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Makes measuring easy: Zamo laser measure from Bosch New range, new name

  • Practical laser measure with longer range
  • Intuitive handling due to single-button operation
  • At 80 grams it fits in any trouser pocket
Put the tool in position, slide open the switch, press the button, done – the Zamo laser measure from Bosch makes it exceptionally easy to measure lengths and distances. With the help of this 10 x 3.6 x 2.3 centimeter small tool, the successor to the PLR 15, you can now measure distances of up to 20 meters accurately to within three millimeters in a matter of seconds – for example to check whether the XXL size of that much sought-after box-spring bed will actually fit in your bedroom. You can also measure rooms quickly and precisely with the Zamo when you’re viewing a new apartment – much more easily than with a tape measure. Moreover, this handy tool fits in any jacket or trouser pocket thanks to its small dimensions and its weight of only 80 grams.

Easy, intuitive operation and improved functions
The Zamo offers a longer range of 20 meters. Simply pull back the sliding switch and press the button once – the exact distance will appear in no time on the display which is easy to read thanks to its back lighting. The measuring tool continuously displays the current distance between the reference edge of the tool and the surface that the emitted laser beam hits. If, for example, you want to measure the height of a room, you simply put the Zamo on the floor, aim it at the ceiling, press the button – and the height is displayed instantly. If you press the red button again, the next measurement will be taken. To finish measuring, you simply slide the switch back to the starting position to switch off the laser measure. That is now even easier to do thanks to the textured surface of the sliding switch.

Bosch laser technology for precise measuring results
The laser technology used in the tool ensures exact measuring results while simultaneously allowing for a very small and lightweight design. Laser measures offer two major advantages over the ultrasound distance measurers often offered in the DIY segment: they are more accurate and reliable. Ultrasound tools only measure accurately to the centimeter because measurement by means of sound wave is error-prone, whereas laser distance measurers deliver millimeter-accurate results. The range is also considerably longer than that of ultrasound measuring tools. With the Zamo, Bosch enables anyone to use this precise laser technology.

The Zamo is available at retail outlets for the recommended retail price of 59.99 euros including VAT. It comes complete with two 1.5 V AAA batteries.

More than a million sold – a success story
In the past two years, Bosch has launched a whole family of tools featuring self-explanatory single-button operation. It includes the PLR 15 laser measure for do-it-yourselfers – now the Zamo – its counterpart for the American market and a professional laser measure. All in all, more than a million of these tools have been sold since the market launch. Bosch has therefore created a new market: the market for easy-to-operate, affordable laser measures.

 Specifications Zamo (replaces PLR 15)
 Measuring range 0,15 – 20 m
 Typical measuring accuracy ± 3 mm
 Laser diode/laser class resolution 635 nm, < 1 mw, class 2
 Power supply 2x 1.5 V AAA batteries
 Operating time approx. 5 h (with continuous measurement)
 Reference edge/Start of measurement Back edge of the tool
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 100 x 36 x 23 mm
 Weight (including batteries) 80 g
Contact person for press inquiries:
Robert Bosch GmbH
Martin Steinlehner
Phone: +49 711 758-3132
E-mail: Martin.Steinlehner@de.bosch.com
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  • October 13, 2015
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Featuring an intuitive operating concept: New Bosch sliding miter saws for professionals Two models for different requirements

  • Compact and precise for mobile applications: GCM 8 SDE Professional
  • More flexibility thanks to a higher cutting capacity: GCM 12 SDE Professional
  • Quick and tool-free changing of saw blade due to SDS tool holder
  • High dust protection by two-unit dust extraction system and “Click & Clean System”
Bosch made the requirements of tradespeople a priority when developing the GCM 8 SDE Professional and GCM 12 SDE Professional compound miter saws. Both tools have an intuitive operating concept that enables them to be adjusted for use with different materials even more easily and rapidly than their predecessors. This means that they meet the requirements of various trades: The GCM 8 SDE Professional is particularly compact and, with a weight of 18.5 kg, is ideal in particular for mobile applications – for example for use by floor layers or joiners. The GCM 12 SDE Professional has a cutting capacity of 120 x 400 mm – with a standard 305 mm saw blade. This is the highest cutting capacity in its category. It enables carpenters, landscape gardeners or stand constructors to effortlessly machine particularly large diameters in timber beams, boards or planks.

Cut different materials quickly, easily and precisely
Flooring, cable ducts, aluminum profiles: For flexible cuts in different materials, such as wood, plastic and metal, both sliding miter saws have a variable torque setting of 3,500 to 5,000 rpm or 3,100 to 4,000 rpm. Both saws feature the established SDS tool holder, so that the saw blade can be changed especially quickly and easily, and without the need for additional tools. It enables the saw blade to be replaced in just a few steps. The intuitive operating concept of both tools also includes a bevel setting for both sides, and the bevel lock lever for this is located on the right-hand side next to the bevel scale. The position of this lever makes it simpler to operate, and tradespeople can fix the required angle more easily.

Two-unit dust extraction system compatible with “Click & Clean System”
For efficient dust protection, both models are equipped with a two-unit dust extraction system: One dust extractor is positioned on the tool body, behind the saw blade, as is customary. A second dust extractor is fitted on the saw arm – each time the saw is pulled, it moves forward too. This system extracts sawdust and shavings effectively. Both miter saws are compatible with the Bosch “Click & Clean System”.

Other features of the new GCM 8 SDE Professional and GCM 12 SDE Professional sliding miter saws include a laser-projected cutting line, a transport handle and two removable side extensions to safely machine longer workpieces.

The GCM 8 SDE Professional and GCM 12 SDE sliding miter saws are available at specialist retail outlets for EUR 599 and EUR 899. A premium-quality “Expert for Wood” saw blade is included in the scope of delivery for each saw. “Expert” circular saw blades offer a reliably high cutting quality and are available in a wide range of variants for a vast number of materials.

 Specifications GCM 8 SDE Professional GCM 12 SDE Professional
 (replaces GCM 12 SD Professional)
 Rated power input 1,600 W 1,800 W
 Rated speed 3,500 – 5,000 rpm 3,100 – 4,000 rpm
 Cutting capacity 70 x 312 mm 120 x 400 mm
 Saw blade diameter 305 mm 305 mm
 Miter setting 52° L/60° R 52° L/60° R
 Bevel setting 47° L/47° R 47° L/47° R
 Weight 18.5 kg 28.4 kg
All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT.

Contact person for press inquiries:
Robert Bosch GmbH
Martin Steinlehner
Phone: +49 711 758-3132
E-mail: Martin.Steinlehner@de.bosch.com
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  • October 13, 2015
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  • September 10, 2015
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Bosch garden tools: Success story with a focus on the user Speech by Christian Thess,
Sales Director for Germany, Austria, Switzerland
of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Stuttgart on September 10, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2014, Bosch also had an extremely successful year with garden tools in Germany. We generated a sales growth of 26 percent, which shows that Bosch is growing sharply – and faster than the market, which also developed well. 2014 was a very good year for gardening: We had a very sunny spring and, throughout the year as well, a lot of sun and plenty of precipitation.

We have continuously increased our market share over the last five years. For individual users, such as amateur gardeners and allotment holders, who shop in DIY and gardening stores or online, Bosch is number one – both overall and in the core segments of electric lawnmowers, hedgecutters, chainsaws and shredders.

What are we doing in Sales and Marketing in order to remain so popular among users? That's what I'd like to show you today based on a few examples.

Bosch supports the user: The “User Journey”
Our success is not without reason. It is the result of our strategy of always focusing on the user and their needs. How does the user experience Bosch? Where does the hobby gardener come across us? We support him consistently with all decisions – before, during and after the purchase:

  • First, we have to awaken interest in a product.
  • The user comes into contact with the product for the first time at the point of sale – and receives all relevant information.
  • Of course, experience of the product during use is crucial. Our users want products that are easy and convenient to use. Keyword: Effortless gardening.
  • The user naturally also wants support after making their purchase – through excellent service.
I'm going to take you on this “User Journey” with me now – using examples from our three strategic growth fields of innovation, cordless tools and online.

Innovation: Indego Connect
Our innovative products make gardening easier – our connected Indego Connect robotic mower is a very good example of this: Once it is installed, the users themselves don't have to do anything else, as the Indego Connect does the mowing for them – all it takes is a simple tap on our app, from anywhere. TV adverts draw the attention of potential customers to our new products – and leave them wanting to find out more.

Once the user's interest is awakened, they first experience the Indego in the flesh at the point of sale, for example in the DIY or gardening store. They are given information about the advantages of our robotic mower and also see these advantages in application images and films. They can also find answers to their questions via a touchscreen terminal: What is the procedure for lawn maintenance at the touch of your finger, what do I have to do during installation? Everything is self-explanatory. And if they still have some questions, knowledgeable expert advisors are also available in person.

But, of course, it takes more than just this to enthusiate the user even after they have purchased Indego Connect. The robotic mower mows the lawn playfully – creating free time for its owner, to spend with their family, for example. Bosch offers an installation service for setup, if desired. But of course, we will also support the buyer if they wish to carry out installation themselves: In addition to instructions, they will also find detailed information and videos about installation – or about replacing the blades at a later date – on the Bosch garden tools homepage and on Youtube.

Strategic growth field: Cordless tools
Many of our users would like to be able to use one and the same battery for several tools. We make this possible with our 10.8 and 18 volt “Power4All” battery systems. Potential customers are shown the advantages of this system at a roadshow – both for DIY enthusiasts and amateur gardeners. In total, we held almost 2000 events in DIY stores throughout 2014 – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Users were able to find out about the range of uses of “Power4All” and try out the products themselves – both DIY tools and garden tools. The 18 volt battery, for example, can be used to operate hedgecutters and line trimmers – and even drill/drivers and jigsaws. The DIY enthusiast or keen gardener therefore no longer needs superfluous, incompatible batteries and chargers – and also has a significant price advantage when buying additional tools without the need to buy a battery and charger.

At the point of sale, the user is presented with various products that form part of the “Power4All” battery system together. In other words, in addition to the usual positioning of our tools, the customer will find DIY tools in the gardening area and garden tools in the DIY area. If the user has purchased a set as basic equipment, i.e. tool, battery and charger, they can buy further tools without the battery and charger, and remain flexible. This is because, whether for a garden tool or a DIY tool, the available battery will always fit.

Our services don't end with product use. If the buyer ever has a problem with their product, we will of course continue to help them – with excellent service. The Bosch Service Hotline is available free of charge to offer quick advice. We are available seven days a week, so even on Sundays. Anyone searching for the correct genuine replacement part or accessories for their Bosch tool will find what they are looking for in our Online Shop.

Extensive online activities
More and more users are searching online to find out about our products. A big success for us has been the “#PushForward” hashtag campaign in which we use social media to communicate a topic as widely as possible with one keyword. In this case, with the Indego Connect, we have built a bridge to other areas of life – and shown how one click can make everyday life easier. Since March, interested persons have clicked on the campaign more than 100 million times. Think about that for a moment: 100 million clicks on the Indego Connect means millions of potential customers! This online campaign is running on the bosch.com homepage, which goes to show just how relevant power tools and garden tools are for the Bosch brand.

How do we combine online sales with the stationary point of sale? Perhaps you might remember: In March, we told you that we were further developing our successful “Shop-in-Shop” concept. The result of this is the “Bosch Experience Zone”. The “Bosch Experience Zone” combines the experience of a top quality goods presentation with an extensive range of multimedia services. On large touchscreen displays, the user can find out about all tool and service questions and then buy the tools either online or in the shop. Intensively trained Bosch advisors are regularly on hand to answer any questions. With the “Bosch Experience Zone”, we support the trade.

Once the customer has made their purchase, our online services are far from finished: In our DIY community “1-2-do.com”, users can find inspiration for their hobby, be it in the home or in the garden, including tips on how to use the products. Bosch supports the community members – and we take the opportunity to network our users with each other. They don't only communicate with us, but also tell each other about their experiences with a product or project. And, of course, they also provide many creative ideas. In the “1-2-do.com” community, amateur gardeners and DIY enthusiasts can find eight thousand projects contributed by members.

If you, as a customer, have a question, you will find a quick answer through the community – the response no longer comes from Bosch alone, but also from other interested users. We therefore not only provide input, but also act as a moderator: Bosch enables users to access an additional, completely new service level through the community.

Focus on the user and provide support with all their decisions – that's the basis of our success. The user is the main focus. This orientation will also be crucial for the future of our business. If we continue to succeed in making gardening as effortless as possible for the user – with further innovations, expansion of the battery systems and further development of our online services – we will be on the right path to maintain and expand our leading position in the market.

Thank you for listening.
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  • September 10, 2015
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