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Bosch Packaging Technology New patented energy recovery concept Significant cost savings for hot water shower sterilizers

  • Multilayer storage tank for simultaneous use with several sterilizers
  • Energy savings of up to 40 percent in heating, and 60 percent in cooling
  • Flexible application with all common sterilizers
With a new patented energy recovery concept for hot water shower sterilizers, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of process and packaging technology, enables users to achieve significant energy savings in heating and cooling during the sterilization process. The concept was developed by Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik (SBM), a Bosch Packaging Technology company. “By re-using heating and cooling energy, the system lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – not only for hot water shower sterilizers from Bosch but also for those from other manufacturers. Moreover, it can be simultaneously used on several sterilizers,” explains Isa Alkan, head of sales at SBM.

Significant savings in heating and cooling
The self-contained, independent system consists of a multilayer storage tank, which is divided into several temperature zones and firmly piped to the sterilizer via a heat exchanger. The water temperature in the permanently filled storage tank increases from bottom to top. Separation planes prevent the temperature zones from mixing too quickly. The stored energy is used for both heating and cooling of the sterilizer.

The water temperature of the sterilization phase usually is 121 degrees Celsius. During cooling, the hot process water flows through the heat exchanger, where it is cooled by cold water from the storage tank. The water in the storage tank thereby absorbs energy from the sterilizer, and heats up again. By using existing cold water from the multilayer storage, manufacturers can reduce the amount of additional, costly cooling medium. An intelligent control system enables the energy to be stored in the storage tank's different temperature zones. After the sterilizer has been reloaded, the energy in the multilayer storage can be re-used to heat the process water to 121 degrees Celsius.

A continuous repetition of these process steps significantly reduces the required amounts of heating and cooling media. As a result, up to 40 percent of the initial heating energy can be saved. Thanks to an additional heating exchanger integrated in the storage tank, the saving potential even amounts to 60 percent for cooling energy. “Apart from the saving potential in heating and cooling, a lower amount of overall media consumption also leads to smaller tank sizes,” says Alkan. “With these savings, companies contribute to environmental protection and can optimize their 'green' image.”

Efficient processes and easy retrofits
Fully automated controls enable operators to comprehensively control and efficiently configure the energy recovery concept. Furthermore, an operator control device, designed by SBM, ensures that the energy recovery concept can be activated and deactivated at any time, independently from the sterilizer's controls. In case a customer requires simultaneous usage with several sterilizers, additional heat exchangers can be piped to the stationary storage tank. SBM also offers a retrofit package for existing machines, consisting of engineering, delivery, installation, start-up, documentation and qualification according to current pharmaceutical standards.

At Achema 2015 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Bosch will present the new energy recovery concept to industry professionals for the first time (hall 3.1, booth C71).

Isa Alkan,
phone: +43 2630 312-214
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  • November 18, 2014
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German Packaging Award 2014 Bosch Packaging Technolgy two-in-one biscuit packaging line receives honors German Packaging Institute awards prize in the category “packaging machines”

Nuremberg/Beringen – Bosch Packaging Technology has been rewarded with the German Packaging Award (Deutscher Verpackungspreis) in the “packaging machines” category. Granted by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut – dvi), the award recognizes the company's innovative two-in-one biscuit packaging system, first presented at Interpack 2014 in Duesseldorf earlier this year. The system is a development of the Swiss location Beringen. Daniel Bossel, product manager, and Christian Reichardt, mechanical development engineer, at Bosch Packaging Systems AG in Beringen accepted the award at a ceremony as part of the “BrauBeviale” (Trade Fair for Production and Marketing of Drinks) in Nuremberg.

Format changeover in record time
The two-in-one packaging system allows food manufacturers to switch from slug to pile packs and vice versa in less than three minutes. Additionally, product count changes can be completed quicker now than with conventional slug or pile packaging machines. Thanks to this flexibility, manufacturers are able to run special promotions with short notice and react quickly to market changes, for example for seasonal or promotional campaigns. What is more, the two-in-one system presently occupies a smaller production area than two separate conventional machines for both packaging types. The whole line is designed to be a single, Seamless System, from product discharge through to primary and secondary packaging. The speed of all components is balanced to optimize production flow and eliminate bottlenecks. The packaging line therefore contributes significantly to increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

The German Packaging Award
Since 1963, the German Packaging Award has been presented annually by the German Packaging Institute in five different categories. Under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Institute honors outstanding technical solutions in packaging production that improve quality and add value to consumers, markets and the environment. To be nominated, a machine or technology must improve quality, profitability and efficiency in the packaging process. All winners of the German Packaging Award are entitled to take part in the WorldStar international competition, a prize awarded by the World Packaging Organization since 1970.

Brigitte Salm,
phone: +41 58 674-7456
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  • November 12, 2014
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PACK EXPO International 2014 Bosch debuts flow wrapper for packaging individual vials in North America Hermetic packaging for excellent product protection

  • High-speed separation of vial cards
  • High degree of process reliability due to integrated inspection units
  • Save gas and production costs thanks to the new RT-MAP system
Chicago – For the first time in North America, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading provider of processing and packaging solutions, presents the new Sigpack HCUL horizontal flow wrapper at PACK EXPO International 2014.

Packaging up to 300 single blow-fill-seal (BFS) vials per minute, the machine ensures hermetic packages even at high speed by featuring long-dwell cross-sealing technology. Primary packaging units, delivered as BFS cards, are gently fed into the Sigpack HCUL with the aid of a Sigpack LDF Delta robot or other intelligent loading solutions. Before being packaged in the flow wrapper, the vials are separated by the feeding system's innovative separation unit.

Hermetic seal integrity thanks to long sealing time
Without compromising packaging integrity, the Sigpack HCUL long-dwell sealing system features a cross-sealing unit that allows the sealing jaws to close more gently and in a more controlled manner than other flow wrappers currently available – even at high speeds. This long-dwell sealing ensures longer sealing times to produce hermetic packages, which facilitates optimum product protection. The balcony design of the cross-sealing unit with individually mounted heating elements allows for easy access and fast changeover. Depending on application requirements, the station has the flexibility to be equipped with either ultrasonic or heat sealing technology. Also available are hybrid machines that use ultrasonic sealing technology on the longitudinal sealing unit and heat sealing on the cross seam. Because thermo-sensitive products can be damaged when exposed to heat, usually occurring when transported over the longitudinal sealing unit, this hybrid configuration provides a high-speed and extremely product-friendly solution for these products.

In process control ensures product safety
To realize the production of high-value products, the Sigpack HCUL is equipped with a comprehensive control system. Among other parameters, the system monitors the alignment of the products as well as the information printed on the packaging, such as the barcode. By making sure that packages which do not meet the specifications are automatically rejected, only hermetically sealed packages leave the machine. Jörg Kleiner, pharmaceutical and medical sales manager for Bosch Packaging Systems AG, a company of Bosch Packaging Technology, says, “Authorities such as the FDA increasingly demand that vials be packed separately and not as vial cards, also known as “unit dose packaging”. Not only do pharmaceutical manufacturers need to meet these requirements, but at the same time maintain high productivity.”

New MAP system improves product safety and extended shelf life
The flexible Sigpack HCUL is expandable to accommodate modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). Thanks to its modular construction, it can be modified for functions such as the innovative Real Time (RT) MAP system. Compared to conventional MAP systems, where the gas is inserted by a lance, the gas supply for the RT-MAP and the sensor for measuring residual oxygen content are integrated in the longitudinal sealing unit. As a result, this provides real-time measurement of residual oxygen content in the package, rejecting those that have excessive residual oxygen. The amount of gas supplied or extracted is precisely controlled so that only the necessary amount is released. The RT MAP system benefits manufacturers with improved measuring accuracy, as well as savings on production costs.

The Sigpack HCUL offers pharmaceutical manufacturers substantial advantages in the growing market for BFS pharmaceutical dosage forms, including a product-friendly and flexible feeding system, an innovative separation unit, and a product-friendly ultrasonic longitudinal sealing unit. The machine will be displayed as part of the BFS Seamless System, featuring a streamlined design for maximized overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). The speed of all line components is balanced to eliminate bottlenecks, minimize downtime and optimize product flow.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can learn more about Bosch's latest solutions in the South Hall, booth S-3514 at PACK EXPO International in Chicago, Illinois, United States, November 2 to 5. Additional pharmaceutical solutions from Bosch can be seen at Pharma EXPO, co-located with PACK EXPO, in the West Hall, booth W-603.

Jörg Kleiner,
phone: +41 58 674-6913

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. In 2013, its roughly 281,000 associates generated sales of 46.1 billion euros. (NB: Due to a change in accounting policies, the 2013 figures can only be compared to a limited extent with the 2012 figures). Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 360 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 50 countries. If its sales and service partners are included, then Bosch is represented in roughly 150 countries. This worldwide development, manufacturing, and sales network is the foundation for further growth. In 2013, the Bosch Group invested some 4.5 billion euros in research and development and applied for some 5,000 patents. This is an average of 20 patents per day. The Bosch Group's products and services are designed to fascinate, and to improve the quality of life by providing solutions which are both innovative and beneficial. In this way, the company offers technology worldwide that is "Invented for life."

The company was set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) as "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering." The special ownership structure of Robert Bosch GmbH guarantees the entrepreneurial freedom of the Bosch Group, making it possible for the company to plan over the long term and to undertake significant up-front investments in the safeguarding of its future. 92 percent of the share capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is held by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH, a charitable foundation. The majority of voting rights are held by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG, an industrial trust. The entrepreneurial ownership functions are carried out by the trust. The remaining shares are held by the Bosch family and by Robert Bosch GmbH.

Additional information is available online at and,

In the U.S., Canada and Mexico, the Bosch Group manufactures and markets automotive original equipment and aftermarket products, industrial drives and control technology, power tools, security and communication systems, packaging technology, thermo technology, household appliances, healthcare telemedicine and software solutions.

For more information, please visit,

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  • October 17, 2014
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Gulfood Manufacturing 2014 Bosch highlights comprehensive processing and packaging portfolio Expertise for African and Middle Eastern markets

  • Pack Feeder 4 and Pack 401 for gentle feeding and flexible wrapping of bakery and confectionery products
  • Extensive portfolio from entry-level to high-end solutions
  • Tailor-made service packages improve productivity
Dubai - At Gulfood Manufacturing 2014 in Dubai, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of processing and packaging solutions, will present its comprehensive portfolio designed for efficient and high-quality packaging of food and non-food products. From processing to packaging and end-of-line technologies, Bosch offers an extensive portfolio ranging from entry-level to high-end solutions. For the first time, the company will exhibit highly versatile equipment for the packaging of bakery and confectionery products in the Middle East, Africa and Indian Sub-Continent, helping manufacturers to efficiently adapt to changing market needs.

"Whether manufacturers need a stand-alone machine or an entire packaging system, Bosch's complete range of equipment and extensive technical knowledge can help meet the increasing demands of the food and non-food markets in Africa and the Middle East," said Mazen Touban, general manager, Bosch Packaging Technology office in Egypt. "With a regional office in Cairo, Egypt, our customers benefit from a local presence backed by an international knowledge network and world-class expertise to meet the specific challenges of this market."

Efficient feeding for versatile horizontal flow wrappers
At Gulfood, Bosch will display its Pack Feeder 4 infeed system in combination with the Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper for flexible packaging of bakery and confectionery products. The Pack Feeder 4 is a low-pressure feeding system that gently handles delicate items such as biscuits, chocolate, cakes and bar-type products. Sophisticated product inspection on the Pack Feeder 4 detects and rejects misaligned products to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Depending on the product, the feeding system can be equipped with side belts for optimal product positioning and stability, enhancing consistent and efficient packaging.

The Pack 401 horizontal flow wrapper can be integrated with a wide range of semi- to fully-automated feeding solutions, including the Pack Feeder 4. Developed for full automation, the machine now features a narrower cutting head, enabling higher packaging speeds for heat seal applications up to 800 products per minute. It is optionally available with features such as automatic film splicing and tracking, as well as product inspection and rejection technology. The design allows easy changeovers for different product and packaging formats. Part of Bosch's Pack series, the Pack 401 is just one model from the company´s comprehensive portfolio of horizontal flow wrappers available to customers.

High volume production of confectionery products
Bosch's product portfolio includes specialized equipment for the production of confectionery items, such as hard and soft candy, toffee, jelly and chewing gum, as well as chocolate, fruit, cereal, energy and protein bars. With the recently launched slab former WRF 600 Flex bar manufacturers can minimize or eliminate the trim when processing masses for cereal, candy, protein and fruit bars. The machine enables width changes without production stoppages, maximizing uptime and output. No other equipment of its kind currently available on the market offers this capability.

Vertical packaging portfolio for versatile solutions
Bosch's vertical packaging portfolio comprises highly adaptable and scalable equipment covering a wide range of products, including dry, free-flowing goods. The highly flexible SVC and SVE platforms are the first choice for manufacturers who need to switch between different bag styles, with multiple reclosure and opening features as well as for manufactures running block-buster products on high speed lines.

For customized solutions dedicated to the packaging of sensitive dry and free-flowing products such as coffee, Bosch offers the machine family PME. Due to its modular design, the PME stands for high flexibility and premium quality because either soft or vacuum bags with different head closures can be produced on one machine. In addition, this vertical package maker can be equipped individually with Bosch product protection systems such as inside and outside valves and their respective applicators. The portfolio is completed by fully integrable equipment including hygienic auger fillers, and checkweighers.

Hygienic solutions for liquid and viscous food
Bosch offers a wide range of solutions for the packaging of liquid and viscous foods, including equipment dedicated to sensitive products such as dairy and baby food. The highly hygienic technologies allow the thermoforming, filling and closing of cups in various shapes, the filling and sealing of pre-made cups and bottles as well the blow-moulding and filling of PET bottles.

Meeting manufacturers' need for a single-source solution provider
"We offer our customers the whole world of automation, from entry-level to high-end solutions. For high production capacities, our Seamless Systems feature high-end, innovative and breakthrough technology that will take producers to the peak of productivity. For manufacturers taking their first step with automation or bringing automation to the next level, with Module++ upgrading their lines has never been easier," said Martin Tanner, director business development and marketing, product division confectionery and food, Bosch Packaging Technology

Introduced at Interpack 2014, the innovative, seamless biscuit packaging line is designed for maximum flexibility with changeovers from slug to pile packs, and vice versa, in less than three minutes - the fastest currently on the market. Enabling biscuit manufacturers to meet changing global market requirements, the system also features product count changes in less than one minute. From smaller on-the-go packages to large family packs, the biscuit packaging line is capable of producing multiple pack variations from product handling to case packing. The speed of all line components is balanced to eliminate bottlenecks, minimize downtime and optimize production flow, facilitating high overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Bosch also offers a Seamless System designed specifically for high-speed bar-type product packaging.

For all manufacturers, Module++ provides unlimited possibilities of linking Bosch's proven standard modules to create adaptable and scalable end-to-end solutions. "For both the food and non-food industries, manufacturers who want to be successful in today's dynamic market must be fast, flexible and forward thinking," remarks Tanner. "Bosch's Module++ lines empower manufacturers by giving them the ability to adapt to change and shape their evolving businesses. It offers the ultimate in format and pack style versatility."

To create each line, Bosch draws from its local support combined with a global knowledge network. This ensures that manufacturers will be equipped with their customized solutions realizing quick time-to-market. All machines are also available as stand-alone modules designed for simple integration with existing Bosch technology or third-party-equipment.

Tailor-made service portfolio for your requirements
At Gulfood, Bosch will also highlight its comprehensive after-sales services portfolio. Machine upgrades and modernizations, for instance, enable customers to flexibly adapt their existing equipment to meet new market requirements. Customers can also find out how training sessions from the Bosch Packaging Academy enhance efficient machinery handling. Moreover, Bosch will demonstrate how tailor-made service packages support customers in improving their productivity with minimum machine downtime, ultimately resulting in higher profitability of their Bosch packaging machines.

The technologies will be on display at Gulfood Manufacturing 2014, Dubai World Trade Center, November 9 to 11, 2014 in Sheikh Saeed Hall, booth E84.

Mazen Touban,
phone: +20 22265-0911
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  • October 15, 2014
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