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A first from Bosch for professionals: GKM 18 V LI Professional cordless metal circular saw Cuts metal with speed, precision and virtually no sparks

  • Precise results and a safe work environment thanks to virtually spark-free cutting
  • Less reworking thanks to minimal discoloration and burr formation
  • Compact design and lightweight for low-fatigue work
Cut metals with speed, precision and virtually no sparks – professionals can get immediate results using the first cordless metal circular saw from Bosch. The GKM 18 V LI Professional is equipped with a "Standard for Steel" saw blade specifically developed for machining steel. It uses a cut that is non-abrasive, unlike rip saws and angle grinders. The cut is more precise as a result, since the amount of flying sparks impairing the view of the cutting line is considerably smaller with a metal circular saw. The otherwise customary, somewhat complex rework necessitated by discoloration and burr formation has also been minimized. This saves professional tradespeople time when cutting pipes, profiles, installation rails, threaded rods or corrugated sheet metal. The reduction in flying sparks also creates a safer work environment. Moreover, for steel erectors, metal workers, installers and roofers, the GKM 18 V LI Professional has a long service life thanks to its optimized motor cooling system with two fans.

Comfortable work with quick sawing
In order to work comfortably and with low-fatigue, both in the workshop and at the construction site, the GKM 18 V LI Professional features a compact design and low weight of just 2.7 kg. At the same time, the powerful 18 volt lithium-ion battery with 4.0 Ah ensures quick sawing over long run-times. This feature is made possible by CoolPack technology: The battery uses its full capacity without overheating, even in intensive applications. This equates, for example, to more than 300 cuts in steel pipes with a diameter of 20 mm in just one battery charge. In addition, the Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) and the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) reliably protect the machine and battery from overloading; another factor contributing to the long service life. A charge level indicator on the battery shows at all times how much energy is still left in the battery.

Additional equipment for the cordless metal circular saw includes an LED and a viewing window in the foot plate, to ensure a good view of the cutting line and therefore guarantee high precision sawing. Furthermore, an infinitely adjustable cutting depth, an ergonomic grip and a hook, which can be used to hang the GKM 18 V LI Professional up on ladders, scaffolding or a workbench for example, all make the saw extremely convenient to use.

“Flexible Power System”: Complete compatibility with the 18 volt range
Thanks to the "Flexible Power System", Bosch guarantees that the 18 volt battery with 4.0 Ah for the GKM 18 V LI Professional included in the delivery, as with all system devices, is completely compatible with all cordless tools and chargers of the same volt class. The 18 volt range currently comprises 40 devices plus batteries with 1.5 Ah, 2.0 Ah, 3.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah and 6.0 Ah.

The GKM 18 V LI Professional metal circular saw is available in specialist stores at the recommended retail price of 499 euros. The saw is supplied in the L-Boxx along with a quick charger, two 4.0 Ah CoolPack batteries, a parallel fence and a "Standard for Steel" 30-tooth saw blade. Additional accessories, such as the "Standard for Multi Material" circular saw blade, are available from the Bosch range of accessories.

 Specifications GKM 18 V-LI Professional
 Battery voltage 18 V
 Battery capacity 4.0 Ah
 No-load speed 4,250 rpm
 Max. cutting depth in wood (90°) 50 mm
 Saw blade diameter 136 mm
 Saw blade bore diameter 20 mm
 Weight including 4.0 Ah battery 2.7 kg

Contact person for press inquiries:
Robert Bosch GmbH
Martin Steinlehner
Phone: +49 711 758-3132
E-mail: Martin.Steinlehner@de.bosch.com

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  • July 14, 2015
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Powerful electric tacker for staples and nails: The PTK 14 EDT from Bosch for do-it-yourselfers Very versatile thanks to unique “DuoTac” function

  • Drives nails and up to two staples at a time
  • Precise due to “Push+Release” system and impact force control
  • Suitable for applications in both softwood and hardwood
Bosch is offering its tried-and-tested electric tacker for do-it-yourselfers in a new design: the PTK 14 EDT sits even better in the hand thanks to its ergonomic softgrip. It takes over from its predecessor as the only electric tacker on the market that can drive either one fine wire staple or two fine wire staples at a time. This “DuoTac” function can be controlled conveniently using a switch on the front of the tool. Slide the switch down and only one staple is driven. Alternatively, you can also drive nails with the tool in this setting. Slide the switch up and two staples are driven at the same time. The PTK 14 EDT can therefore also be used to quickly and easily fix materials that are sensitive to tearing, such as films ? for example vapor barriers when insulating a roof. You neither have to use flat wire staples, nor convert the tool in order to do so. The ability to drive nails makes this tool the most versatile in its class. In addition to classical tacker applications such as upholstering furniture or fastening different materials such as leather, cardboard or films on wood, it is also possible to easily nail objects such as slats or cabinet back panels.

Precise impact triggering and easy operation
To drive staples and nails, you simply press the PTK 14 EDT against the workpiece, which pushes the tacking nose downwards, and then you squeeze the trigger to fire the fastener. This two-stage “Push+Release” system enables the fastener to be positioned precisely, and it prevents unintentional triggering. Do-it-yourselfers therefore always have complete control over the tool.

The powerful PTK 14 EDT electric tacker is suitable for applications in both softwood and hardwood. Its six-stage impact force control can be used to adapt it to the material and to the type of fixing. The setting wheel can be set to a lower impact force when working in softwood or using shorter staples. A higher impact force is recommended for working with hardwood, longer staples or the DuoTac function.

The reload indicator at the foot of the tool shows you at all times how full the magazine is. It is easy to refill from below. The markings on the tool show the
do-it-yourselfer at a glance which staple or nail type is suitable. Standard type 53 fine wire staples with a length of six to 14 millimeters and type 48 nails with a length of 14 millimeters can be used.

Bosch tackers: Versatile tools for DIY, home and office
In addition to its powerful electric tacker, Bosch also offers do-it-yourselfers a handy cordless tacker, the PTK 3,6 LI, which is the smallest lithium-ion tacker in its class and is also available as an “Office Set”. The set includes two accessories which make the PTK 3,6 LI the only cordless tacker on the market able to staple paper and bind brochures.

The PTK 14 EDT is available now at retail outlets at the recommended retail price of 99.99 euros including VAT. It is supplied in a handy carton with carrying handle including 1,000 type 53 fine wire staples with a length of ten millimeters. Bosch offers more fine wire staples and nails in its accessory range.

 Specifications PTK 14 EDT (replaces PTK 14 E)
 Impact rate 30 bpm
 Staple type/width/length 53/11.4 mm/6 – 14 mm
 Nail type/width/length 48/1.8 mm/ 14 mm
 Magazine capacity (staples/nails) 100
 Dimensions (length x height x width) 243 x 179 x 62 mm
 Weight 1.1 kg

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  • May 21, 2015
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Long runtime and low weight: GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional from Bosch Cordless drywall screwdriver for flexible applications

  • Compact design and low weight to minimize user fatigue
  • Drives more than 1,200 screws with a 2.5 Ah battery
  • Long lifetime due to EC technology and Electronic Motor Protection (EMP)
At only 900 grams, the GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional with 2.5 Ah battery delivers long runtime at a low weight. With this tool, Bosch is expanding its existing range of cordless system tools in the 10.8 volt class to include a cordless drywall screwdriver that has been especially developed for flexible applications when fitting plasterboard. This tool is only 207 millimeters long, and due to its lightweight, compact design it enables professional tradespeople to also work in hard-to-reach areas or overhead effortlessly. The GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional also offers high performance and a long battery runtime, driving more than 1,200 screws with a diameter of 3.5 millimeters and a length of 35 millimeters into plasterboard with only one charge of the 2.5 Ah battery – which is the highest number of screwdriving applications in its class. The tool works at a speed of 3,000 revolutions per minute and easily manages screw diameters of up to four millimeters. The GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional is therefore especially suitable for fitting 12.5-millimeter plasterboards on wood and metal studs. This enables tradespeople such as drywallers, painters, plasterers, plumbers, joiners and electricians to quickly complete every standard application for them.

Long lifetime due to EC technology and Electronic Motor Protection (EMP)
The basis for the long runtime of the GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional at a low weight is its brushless EC motor which allows for a very compact and lightweight tool design. Unlike conventional DC electric motors with carbon brushes, it is also completely maintenance-free. Moreover, an integrated motor brake and the Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) in the GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional provide reliable protection against overload. Together with the brushless EC motor, these features ensure a 100 percent longer lifetime than that of tools with conventional motors.

The features of the GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional are completed by an integrated LED, a handle with softgrip, a charge level indicator and extensive accessories such as the MA 55 Professional collated screwgun attachment for Bosch collated screws. An adjustable depth stop ensures a precise screwdriving depth even at full speed.

“Flexible Power System”: Complete compatibility with the 10.8 volt range
Thanks to its “Flexible Power System”, Bosch ensures that the 10.8 volt battery with 2.5 Ah which comes complete with the GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional is fully compatible with all cordless tools and chargers within the same voltage class, as is the case with all its system tools. The 10.8 volt range currently comprises 27 tools and batteries with 1.5 Ah, 2.0 Ah, 2.5 h and 4.0 Ah.

The GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional is available now at specialist retail outlets in the following versions:
  • in a carton with two 2.5 Ah batteries and quick charger for 219 euros,
  • in the L-Boxx with two 2.5 Ah batteries and quick charger for 249 euros.
All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT.

 Specifications GSR 10,8 V-EC TE Professional
 Battery voltage 10.8 V
 Battery capacity 2.5 Ah
 No-load speed 0 – 3,000 rpm
 Max. torque (hard/soft) 11/3 Nm
 Max. screw diameter 3.9 mm
 Bit holder 1/4" internal hexagon
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 240 x 160 x 56 mm
 Weight including 2.5 Ah battery 900 g

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  • May 20, 2015
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Personnel change at Bosch Power Tools: Bernd Müller appointed Western European Sales Director Christian Thess will become Sales Director for Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Leinfelden – Personel change in Sales at the Bosch Power Tools Division: Bernd Müller (49) is appointed to the newly created position of Western European Sales Director. From May 1, 2015, he will be succeeded by Christian Thess (37) as Sales Director for Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Bernd Müller studied engineering management in Esslingen and started his professional career in sales in the consumer goods industry. He joined the Bosch Group in 1995. He has held various sales and marketing positions in the Bosch Power Tools Division, including Director of Product and Brand Management for the DIY Tools Division. In 2007 Müller moved to the United Kingdom, where he became Director of Global Marketing for Garden Tools. Since August 2011, he has held the position of Sales Director for Germany, Switzerland and Austria in the Power Tools Division.

Christian Thess started his career at Bosch in 2001 as a corporate strategist. He subsequently assumed executive responsibilities in Product Planning and in Strategic Marketing. In 2011 Thess joined the Power Tools Division. He has held various management positions in sales, most recently as Sales Director for Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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  • April 30, 2015
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