards are hermetically packaged by a Sigpack HSL flow wrapper equipped with long dwell heat sealing technology. Different sealable compound materials qualify for usage. Products packaged in aluminium compound film offer optimum protection from water vapor and light exposure. The wrapper can be easily adjusted to accommodate a wide range of sizes, counts and product shapes. Alternatively, the machine can be fitted with ultrasonic sealing technology. Also, a hybrid version using e.g. heat cross sealing and ultrasonic length sealing is available. This suits specifically well to high packaging speed as well as sensitive pharmaceutical products.

Broad range of options to suit every requirement
Bosch’s Seamless Systems for pharmaceutical packaging offer a wide range of features to ensure specific demands can be easily met. The Achema line features a vision system for enhanced quality control. The cameras monitor data such as inline-printed lot numbers, expiration dates, manufacturing dates, 2D code bar which ensures the correct product orientation into the flow wrapper infeed. The flow wrappers can also be expanded to accommodate modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). All components in contact with the product, such as belts and grippers, can be cleaned quickly and easily. Moreover, all line configurations can be combined with additional inspection devices, handling equipment and secondary packaging solutions.

Layout flexibility and productivity with a single-source solution provider
“Every manufacturer has different needs with regards to layout and production goals. This is why we customize solutions to offer the flexibility and capabilities needed to cater for even the most complex applications,” said Joerg Kleiner, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology. “In addition, our Seamless Systems meet the need for a single-source solution supplier and streamlines processes, eliminates bottlenecks and optimizes line productivity. This ensures that our customers have the optimized technology that will help them achieve business goals.”

Thanks to a single HMI for the whole system, operators can easily and safely use the production line. The uniform design and philosophy allow for additional components to be easily integrated, ensure optimum accessibility throughout the line and provide a good system overview for line clearances. The robust and flexible design allows for quick changeover and maximum uptime while providing consistently high product protection.

To find out more about Bosch’s Seamless System capabilities for pharmaceutical applications visit Bosch at Achema 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, June 15 to 19, 2015 in hall 3, booth C71.

Joerg Kleiner
phone: +41 58 674 6913
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  • May 08, 2015
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