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Achema 2015 Bosch market launch: new granulation unit Hüttlin GranuLean Compact solution for high-quality granulation processes

  • Efficient and compact granulation unit
  • Consistent focus on basic pharmaceutical requirements
  • Optimally harmonized components
Frankfurt/Main, Germany – At Achema 2015, Bosch Packaging Technology presents the new granulation unit GranuLean for the first time. Developed by the Bosch subsidiary Hüttlin GmbH, it combines the process steps of mixing, granulating and drying for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical granules. “The name GranuLean stands for a lean and compact machine, which can be easily integrated into production rooms and focuses on the basic requirements of pharmaceutical producers,” Fritz-Martin Scholz, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology, explains. “By concentrating on the essential basic functions within fixed dimensions, we have developed an especially efficient granulation solution.” The GranuLean exhibited at Achema for instance saves valuable production room with its 6 meters length and 3.4 meters height. The new development is available for three different batch sizes and is based on Hüttlin’s long-standing process technology experience.

Simplified construction, uniform Human Machine Interface
As opposed to tailor-made granulation lines, the most important functions of GranuLean are installed by default. “The high level of standardization now enables us to fulfill customer demands for a complete and quickly available system at the accustomed high quality,” says Scholz. Thanks to the easy alignment of machine components on site, the granulation unit can be installed quickly and easily. All process and cleaning steps can be controlled via recipes. The operator interface is a 21-inch touchscreen with user-friendly navigation.

Smooth product flow through integrated wet mill
The process for manufacturing pharmaceutical granules begins by pneumatically filling the high-shear mixer. The mixing device Gentlewing, which is driven from below, mixes and granulates the active ingredients and excipients. The high-shear mixer is emptied via the equally newly developed, integrated wet mill.

Communication between mill and Gentlewing ensures that only as much product is emptied as the mill is able to process, which prevents the mill from clogging. A pneumatic transfer pipe subsequently transfers the wet product to the GranuLean fluid bed module, where it is dried through the inflow of the proven Diskjet distribution plate. The function of process filters is crucial to obtain high yields: for this reason, Bosch has developed a new process filter, where the elements are serially cleaned with compressed air pulses. At the end of the drying process, the product is emptied by a dry mill.

Apart from the high-shear mixer, granulation can also take place in the fluid bed by using a tangential or top spray process. GranuLean is available for a containment level of up to OEB3 (Operational Exposure Band). The machine remains closed during operation, while inflatable seals on the product containers provide for an optimum draughtproofing. Moreover, the integrated cleaning system ensures an even easier handling.

Tablets and capsules in line
Suitable handling equipment makes it possible to combine the new granulation unit to a compact line, for instance with the new tablet presses of the Manesty TPR range. Alternatively, the granule can be filled into stick packs or capsules, for example with the new GKF 2600 capsule filling machine from Bosch.

Bosch’s technologies are on display at Achema in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from June 15 to 19, hall 3.1, booth C71.

Fritz-Martin Scholz
phone: +49 7622 6884-131
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  • April 23, 2015
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Excellent packaging engineering Bosch machine honoured with Red Dot Award First design prize of this kind for Packaging Technology

  • FXS Combi fills and closes syringes, vials and cartridges
  • Expert jury acknowledges Bosch’s design competence
  • Focus on flexibility and safety
Essen/Crailsheim, Germany – For the first time, Bosch Packaging Technology has received the internationally renowned “Red Dot Award” from the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen in the category product design. The independent 38-member jury announced on March 30 that it awards the company with an “Honourable Mention” and acknowledges the well-executed design achievement of the FXS Combi. The filling and closing machine for pre-sterilized nested syringes, vials and cartridges (small glass containers), developed at the site in Crailsheim, is the first machine from the Packaging Technology division to receive this important design award.

“We are very happy about the Red Dot Award, which underlines our expertise in the development of innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The award shows that our products are not only convincing in terms of quality. They also stand out internationally because of their design,” says Klaus Ullherr, product manager at Bosch in Crailsheim. The international experts assessed a total of 4 928 entries from 56 countries. On June 29, the internationally renowned product competition will culminate in the Red Dot gala.

Flexibility for various packaging types
The FXS Combi, which was launched at Interpack 2014, offers particular flexibility and safety. The machine is suited for three different pre-sterilized packaging types, as well as all common filling technologies. As the first filling and closing machine of this kind, the FXS Combi features an integrated capping station for vials and cartridges. Here, the containers are immediately closed after filling to ensure the highest pharmaceutical safety. By combining the machine with proven tub and bag openers, as well as different barrier systems, the FXS Combi can be flexibly integrated into complete line concepts, while allowing for significant space savings. Visitors to Achema 2015 can see for themselves in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from June 15 to 19 (hall 3.1, booth C71).

The Red Dot Award
The Red Dot Award was created by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen and is one of the best-respected design competitions in the world with approximately 17 000 entries each year. In 2015, the award is celebrating its 60th anniversary. In 1955, a jury convened for the first time to assess the best designs of the time. Today it consists of 38 members. The sought-after award, the “Red Dot”, is the internationally respected seal for outstanding design quality.

Klaus Ullherr
phone: +49 7951 402-517
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  • April 16, 2015
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Hispack 2015 Bosch highlights versatile processing and packaging portfolio Modular lines, Seamless Systems and stand-alone machines from entry-level to high-end

  • Module++ for flexible, scalable solutions that grow with your business
  • Dedicated equipment for liquid and viscous foods
  • Versatile pharmaceutical processing and packaging solutions
Barcelona, Spain – At Hispack 2015, Bosch Packaging Technology will highlight its comprehensive portfolio for processing and packaging of food and pharmaceuticals. To illustrate its highly versatile technologies, which are suitable for a vast spectrum of requirements, the company will showcase a horizontal Module++ line for primary and secondary packaging of biscuits as well as a platform for hygienic vertical packaging of fresh and frozen food. Experts will also present a Seamless System for two-in-one packaging of biscuits, equipment for vertical packaging of dry, liquid and viscous foods as well as a broad range of solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals. The portfolio is complemented by comprehensive customer services.

“Flexibility and agility are a must in today’s evolving marketplace,” said Martin Tanner, director business development and marketing, product division confectionery and food, Bosch Packaging Technology. “Whether manufacturers are installing a new line or upgrading an existing one, equipment not only has to suit individual production and layout requirements but also has to be flexible enough to meet the changing market needs of today and tomorrow. Our portfolio is designed to offer a broad spectrum of entry-level to high-end solutions that allow manufacturers to shape and change their business with minimal effort.”

Modular line solutions: scalable and flexible
A highlight at Hispack will be Bosch’s Module++ line. At the show, Bosch`s capabilities are shown with a biscuit packaging line. The Module++ concept offers unlimited possibilities to link Bosch’s proven standard modules, and is designed to empower manufacturers to create adaptable and scalable end-to-end processing and packaging lines. The modular design, standard interfaces and reduced number of components allow for easy operation, maintenance and integration.

At the show, Bosch will demonstrate the versatility of the Module++ concept by showcasing a comprehensive midrange packaging solution consisting of modules for the feeding, stacking, wrapping and secondary packaging of biscuits:

Part of exhibited Module++ line is the low-pressure Pack Feeder 4 infeed system that gently handles delicate items such as biscuits, chocolate, cakes and bar- type products. The product stacking and collating unit (PSC) in place adds a flexible and gentle solution to create stacks in-line. The line features sophisticated product inspection to detect and reject misaligned products and ensures high package quality. At Hispack, the system will be displayed with the Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper, which efficiently creates high quality packages. The new modular Paloma D3 feed placer and top loader – featuring the latest GD series Delta robot – which can be easily integrated with primary and secondary packaging machines, top loads these packages into boxes. Displayed with two Delta robots, the highly versatile Paloma D3 platform is designed to efficiently handle a wide variety of applications at a reduced cost- per-pick ratio. The modular and open design also simplifies operation, cleaning and changeovers, allowing manufacturers to lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Exemplifying its processing competence for the confectionery industry, Bosch will also showcase its redesigned Rapidsolver BLK for dissolving jelly masses with less counter pressure. The machine is presented with Allen Bradley/Rockwell controls for the first time at Hispack.

Seamless System for two-in-one biscuit packaging
For biscuit manufacturers seeking a complete system designed for speed and maximum flexibility, Bosch offers its two-in-one biscuit packaging line. Part of Bosch’s Seamless Systems portfolio, it is the first system of its kind capable of fast slug to pile changeovers, and vice versa, with the same feeding components. From distribution through to primary and secondary packaging, the line is designed for maximum flexibility and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). An integrated, holistic design minimizes the system’s footprint, eliminates bottlenecks and makes the operation of the entire line as simple as a single machine.

Customized vertical packaging
For producers of fresh and frozen food, Bosch will spotlight the SVC 4020 vertical form, fill and seal machine for highly hygienic and flexible bagging of free- flowing, wet and frozen products in pillow bags. Uniquely customizable, the SVC platform has been tailored to meet a wide range of industry needs and offers tool-less changeovers for multiple bag styles and sizes. With an intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) and a streamlined design, the machine helps reduce downtime and improve productivity.

For the flexible packaging of dry free-flowing products such as coffee or tea, Bosch offers customized vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) machines and mandrel-wheel package makers for a broad variety of pack styles and top closures. The portfolio is complemented by product protection solutions including valves and fully integrable equipment like hygienic auger fillers and checkweighers.

Solutions for liquid and viscous food
Bosch also offers a comprehensive range of solutions for manufacturers of liquid and viscous foods, including dedicated equipment for sensitive products such as dairy and baby food. The highly hygienic technologies include thermoforming machines, pre-made cup and bottle filling solutions and PET bottle blowing and filling systems. With hygienic levels up to aseptic, the versatile portfolio is designed to suit diverse customer and product requirements helping manufacturers differentiate their products at the point-of-sale.

Versatile pharmaceutical processing and packaging solutions
Apart from solutions for the food and confectionery industries, Bosch Packaging Technology offers a large portfolio of machines and lines for pharmaceutical applications. For instance, the new Manesty TPR tablet press range was developed for high outputs. The tablet presses are equipped with a new die table, torque drive and tablet discharge chute, as well as an intuitive human machine interface (HMI). Reduced maintenance efforts and overall ease of use make the TPR series particularly suitable for customers with flexibility requirements.

From laboratory development, production and filling through to inspection, handling, secondary packaging and serialization – Bosch offers customers tailor- made solutions for different pharmaceutical applications and dosage forms. The portfolio is complemented by detailed project and integration competence, as well as comprehensive services such as qualification and validation. Backed by long-standing experience and market-specific expertise, Bosch supports customers all over the world in implementing complex line concepts.

After-sales services from A to Z
At Hispack, Bosch also presents its comprehensive service portfolio. Preventive and value-oriented maintenance agreements help to reduce downtime significantly. The upgrade kits from Bosch Packaging Services make sure that even older machines are always state of the art. Additionally, Bosch supports customers with technical expertise and consulting-based services, such as technical audits. With an extensive training offer, the Bosch Packaging Academy ensures a high level of knowledge for Bosch customers.

To find out more about Bosch’s solutions to suit different processing and packaging requirements visit us at Hispack in Barcelona, Spain, April 21 to 24, 2015 at the IMCO booth D448, in hall 3.

Martin Tanner,
phone: +41 58 674 63 90
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  • April 16, 2015
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Hannover Trade Fair 2015 Bosch showcases versatile Industry 4.0 solutions Connected Shopfloor Solutions, hall 17, booth C42

  • Effective human-machine interaction in the manufacturing process
  • APAS family production assistants for flexible production
  • OPCON automation system for managing the entire production and logistics chain
  • Bosch both a lead user and lead provider in Industry 4.0
Hannover – At the Hannover Trade Fair, Bosch will be showcasing powerful concepts for a flexible and connected factory. This involves connecting software and hardware in an intelligent way so as to sustainably optimize the interplay of processes, machines, and people (Connected Shopfloor Solutions). It is an endeavor supported by mobile production assistants that work directly alongside people without the need for special safety guards. Modular automation systems make it possible to examine production processes in detail, visualize them, and so retain control at all times. Intelligent sensor systems join with innovative diagnostics solutions and operating concepts that draw on 3D visualization and augmented reality to help speed up reaction times and boost productivity.

Solutions that are benefiting Bosch today
Most of the solutions on display are already being put to good use within the Bosch Group, or else are currently undergoing testing. It is a testament to the international technology and service provider’s prominent dual role in Industry 4.0 as both a lead user and a lead provider. “At our booth, users can see for themselves how new solutions that focus on the user are making Industry 4.0 a reality,” says Volker Hartmann, Deputy Vice President Business Unit Assembly Systems and Special Machinery. “What’s been key is the overarching collaboration among various Bosch divisions. This is what allows us to develop the forward-looking solutions we use to improve efficiency in the production process. In so doing, we also lend our support to cross-sector trends such as individualization of products and shortened product lifecycles.”

APAS family: mobile production assistants for the factory of the future
A good example of this sort of solution is the APAS family of mobile production assistants, which Bosch developed specifically for Industry 4.0. All three of the production assistants on show in Hannover share a standardized operating concept and come with connectivity options that allow them to be employed anywhere, either on their own or in combination. What’s more, the new Remote Service Manager by Bosch Software Innovations will now allow APAS service technicians to complete installation, diagnostic, and maintenance work remotely – saving both time and money.

Integrated safety technology
APAS inspector is a mobile testing device for visual inspections equipped with a high-definition, high-speed camera and innovative 3D technology. Thanks to its exchangeable inspection modules, the APAS inspector can be used in all sorts of production scenarios, for instance highly delicate surface inspections or completeness checks. APAS flexpress is a mobile production assistant that allows for highly flexible and highly accurate assembly. Integrated safety technology ensures that human and machine work smoothly together. The same goes for the APAS assistant. It was the first assistance system certified by the German occupational health and safety agency and can work directly alongside people without the need for safety guards thanks to a special sensor skin interface. Visitors to the fair in Hannover will be able to see exactly how it works at the APAS coffee bar, where an APAS assistant will be preparing their coffee.

Intelligent sensor devices monitor critical processes in real time
People and machines will receive support across the entire production and logistics chain through the integration of Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions’ intelligent sensor devices. While the APAS assistant is placing the product with precision into the freight packaging designed for the purpose, a special app visualizes the motion and positioning on a monitor. Integrated sensors facilitate monitoring of the shipping process. Critical incidents such as unexpected opening of the package are registered by a light sensor and immediately reported to the person responsible, so they can undertake appropriate measures.

Comprehensive Shopfloor Management with the OPCON suite
The OPCON suite guarantees maximum transparency and flexibility across the entire value added chain with its IT Shopfloor Solutions. It is a modular, scalable automation system that allows you to manage production and quality data throughout, as well as logistics processes. “For over 15 years now, we’ve been steadily refining the OPCON system within the Bosch Group, and we use it to control hundreds of production plants worldwide,” says Hartmann. This year’s fair in Hannover will be the first time that OPCON will be showcased to members of the expert public and presented for use outside of the Bosch Group. The centerpiece is the Shopfloor Management module, which provides transparency across the entire value added chain via a broad range of software modules, allowing it to connect machines and analyze real-time production data. There are also intuitive graphical modeling tools from the Group’s own software and systems unit, Bosch Software Innovations, that enable specialist users to define rules without the need for programming knowledge. These rules allow critical system events to be identified automatically and suitable measures taken.

New user interfaces: 3D visualization and augmented reality
In connected manufacturing, specialists are supported by new visualization applications that give them a constant and comprehensive overview of all the production steps and processes. Once more, this is an area in which connectivity and intelligent interplay of hardware and software play a decisive role. Thanks to a collaboration with Fraunhofer IGD institute in Rostock, visitors in Hannover will be able to see a 3D visualization of a production process in its entirety – monitored and managed via a big touch screen. Changing the production sequence, for instance, is a simple case of swiping the screen.

To pin down production errors quickly, new augmented reality tools have been introduced as a supplement to conventional user interfaces and diagnostics concepts. This involves affixing a QR code to the system in question, and then scanning the code to call up additional diagnostic and status information on tablet complete with spatial mapping. This capacity extends all the way to taking a look at the inside of a device without the need to open it.
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  • April 13, 2015
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