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For quick in-between cleaning: The Bosch PAS 18 LI cordless vacuum cleaner New to the “Power4All” system for do-it-yourselfers

  • Powerful, versatile tool with an interchangeable 18 volt battery
  • Can be used as a floor vacuum cleaner thanks to extension tube
  • With extra-long crevice nozzle for use in hard-to-reach areas
  • Easy to operate, empty, and clean
Bosch is expanding its 18 volt “Power4All” cordless system to now include a powerful hand-held vacuum cleaner with extension tube, the PAS 18 LI. It is suitable for quick in-between cleaning and is exceptionally versatile. Thanks to its extension tube and floor nozzle, the PAS 18 LI can not only clean work surfaces and furniture, but can also be used to conveniently clean surfaces such as carpets and floors. This transforms it from a standard hand-held vacuum into a practical multifunctional vacuum cleaner.

Versatile tool for cordless cleaning
This practical tool offers other accessories in addition to the extension tube and floor nozzle for flexible use without the hassle of a power cord. An extra-long crevice nozzle enables users to clean hard-to-reach areas such as the gaps between car seats. The ergonomic design with softgrip helps to make work effortless in nearly any position. The brush nozzle of the PAS 18 LI is used to clean upholstery or delicate surfaces such as glass plates or wood veneers – or it can also be used to clean the vacuum's filter. To do so, the dust container is simply released from the vacuum at the press of a button and cleaned using the nozzle – making the tool ready for its next job.

Cordless freedom and long battery runtime
The PAS 18 LI is equipped with a powerful 2.0 Ah, lithium-ion battery. As a result, it can vacuum for up to 16 minutes per battery charge – up to 50 percent longer than comparable competitive models. Lithium-ion batteries have hardly any self-discharge, which means the PAS 18 LI is always ready to use. They also have no memory effect, so they can be recharged at any time without a deterioration in battery performance.

Combining with a system: “Power4All” from Bosch
The PAS 18 LI is part of the “Power4All” cordless system for DIY and garden tools. With this system, Bosch offers a powerful, flexible solution for common applications in the house and garden. The same 18 volt lithium-ion battery can be used to operate a current total of twelve power tools – from a cordless grass trimmer to a cordless jigsaw, and from a cordless drill/driver through to the new PAS 18 LI hand-held vacuum cleaner. The “Power4All” cordless system enables do-it-yourselfers to do without a collection of incompatible batteries and chargers. A “Power4All” logo on the packaging indicates which tools belong to the system.

The PAS 18 LI cordless hand-held vacuum cleaner will be available at retail outlets from September 2014 onwards in two versions:
  • with 2.0 Ah battery and charger for 139.99 euros,
  • without battery and charger for 59.99 euros.
All prices are recommended retail prices including VAT. Regardless of with or without battery, the kit comes complete with an extension tube, floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, brush nozzle, and fastening rings for storing the accessories on the tool.

 Specifications PAS 18 LI
 Battery voltage/capacity 18 V/2.0 Ah
 Container volume 0.65 l
 Max. air flow 1,4 m³/min
 Max. vacuum pressure 4.2 kPa
 Runtime per battery charge 16 mins
 Weight without/including battery 0.9/1.3 kg

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  • August 28, 2014
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Available in the DIY range for the first time: PAM 220 digital angle measurer from Bosch Quick and easy measuring at the press of a button

  • Reliable measuring results with an accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees
  • Integrated calculation function for simple and compound miters
  • Can also be used in tight spaces thanks to leg extension
  • Illuminated display for ease of use
The PAM 220 is the first digital angle measurer from Bosch for do-it-yourselfers. All you have to do is press a button to quickly and easily measure and calculate angles – primarily to then transfer them to miter saws in order to cut skirting boards or crown moldings to size. This makes the PAM 220 a versatile, reliable instrument for construction, renovation and maintenance. With its measuring range of 0 to 220 degrees and measuring accuracy of ± 0.2 degrees, this tool eliminates misinterpretations and ensures precise results. This enables do-it-yourselfers to concentrate fully on their actual project and on correctly setting the saw.

Four functions for fast, precise results
By measuring existing angles and calculating required angles, the PAM 220 especially makes it easier to cut wood and wood-based materials to size, but is in principle also suitable for adjusting all common materials including metal or plastic profiles. With a total of four functions, it leads you to the required result quickly and accurately. The simple miter is required for adjusting skirting boards. Once you have placed the angle measurer against the corresponding corner of the room, the miter angle is calculated by pressing the MTR button and is then transferred to the miter saw.

If you want to cut workpieces with a compound miter, such as crown moulding on the ceiling, you have to make two measurements. The first step is to measure the spring angle of the workpiece. Then you press the COM button to save the reading. The second step is to place the legs of the angle measurer flat against the wall to measure the corner angle. This reading is also saved by pressing the COM button. Press it again and the illuminated display will first show the mitre angle required for setting the miter saw, then the automatically calculated bevel angle. After transferring these to the saw, the resulting workpieces will fit together perfectly.

Do-it-yourselfers can also measure angles in tight spaces quickly and conveniently. With the help of the leg extension that comes complete with the tool and the 180-degree function, the PAM 220 automatically calculates supplementary angles to the decimal place accurately at the press of a button: 180 degrees minus the measured angle results in the required value.

The PAM 220 also has a fourth function for saving current readings: the Hold button. Press this button and the result will be retained even if the fold-out leg and base leg are moved. Pressing the button again puts the tool back into measuring mode. The results of the 180-degree and MTR functions, on the other hand, are displayed only whilst the button is being pressed. The features of the PAM 220 are completed by softgrip and two bubble vials which enable the tool to also be used as a spirit level. The low weight of only 860 grams makes it easier to handle in all applications.

The PAM 220 digital angle measurer will be available at retail outlets from September 2014 onwards at the recommended retail price of 99.99 euros. It is supplied in a carton box including leg extension, batteries and protective case.

 Specifications PAM 220
 Measuring range 0 – 220°
 Measuring accuracy, angles 0.2°
 Measuring accuracy, bubble vials 1,5 mm/m
 Accuracy of angle calculation 0,1°
 Power supply 2 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA) batteries
 Automatic shutdown After approx. 5 min
 Leg length 40 cm
 Weight 860 g

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  • August 28, 2014
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  • August 26, 2014
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Success with garden tools Bosch further strengthens leading position in Europe Debut of cordless solutions for professionals

  • Sales increase of five percent in European core market
  • Bosch focuses on networking: Indego robotic mower operated via smartphone app
  • Innovation surge with 100 new tools in the past five years
Stuttgart – Bosch Power Tools has performed well with its Lawn and Garden business unit despite a stagnating market. Lawn and Garden sales increased over the past year by one percent to 253 million euros. This figure was affected by exchange rate effects in emerging countries such as Russia and India. In local currencies – i.e. after adjusting for currency effects – growth was three percent. “The key factors for this success are our innovative strength and our battery technology know-how. We generated about 35 percent of our sales in 2013 with products which have been on the market for under two years”, explained Henning von Boxberg, president of Bosch Power Tools. Battery-powered garden tools continue to prevail on the market – now accounting for 35 percent of total sales at Bosch Power Tools. The division expects considerably higher growth overall this year.

Bosch further strengthens top position in Europe
The company outperformed the market in Europe, where Bosch sells about 90 percent of its products and has been market leader since 2009. In 2013, all manufacturers together sold 11.1 million garden tools in homecenters, discount stores, and through online marketplaces – that is two percent less than in the previous year. The market stagnated in value. Bosch Power Tools managed to increase sales by five percent despite this difficult environment. “Especially in Europe, which is an important region for us, we have convinced the market with our innovative products and managed to further strengthen our leading position as a result”, explained von Boxberg. Nine of the ten best-selling electric garden tools in European homecenters are made by Bosch.

Indego robotic mower can now also be operated using an app
All in all, Bosch has launched more than 100 new garden tools onto the market in the past five years. These included both enhancements to established segments, such as lawnmowers and shrub shears, as well as products such as the Indego robotic mower with “LogiCut” navigation system. The Indego mows systematically in lanes thanks to its intelligent software and sensor technology. As a result, it is 30 percent faster than a conventional robotic mower which cuts in a random pattern.

An enhancement to this successful innovation is now being launched onto the market: the Indego 1200 Connect. This new mower combines the tried-and-tested “LogiCut” navigation system with easy operation using a smartphone app. The result is that you can conveniently control your networked robotic mower from anywhere and at any time using a smartphone. “Controlling the tool with an app is what we imply by “Smart Gardening”. This will make gardening even more convenient in future”, emphasized von Boxberg.

New to the product range: Cordless solutions for professionals
Bosch has been instrumental in shaping the market for powerful tools which run on lithium-ion batteries and has now also enhanced them for professional garden care. Above all, professional users expect their tools to have high performance, long runtime, to be weather-resistant, and to be robust and easy to start. In addition to this, health aspects in day-to-day use are also important. For this reason, the expectations of professional users with regard to convenience, low noise levels, low vibration and low emissions are especially high. In 2013, the Bosch relevant market for professional garden care, which are the product segments walk-behind lawnmowers, brushcutters, chainsaws, hedgecutters and garden blower/vacuums, had an estimated overall value in Europe of about 2.6 billion euros and was dominated to the tune of 93 percent by gasoline-powered tools.

From spring 2015, Bosch Power Tools will offer a 36 volt, 6.0 ampere hour system, which will be used in four professional tools at first – two lawnmowers and two brushcutters. These cordless products are an alternative to gasoline-powered professional tools in terms of performance, and they reduce noise exposure for the user by at least half.

With its new solutions for private users and the entry into the professional garden tool market, Bosch Power Tools is in a position to ensure that it continues to grow in future and that it strengthens its position on the European market.
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  • August 26, 2014
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