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Easy-to-operate radar detector: The Bosch D-tect 120 Professional for professionals Spot measurement for easy detection in tight spaces

  • Reliably detects all materials including water-filled plastic pipes
  • For the first time with spot measurement and dual power supply using rechargeable battery or non-rechargeable batteries
  • Exact locating of the object's center thanks to “Center Finder” function
  • Indicates the result with a traffic light principle using LED lights
Bosch is launching an easy-to-operate radar detector onto the market – the D-tect 120 Professional. This tool has only five buttons: the on/off switch, a button for setting each of the modes (Drywall, Universal and Concrete), and a button for switching the audible signal on or off. All the user has to do is take a quick look at the wall and choose the appropriate mode. With the D-tect 120 Professional from Bosch he can then check whether the wall contains ferrous or non-ferrous metal objects, electrical cables and other cables – such as network cables – and wooden substructures or water-filled plastic pipes. Moreover, the detector recognizes where an object is located in the wall to reliably protect against damage when drilling or chiseling. The maximum detection depth is twelve centimeters. It is dependent on the mode selected.

New functions make detection easier
Two functions make detecting with the D-tect 120 Professional especially easy: the spot measurement and the “Center Finder” function. Spot measurement enables precise detection in tight spaces. The tool does not have to be repeatedly moved over a surface to detect an object. Instead it indicates the object as soon as it is held against the wall. This is thanks to the narrow band radar sensor used. The “Center Finder” function makes it easier for tradespeople to find the exact center of an object. A crosshair appears on the illuminated display during detection. Four arrows show in which direction the user has to move the tool in order to align the crosshair precisely with the center of the detected object. This makes it easier, for example, to fit wall cupboards or other heavy parts on existing wood or metal stud walls. With the “Center Finder” function it is also possible to precisely tell where objects such as live cables run in the wall.

Easy to read thanks to traffic light principle and other advantages
The user of the D-tect 120 Professional can read the result on three LED lights according to the traffic light principle. Green means: there is no object here. Yellow: the tool has to be moved again because it has not yet detected the subsurface. Red indicates that an object has been detected. If a live cable is detected, the red LED flashes and an audible signal sounds in a quick frequency. The electricity warning is additionally shown on the display.

If the user has found the object's center, he can precisely mark it at the top and at the side using the marking aid. Calibration of the D-tect 120 Professional takes place automatically. This ensures that the tool is immediately ready to use and eliminates application errors caused by incorrect calibration. Further advantages are the low weight and the compactness of the tool: it weighs only 500 grams, is about 22 centimeters long and nine centimeters wide, and is easy to operate even in tight spaces due to its compact design.

Dual power supply with rechargeable battery or non-rechargeable batteries
With its D-tect 120 Professional, Bosch is for the first time offering a detector with dual power supply: it can be powered either by a replaceable 10.8 volt rechargeable battery from the professional range or by four AA alkaline batteries together with the AA1 Professional alkaline adapter. This enables users to be flexible in their selection of power source.

The D-tect 120 Professional will be available at specialist retail outlets from November 2014 onwards at the recommended retail price of 299 euros plus VAT. It comes complete with an L-Boxx, a 10.8 volt rechargeable battery with 1.5 Ah, and a quick charger. Accessories such as protective cases and the AA1 Professional alkaline adapter are available in the Bosch accessory range.

 Specifications D-tect 120 Professional
 Detectable materials
 Water-filled plastic pipes, ferrous and
 non-ferrous metals, wooden
 substructures, electrical cables and
 other cables
 Max. detection depth:
 Concrete mode
 - Metal
 - Live cables
 - Water-filled plastic pipes
 Universal mode (all objects)
 Drywall mode (all objects)
 12 cm (typically 10 cm)
 6 cm
 6 cm
 6 cm
 6 cm
 Measuring accuracy to object’s center ± 10 mm
 Power supply
 10.8 volt lithium-ion rechargeable
 battery, alternatively 4 x 1.5V LR6
 (AA) non-rechargeable batteries with
 AA1 Professional alkaline adapter
 Runtime (with 10.8 volt rechargeable
 battery/1.5 Ah)
 approx. 5 h
 Automatic shutdown after approx. 5 mins
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 220 x 92 x 84 mm
 Weight including battery 500 g

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  • October 14, 2014
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Longer runtime for continuous work: Bosch 6.0 Ah batteries for 18 volt professional tools World’s first batteries with this runtime

  • 50 percent longer runtime than 4.0 Ah batteries
  • “Flexible Power System”: batteries fully compatible with 18 volt range
  • CoolPack technology ensures 100 percent longer battery lifetime
  • New charger cuts the battery charging time in half compared to previous model
Bosch is further expanding its battery range for professionals and setting new standards in lithium-ion batteries. With its new 6.0 Ah batteries, Bosch is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer the highest rated charge so far in the 18 volt class. The 6.0 Ah batteries have a 20 percent longer runtime than the 5.0 Ah batteries launched in April 2014. Their runtime is even 50 percent longer than that of the widely used 4.0 Ah batteries. The new 6.0 Ah batteries offer the longest runtime in this segment and enable professional tradespeople to work continuously. Moreover, these batteries have Bosch CoolPack technology, which means they last for twice as long as batteries without CoolPack. They therefore increase the productivity of professional tradespeople.

Other advantages for the user are the low weight and small size of the batteries. At 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 centimeters they have the same dimensions as the existing 18 volt batteries with 3.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah or 5.0 Ah from Bosch. At 620 grams they have almost the same weight. This makes the 6.0 Ah batteries the most compact, lightweight and also powerful batteries in the 18 volt class. Bosch will continue to drive the enhancement of battery technology forward in future by investing heavily to increase flexibility and performance.

“Flexible Power System”: Complete compatibility with the 18 volt range
Anyone who purchases a Bosch battery can use it straightaway, without having to worry about whether it will fit the corresponding voltage class – an advantage which is also offered by the 6.0 Ah battery with 18 volts. Since the introduction of the lithium-ion technology the tried-and-tested “Flexible Power System” ensures compatibility with all existing power tools and chargers within a voltage class from Bosch. No other manufacturer offers such complete compatibility in this form. Professional tradespeople are able to benefit from a flexible system with which they can complete a wide variety of tasks using only one battery.

CoolPack technology: Complete capacity utilization and long lifetime
The new 6.0 Ah batteries can fully exploit their capacity even in intense applications thanks to the CoolPack technology. It ensures that the battery does not heat up too excessively during use. As a result, a CoolPack battery remains operational over its entire runtime. Continuous heat dissipation due to a special housing geometry with cooling fins also has a positive effect on the lifetime of the battery. It lasts twice as long as a battery without CoolPack technology. Bosch offers this technology in the 18 volt class for 2.0 Ah, 3.0 Ah, 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah and now also 6.0 Ah batteries, and in doing so helps professional tradespeople to save time and costs. In addition to this, the Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) developed by Bosch reliably protects the lithium-ion batteries against overheating, overload and deep discharge.

New: Compact charger for different voltage classes
Together with the 6.0 Ah batteries, Bosch is also offering the new GAL 3680 CV Professional charger. Tradespeople who use Bosch cordless tools from different voltage classes on jobsites now only need to take this charger with them. Due to its compatibility, it can charge all Bosch lithium-ion batteries from 14.4 volts to 36 volts. It enables charging twice as fast as that of the previous AL 3640 CV Professional charger for 36 volt batteries, but is only half the size. Regardless of voltage class, the GAL 3680 CV Professional fully charges a 4.0 Ah battery in 35 minutes or a 6.0 Ah battery in 50 minutes. It also features a robust design including an integrated cable holder.

The Bosch ProService for lithium-ion batteries and chargers
Bosch offers tradespeople purchasing lithium-ion batteries and chargers a two-year service, the 24-month ProService standard, which goes well beyond the statutory warranty. Not only are all services free within this time period, but so are the installation of spare parts and the replacement of wear parts. The Bosch ProService applies to the entire professional lithium-ion cordless range from 3.6 to 36 volts. The exact warranty conditions are available at www.24proservice.de.

The 6.0 Ah batteries with CoolPack technology will be available at specialist retail outlets from January 2015 onwards for 18 volt professional tools. The price per battery is 185 Euros. The matching GAL 3680 CV Professional charger will also be available at specialist retail outlets in a set with two 6.0 Ah batteries from January 2015 onwards for a price of 299 Euros. The recommended retail prices exclude VAT.

 Specifications GBA 18 V 6,0 Ah M-C Professional
 Battery voltage 18 volts
 Battery capacity 6.0 Ah
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 115 x 75 x 55 mm
 Weight 620 g

 Specifications GAL 3680 CV Professional
 Battery voltage 14.4 – 36 volts
 Charging time for 6 Ah 50 mins
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 195 x 129 x 82 mm
 Weight 900 g

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  • September 30, 2014
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For a fast, even application of paint: Bosch PFS 1000 and PFS 2000 paint spray systems Produce nicer surfaces than a paintbrush and roller

  • PFS 1000 for lacquers and glazes, PFS 2000 is also suitable for wall paints
  • Convenient: Easily adapt the paint flow to different projects
  • Mobile: Compact tools with shoulder strap for comfortable use
  • Easy: Clear symbols on the tool make operation easy and user-friendly
Bosch is expanding its paint spray system range for do-it-yourselfers to include the very handy, easy-to-operate PFS 1000 and PFS 2000 models. Both of these tools are suitable for spraying water-soluble wood paints such as lacquers and glazes. The PFS 2000 is also the only paint spray system in the entry level segment that can also spray wall paints thanks to its tried-and-tested Bosch “AllPaint” Technology. At 410 and 440 watts, these tools offer the highest power in their class and enable a fast, even application of paint. This results in nicer surfaces than those achieved with a paintbrush or roller.

Easy, handy, clean – from paint application through to cleaning
The PFS 1000 and PFS 2000 paint spray systems are suitable for smaller projects such as lacquering chairs, glazing garden furniture and coloring wood toys or modelmaking parts. In addition to this, the PFS 2000 can also spray larger surfaces such as walls or garden sheds. The PFS 1000 and PFS 2000 are very convenient to work with. Do-it-yourselfers can choose how intense they want the paint application to be and easily adjust it using a control on the head of the gun. Easy-to-understand symbols directly on the tool help them to do this. The user can therefore see straightaway how the nozzle has to be set in order to achieve a horizontal, vertical or pencil spray jet. A graphic also shows the correct distance to the surface and the correct spraying technique required to achieve a good result.

Both paint spray systems have a high-quality, especially flexible air hose. They feature a compact design and come complete with a shoulder strap, making them flexible and comfortable to work with in different positions both indoors and out. The paint container of both systems is designed for quick use with short set-up times. It holds up to 800 milliliters of paint and is quickly refilled. When you have finished applying the paint, you briefly rinse the paint-carrying parts and can then get started on your next project. To switch between wood and wall paint on the PFS 2000, you do not have to replace the entire spray gun, just the nozzle in it. Then you can carry on working.

The PFS 1000 and PFS 2000 paint spray systems will be available at retail outlets from October 2014 onwards at the recommended retail price of 79.99 euros and 99.99 euros respectively including VAT. The PFS 1000 comes complete with a paint container, a shoulder strap and a paint nozzle for lacquers and glazes. The PFS 2000 also comes with an extra paint container plus filter for pouring in paint and a second nozzle for spraying wall paints.

 PFS 1000
 (replaces PFS 55)
 PFS 2000
 Rated power input 410 W 440 W
 Pumping capacity 100 ml/min 200 ml/min
 Spraying wall paint No Yes
 Required dilution of wood paint / wall paint
 0 - 10 % / -
 0 - 10 % /
 0 - 10 %
 Volume of paint container 800 ml 800 ml
 Dimensions of housing
 (length x width x height)
 220 x 106 x 158 mm
 220 x 106 x 158 mm
 Dimensions of gun including paint container
 (length x width x height)
 203 x 124 x 233 mm
 203 x 124 x 233 mm
 Hose length 1.25 m 1.25 m
 Weight without paint 2 kg  2 kg

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  • September 09, 2014
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The most compact and powerful in their class: Bosch expands 10.8 volt range for professionals Long runtime and low weight

  • Compact tools for fast, efficient work and low user fatigue
  • For quick jobs: GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional cordless dust extractor
  • Exceptionally versatile: GLI DeciLED Professional cordless worklight
  • Battery compatible with all 10.8 volt professional tools thanks to the “Flexible Power System”
Bosch is expanding its existing range of cordless system tools in the 10.8 volt class to include two new tools with an optimized ratio of power to weight and size: the GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional cordless dust extractor and the GLI DeciLED Professional cordless worklight. These tools are the most compact and powerful in their class while also being exceptionally versatile. They enable professionals in the installation and finishing trades to work quickly, efficiently and with minimal fatigue – especially when using them in tight spaces, hard-to-reach areas or overhead positions. All tools in the range are powered by a replaceable 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery which can be used in any tool within this voltage class. The “Flexible Power System” ensures compatibility with all existing power tools and chargers within a voltage class to offer professional tradespeople planning and cost certainty.

Powerful and compact: the GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional cordless dust extractor
The GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional cordless dust extractor from Bosch is especially suitable for quickly and efficiently removing dust and loose material, for example when finishing up on a jobsite. With a weight of only 700 grams and a compact design, it offers the best ratio of power to weight in its class. This cordless dust extractor is a flexible, handy tool for installers, kitchen fitters or window fitters. Its microfilter has a filtration performance of almost 100 percent and reliably collects dust that can be produced when working on tiles, wood, metal or plastic. Tradespeople can use the crevice nozzle included with the tool to clean hard-to-reach areas or gaps. The 2.0 Ah battery provides sufficient capacity even for lengthy applications. It runs for up to 15 minutes with one battery charge. The GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional also features a transparent dust container which can be emptied and cleaned in only a few steps. It also has an ergonomic handle with softgrip for comfortable handling.

A versatile tool: the GLI DeciLED Professional cordless worklight
The GLI DeciLED Professional has a total of ten LEDs and two brightness settings to ensure good visibility in every work location and in any position. The GLI DeciLED Professional is exceptionally versatile thanks to the different mechanisms for fixing and setting the lighting angle. Its folding foot provides high stability and a movement angle of 200 degrees, and can be used to bring the light into the desired position. The cordless worklight can be quickly hung on ladders or scaffolds using the integrated hook, attached to work clothes using a carabiner or fixed to metallic surfaces using a strong magnet. It also has a quarter-inch thread, making it compatible with tripods. This enables the user to quickly and easily select the right lighting angle and have both hands free to work with the power tool. Another feature that makes the GLI DeciLED Professional an efficient jobsite light are its robust, long-life LEDs. This cordless worklight is also exceptionally compact and lightweight.

The GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional cordless dust extractor and the GLI DeciLED Professional cordless worklight are available now at specialist retail outlets.

 Specifications GAS 10,8 V-LI Professional
 Battery voltage 10.8 V
 Battery capacityt 1.5 / 2.0 / 4.0 Ah
 Max. vacuum pressure 45 mbar
 Max. volume flow rate 15 l/s
 Container volume 350 ml
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 273 x 77 x 170 mm
 Runtime per battery charge (2.0 Ah) 15 mins
 Weight including 2.0 Ah battery 870 g
 Recommended retail price excluding VAT €89 in the L-Boxx without battery and charger

 Specifications GLI DeciLED Professional
 Battery voltage 10.8 V
 Battery capacity 1.5 / 2.0 / 4.0 Ah
 Runtime on brightest setting with 2.0 Ah battery 6 h
 Brightness approx. 350 lmn
 Dimensions (length x width x height) 139 x 50 x 68 mm
 Weight including 2.0 Ah battery 400 g
 Recommended retail price excluding VAT €55 in a carton without battery and charger

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  • September 05, 2014
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