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  • September 10, 2015
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Bosch garden tools: Success story with a focus on the user Speech by Christian Thess,
Sales Director for Germany, Austria, Switzerland
of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Stuttgart on September 10, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2014, Bosch also had an extremely successful year with garden tools in Germany. We generated a sales growth of 26 percent, which shows that Bosch is growing sharply – and faster than the market, which also developed well. 2014 was a very good year for gardening: We had a very sunny spring and, throughout the year as well, a lot of sun and plenty of precipitation.

We have continuously increased our market share over the last five years. For individual users, such as amateur gardeners and allotment holders, who shop in DIY and gardening stores or online, Bosch is number one – both overall and in the core segments of electric lawnmowers, hedgecutters, chainsaws and shredders.

What are we doing in Sales and Marketing in order to remain so popular among users? That's what I'd like to show you today based on a few examples.

Bosch supports the user: The “User Journey”
Our success is not without reason. It is the result of our strategy of always focusing on the user and their needs. How does the user experience Bosch? Where does the hobby gardener come across us? We support him consistently with all decisions – before, during and after the purchase:

  • First, we have to awaken interest in a product.
  • The user comes into contact with the product for the first time at the point of sale – and receives all relevant information.
  • Of course, experience of the product during use is crucial. Our users want products that are easy and convenient to use. Keyword: Effortless gardening.
  • The user naturally also wants support after making their purchase – through excellent service.
I'm going to take you on this “User Journey” with me now – using examples from our three strategic growth fields of innovation, cordless tools and online.

Innovation: Indego Connect
Our innovative products make gardening easier – our connected Indego Connect robotic mower is a very good example of this: Once it is installed, the users themselves don't have to do anything else, as the Indego Connect does the mowing for them – all it takes is a simple tap on our app, from anywhere. TV adverts draw the attention of potential customers to our new products – and leave them wanting to find out more.

Once the user's interest is awakened, they first experience the Indego in the flesh at the point of sale, for example in the DIY or gardening store. They are given information about the advantages of our robotic mower and also see these advantages in application images and films. They can also find answers to their questions via a touchscreen terminal: What is the procedure for lawn maintenance at the touch of your finger, what do I have to do during installation? Everything is self-explanatory. And if they still have some questions, knowledgeable expert advisors are also available in person.

But, of course, it takes more than just this to enthusiate the user even after they have purchased Indego Connect. The robotic mower mows the lawn playfully – creating free time for its owner, to spend with their family, for example. Bosch offers an installation service for setup, if desired. But of course, we will also support the buyer if they wish to carry out installation themselves: In addition to instructions, they will also find detailed information and videos about installation – or about replacing the blades at a later date – on the Bosch garden tools homepage and on Youtube.

Strategic growth field: Cordless tools
Many of our users would like to be able to use one and the same battery for several tools. We make this possible with our 10.8 and 18 volt “Power4All” battery systems. Potential customers are shown the advantages of this system at a roadshow – both for DIY enthusiasts and amateur gardeners. In total, we held almost 2000 events in DIY stores throughout 2014 – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Users were able to find out about the range of uses of “Power4All” and try out the products themselves – both DIY tools and garden tools. The 18 volt battery, for example, can be used to operate hedgecutters and line trimmers – and even drill/drivers and jigsaws. The DIY enthusiast or keen gardener therefore no longer needs superfluous, incompatible batteries and chargers – and also has a significant price advantage when buying additional tools without the need to buy a battery and charger.

At the point of sale, the user is presented with various products that form part of the “Power4All” battery system together. In other words, in addition to the usual positioning of our tools, the customer will find DIY tools in the gardening area and garden tools in the DIY area. If the user has purchased a set as basic equipment, i.e. tool, battery and charger, they can buy further tools without the battery and charger, and remain flexible. This is because, whether for a garden tool or a DIY tool, the available battery will always fit.

Our services don't end with product use. If the buyer ever has a problem with their product, we will of course continue to help them – with excellent service. The Bosch Service Hotline is available free of charge to offer quick advice. We are available seven days a week, so even on Sundays. Anyone searching for the correct genuine replacement part or accessories for their Bosch tool will find what they are looking for in our Online Shop.

Extensive online activities
More and more users are searching online to find out about our products. A big success for us has been the “#PushForward” hashtag campaign in which we use social media to communicate a topic as widely as possible with one keyword. In this case, with the Indego Connect, we have built a bridge to other areas of life – and shown how one click can make everyday life easier. Since March, interested persons have clicked on the campaign more than 100 million times. Think about that for a moment: 100 million clicks on the Indego Connect means millions of potential customers! This online campaign is running on the bosch.com homepage, which goes to show just how relevant power tools and garden tools are for the Bosch brand.

How do we combine online sales with the stationary point of sale? Perhaps you might remember: In March, we told you that we were further developing our successful “Shop-in-Shop” concept. The result of this is the “Bosch Experience Zone”. The “Bosch Experience Zone” combines the experience of a top quality goods presentation with an extensive range of multimedia services. On large touchscreen displays, the user can find out about all tool and service questions and then buy the tools either online or in the shop. Intensively trained Bosch advisors are regularly on hand to answer any questions. With the “Bosch Experience Zone”, we support the trade.

Once the customer has made their purchase, our online services are far from finished: In our DIY community “1-2-do.com”, users can find inspiration for their hobby, be it in the home or in the garden, including tips on how to use the products. Bosch supports the community members – and we take the opportunity to network our users with each other. They don't only communicate with us, but also tell each other about their experiences with a product or project. And, of course, they also provide many creative ideas. In the “1-2-do.com” community, amateur gardeners and DIY enthusiasts can find eight thousand projects contributed by members.

If you, as a customer, have a question, you will find a quick answer through the community – the response no longer comes from Bosch alone, but also from other interested users. We therefore not only provide input, but also act as a moderator: Bosch enables users to access an additional, completely new service level through the community.

Focus on the user and provide support with all their decisions – that's the basis of our success. The user is the main focus. This orientation will also be crucial for the future of our business. If we continue to succeed in making gardening as effortless as possible for the user – with further innovations, expansion of the battery systems and further development of our online services – we will be on the right path to maintain and expand our leading position in the market.

Thank you for listening.
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  • September 10, 2015
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Focusing on the user: Bosch innovation makes gardening easier Speech by
· Henning von Boxberg,
President of the Power Tools Division
· Henk Becker,
Member of the management board
of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH,
on the occasion of the press conference
in Stuttgart on September 10, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bosch innovation makes work easier – this is our motto and the demand we place on every product we launch on the market. In order to understand what users want and need, we focus on them right from the start.

As of 2015, we now offer cordless garden tools for professionals as well as garden tools for private users. Amateur gardeners tend to use their tools spontaneously rather than constantly, such as after work or at the weekend. Professionals need tools that can offer maximum productivity for every day of their working week.

I will show you how our products simplify garden maintenance for private users by means of selected innovative products for 2015. Henk Becker will then talk about the professional tools afterwards.

Heterogeneous target groups: These are our users
It goes without saying that the requirements of private users vary within the group. Amateur gardeners, gardening enthusiasts, nature lovers, city gardeners, self-sufficient gardeners – they all have different needs. We want to offer them optimum garden tools that are tailored specifically to their requirements.

Effortless gardening – that's what users want. We can see that customer demand for innovative cordless tools and connected solutions is particularly high. I would like to use a few examples today to show how we are shaping these trends as the market leader.

So what do we focus on during the development of our garden tools? We focus on:
  • batteries that continue to increase in capacity while remaining the same size,
  • efficient use of the battery charge and therefore the maximum runtime of the cordless tool and
  • the range extension of the “Power4All” battery systems in the 10.8 and 18 volt classes and the development of the 36 volt range.
Exceptionally efficient cordless tools thanks to the “Syneon Chip”
The basis for the high performance of our tools with interchangeable batteries is the optimum coordination between key components such as the motor and gearbox, combined with an intelligent electronic system called the “Syneon Chip”. We presented this to you at our press conference back in March. The user is provided with optimum power and maximum runtime at all times. Furthermore, the tools are powerful down to the last cut: They retain their full power until the battery runs out.

All of our garden tools with interchangeable batteries use this technology too – including all the tools in the “Power4All” 10.8 and 18 volt battery systems. These together with the 36 volt tools mean that we currently offer private users more than 30 DIY and garden tools, all equipped with Syneon technology.

And that's not all – we are constantly expanding our existing product range: From 2016 onwards we will offer a new 18 volt hedge cutter and the first 10.8 volt trimmer with Syneon technology in the range. I will now give you more in-depth information about the features that set these tools apart.

“Quick Cut Technology” for precision from the first cut
Our 18 volt AHS 55-20 LI hedge cutter is designed for medium-sized hedges. Syneon technology ensures optimum power and maximum runtime with each cut. One special feature is the new “Quick Cut Technology”, an innovative cutting technology with an optimized cutting rhythm: The blades remain open a moment longer than the blades of conventional hegdecutters, enabling them to grip twigs and branches cleanly by first cut. For thicker branches, the tried-and-tested “Anti-blocking system” also takes effect: if the blades fail to cut through a thick or particularly hard branch at the first attempt and risk getting stuck, micro-electronics in the motor adjust the running direction of the blades so that they are repeatedly applied to the same point until the branch has been cut through.

Small, lightweight, flexible and powerful: The new 10.8 volt trimmer
With the ART 23-10,8 LI, we launch the first 10.8 volt trimmer for private garden care. The tool is small, lightweight, flexible and – thanks to Syneon technology – powerful at the same time: The cordless trimmer weighs just 1.9 kilograms and operates with the robust and extremely hard-wearing “Durablade” cutting system: The “Durablade” cutting blade made from nylon composite is exceptionally strong yet highly flexible. It is clicked into the specially developed base plate without the need for additional tools, and it automatically retracts as soon as it hits a hard object such as a stone. As a result, the “Durablade” cutting blade lasts up to twelve times longer than previous plastic cutting blades. Not only that, it trims turf quickly and delivers high cutting quality. Both the 18 volt hedge cutter and the 10.8 volt trimmer are part of the “Power4All” system for home and garden.

Do you remember the city dwellers in search of peace and quiet, who use their allotment as a place of relaxation and would rather have their lawn mowed by somebody else than do it themselves? The Indego robotic lawn mower fits the bill perfectly: Once installed, the user can sit back and relax – the Indego will do the mowing for them.

Evolution of the Indego: “Predictive Mow”
We introduced the first generation in 2013. Its distinctive feature was “LogiCut”, a unique navigation system for efficient mowing in lanes. This year the Indego became smart: The Indego Connect model can be controlled remotely wherever you are by means of your Smartphone or tablet – from the comfort of your living room, while traveling by bus or train and even while you're away on vacation. In the future, the Indego Connect will become even smarter. Thanks to the further development of the “Bosch Smart Gardening” app, the robotic lawn mower will soon be able to calculate the perfect time to mow your lawn. This is “Predictive Mow” made by Bosch.

What happens when it is very dry and hot, for example? The strong sunlight could cause the lawn to burn after mowing. Or what about when it's pouring with rain and the ground is saturated? Mowing could then leave unattractive marks in the lawn.

Bosch Indego Connect mows your lawn at the perfect time
This is not the case with “Predictive Mow” and the Indego Connect: After you activate the new “Predictive Mow” function, the system calculates the best time to mow your lawn. This function uses a complex algorithm as well as information on ambient conditions, such as temperature and rainfall, to calculate when to mow your lawn. The result is an optimally maintained lawn – just automatically.

Bosch innovation makes gardening easier
With these innovation, we offer amateur gardeners a wide range of products tailored specifically to their individual needs. Our cordless tools are becoming more and more efficient. Customers can choose from countless tools with the “Syneon chip”. All 10.8 or 18 volt tools are part of our “Power4All” battery system – which provides users with even more flexibility. And last but not least, the added convenience of connected tools in the home garden. You will be able to try out all of these innovative products – and many more – very shortly.

Thank you for your attention. I would now like to hand over to Henk Becker, who will present our innovative products in the professional tool segment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the start of the year, we entered the professional gardening and landscaping segment with cordless lawnmowers and cordless brushcutters. Professionals need tools that offer maximum productivity for every day of their working week.

Of course the term “professionals” does not just comprise one user of commercial garden tools, but rather a whole host of different users: From local community workers and landscapers to caretakers and farmers. We can offer them optimum garden tools that are tailored specifically to their requirements.

Innovative gardening and landscaping – made by Bosch
Professional users expect first and foremost high performance from their machines. Good performance is the key to boosting efficiency with inner-city ground maintenance. We have therefore launched garden tools with innovative cordless technology for professionals. They offer the performance of petrol tools – but are only half as loud. Our cordless garden tools are unobtrusive for users, local residents and passers by – and are also suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments, such as near hospitals. This is innovative gardening and landscaping – made by Bosch.

Innovation, battery, performance – these are our components for making work easier for professionals. Today I will show you how our range of professional garden tools can build on these.

Bosch garden tools follow current trends
Our tools are on trend: They take into account the growing significance of occupational health and safety as well as increasing environmental awareness. These have already become important criteria that people consider when deciding whether or not to make a purchase. In the public sector, for example, green procurement is not just a remedy but also, and to a large extent, an obligation. Authorities and communities should act as role models. They make an important contribution to environmental protection when they decide to purchase environmentally friendly products and services.

Further development of cordless technology creates new opportunities
What's more, we are not just utilizing the technical capacities of lithium-ion technology, we are constantly developing them to benefit the user: The 36 volt 6.0 Ah battery, which has been available since the start of the year, is weatherproof because the cells are sealed. It can be stored, transported and used even in rain without any problems. Moreover, the lithium-ion battery excels on account of its unique CoolPack technology: Its aluminum cooling fins reliably protect the cells against overheating and ensure that the battery can fully exploit its capacity even in intensive applications. A high amount of energy is constantly drawn from the battery. This provides consistently higher motor performance than is achieved using conventional batteries. The heat dissipation also has a positive effect on the lifetime of the battery, enabling it to last for at least twice as long as a battery without CoolPack technology.

The focal point of the innovation for 2016 is the new 9.0 Ah battery, the most powerful 36 volt battery for garden tools in the world. The 9.0 Ah battery is equivalent in size and weight to the 6.0 Ah batteries (which are still available) while also offering a 50 percent longer battery life. This enables us to offer even more flexibility for professionals who work in gardening and landscaping. We also are setting a new standard in terms of the runtime and performance of professional cordless garden tools.

We are convinced that we are nowhere near the end of our journey: Steady progress is being made in battery development. The new technologies we offer users in the future will continue to provide an even longer runtime and even greater performance.

More performance, more products, more flexibility
Our powerful 36 volt batteries give professionals access to an entire system: In addition to the two lawnmowers and brushcutters, we will soon launch three hedgecutters, a hip belt for the battery and a blower. Today we would like to present another world's first from Bosch – our mobile power unit. It provides mains-independent power for the entire working day.

Let me give a brief summary: Thanks to their high-performance batteries and EC motors, our professional tools are as powerful as petrol tools, but also offer all the benefits of battery technology. Our tools vibrate less, are at least 50 percent quieter and are emission-free and maintenance-free.

Furthermore, the entire system including batteries and charger is IP certified as weatherproof. This means that Bosch cordless garden tools for professionals can be stored, transported and used all year round, even in the rain, without any problems – for maximum utilization.

What specifically can our new products offer? How can professionals use our hedgecutters and the blower?

Powerful cordless hedge cutters
The new cordless hedge cutters for professional gardening and landscaping are designed for different applications: the GHE 60 R Professional and GHE 70 R Professional are ideal for cutting, while the GHE 60 T Professional is designed for shaping. Their vibration values are so low that professionals can work with the devices without any time limit. In addition, at 96 decibels, the cordless hedgecutters are only half as loud as similar petrol devices – just three decibels less is equivalent to half the volume. The devices work under load at a constant 3,000 strokes per minute and have a blade length of 60 or 70 centimeters respectively. Their high-quality high-carbon steel blades are ground on both sides, ensuring powerful and accurate cutting. The hedgecutters also come with an adjustable handle, which makes long-term use more comfortable, whether in a horizontal or vertical position. To further relieve the strain on the user, we offer a hip belt to hold the battery.

Powerful cordless blower
The GBL 860 Professional cordless blower too, at 92 decibels, is only half as loud as similar petrol devices. The vibration value is also so low that professionals can work with the devices without any time limit. In addition, the blower is optimally balanced and, at 2.4 kg, is very light. The device's battery is carried in the hip belt. Depending on the requirements, a round or flat blower attachment can be used. The round blower attachment removes loose leaves and grass cuttings quickly and efficiently – with a lot of power: The blower can move an object with a weight of 1.7 kg. The flat attachment also removes wet leaves and debris. This makes the GBL 860 Professional one of the most powerful hand-held cordless blowers in the market.

World's first: Mains-independent power for the entire working day
You will surely remember that I promised you yet another world's first? Here it is: Our GEN 230V-1500 Professional mobile power unit. It stores up to 1,650 watt hours of energy thanks to its innovative lithium iron phosphate technology and provides a constant power output of 1,500 watts – all without a mains supply. This is sufficient to fully charge the 6.0 Ah battery up to six times, or the 9.0 Ah battery up to four times. With this energy, the GRA 53 Professional lawnmower, for example, could mow 4,500 square meters of lawn, which is equivalent to a soccer pitch. This means Bosch is fulfilling the standard requirements of professionals in commercial gardening and landscaping – uninterrupted working and independence from the grid, the whole day long.

The mobile power unit offers flexibility beyond commercial gardening and landscaping services: It has two 230 V connections to which mains-powered tools, chargers for professional garden tools or chargers for other cordless tools can be connected. It therefore saves tradespeople who work on the jobsite from wasting valuable time, looking for the nearest power supply connection. The mobile power unit provides enough power to perform, for example, chiseling tasks using the GSH 5 CE Professional demolition hammer continuously for at least 90 minutes.

Bosch makes gardening and landscaping easy
More performance, more products, more flexibility. To conclude this talk, I would now like to briefly recap the most important points:
  • Innovation and the use of new technologies are central components of our growth strategy.
  • We provide system solutions and products that offer added value for professionals – beyond the use of commercial garden tools.
  • Our new products are consistently geared towards the needs of users: Maximum productivity combined with better occupational health and safety.
You can test all of these innovative products presented – and many more – during our product show afterwards.

Thank you for your attention.
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  • September 10, 2015
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Bosch garden tools: Success with innovative products Speech by Henning von Boxberg,
President of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Stuttgart on September 10, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Bosch Power Tools was once again very successful with garden tools in 2014. We generated sales of 277 million euros. That corresponds to sharp growth of ten percent in local currency, a nominal growth of nine percent. Innovation, such as our Indego robotic mower, is the key to this success. The Indego mower is the only robotic mower on the market to mow lawns systematically in lanes. Since the launch of the Indego Connect version this year, the mower can also be controlled remotely from anywhere using a Smartphone or tablet. This is Bosch's idea of “Smart Gardening” and effortless gardening.

Our success in the market is not a flash in the pan, but a continuous success story: In our European core market, where Bosch Power Tools sells more than 90 percent of its garden power tools, we have grown by an average of eight percent in the last five years, which is twice as fast as the market. In 2014 we secured a market share of 35 percent, while our strongest competitors were only able to achieve a similar market share between them. We therefore remain number one in the market.

Bosch innovation is growth driver
Innovation and the consistent development of products are among our most important growth drivers: We achieve almost half of our sales with products that are less than two years old. Be it Indego, Rotak lawnmowers or Isio grass and shrub shears – these products not only impress passionate amateur gardeners, but also users who previously only had little time to spare for gardening. Why? Because our devices are consistently customized to their needs – and make gardening easier. The Indego is the prime example for effortless lawn maintenance. Once installed, the user can sit back and relax: The Indego does the mowing for them. And, for those who prefer classic lawnmowers, we launched devices in 2014, which mow even more neatly and evenly: Our Rotak mowers with “Powerdrive+” or “Powerdrive LI+”. This system ensures that the motor, blade and air flow are exactly coordinated with each other. The result is a neat lawn with a particularly even cut. The certified “Ergoflex system” with multi-position handle continues to guarantee labor-saving, relaxed mowing. We have also further developed our Isio grass and shrub shears: They are now even smaller, more versatile and easier to use. The new tool is 15 percent smaller than its predecessor, has a spray attachment and, thanks to the “Multi-Click-System”, the grass shear blade, shrub shear blade and spray attachment can now be switched with just one click – just effortlessly.

Success factor cordless tools
Devices with lithium-ion batteries have made a significant contribution to our success: In 2014 we generated around a third of our sales from cordless garden tools. Lithium-ion technology has prevailed thanks to its advantages: These batteries are significantly smaller than batteries using other technologies. You can see how we make use of this in our garden tools by looking at our Isio grass and shrub shears, as well as the Keo garden saw, for example. These tools can be used immediately even after weeks without use, as the battery only discharges very minimally. Meanwhile, even people who previously only used manual tools such as garden shears or pruning saws have now teamed up with these small helpers. The battery cells are also now so powerful that tools with lithium-ion batteries are a good alternative to corded tools – such as our 36 volt hedge trimmers or the cordless lawnmowers of the Rotak series. We will continue to back this growth field in future too: For example, we are continuously expanding our “Power4All” battery system with which garden and DIY tools can be operated with one and the same battery.

Bosch devices make gardening easier
Our focus is always on the user and their needs. We know our target groups – starting with the city dweller in search of peace and quiet, who uses his allotment as a place of relaxation and would rather have his lawn mowed by somebody else than do it himself, through to the gardening enthusiast, who lovingly tends to her perennials, thoroughly relaxed and pleased with the tool and the result.
We have set up a team who is 100% dedicated to our “User Experience”. Our colleagues in this team are always focused on the users – and the objective of making work with Bosch power tools as convenient as possible for them. To do this, we involve our users in the product development process and adapt the design and function of our devices to the needs of the respective target group. We spend a lot of time considering how users experience our product:

  • Do they find it useful?
  • Do they find it easy to use?
  • Do they have fun using it?
  • Do they find the device attractive and aesthetically pleasing?
Knowing the answers to these questions is the key to our success and forms the basis of our innovative strength. We do this using a wide range of building blocks; from direct contact with users via the hotline and online platforms, to feedback from experts in the DIY market and classical market research such as opinion surveys through to user tests, which support the complete development process through to market maturity.

Feedback from the market shows that we have hit the mark for consumers: Eight of the ten most popular garden tools in European DIY markets and online are from Bosch. Number one: a Rotak lawnmower.

Summary and forecast
Users and their needs are also the focus of our strategic growth fields:

  • We put great emphasis on innovation for effortless gardening.
  • We make use of the trend towards improved and more powerful battery-powered tools and, as a technology leader, we are shaping this market in favor of the user.
  • For the coming years, we see great potential online – on the one hand in the form of connected gardening solutions, as with Indego Connect, and on the other hand as one of the most important communication and sales channels.
We will use the available potential and will continue to develop innovative products for effortless gardening – with the focus on the user.

Thank you for your attention.
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  • September 10, 2015
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