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World’s leading trade fair Light + Building 2016 Intelligently connected building technology from Bosch For greater comfort, energy efficiency, and security

  • Integrated building management and security systems ensure smooth processes
  • Intelligent energy monitoring cuts costs and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Intuitive smart-home solutions make life more convenient and secure
Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – At Light + Building 2016, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology in Frankfurt am Main, Bosch is presenting intelligently connected solutions for commercial buildings and homes. Bosch energy and building technology enhances comfort, safety and security, saves energy, and reduces operating costs. To this end, the supplier of technology and services is focusing on connectivity via the internet of things.

Integrated building management and security systems ensure smooth processes
Intelligently connected Bosch building security systems discreetly ensure smooth processes – and minimize operating and personnel costs. Bosch is presenting its building management system known as BIS (building integration system), which combines all the security systems of a building on one platform: video surveillance, fire-alarm and evacuation systems, intrusion-alarm technology, and access control. Building technology used to open and close barriers, gates, and doors, for example, can also be controlled with BIS. In addition, Bosch is introducing the option of connecting the MAP 5000 (modular alarm platform) intrusion alarm system with the MATRIX access control system. The system ensures greater security and efficiency when it comes to security management. Bosch is also showcasing its new combined public address and voice evacuation system known as PAVIRO. PAVIRO facilitates the swift evacuation of a building, thereby reducing the risk of mass panic breaking out. The company’s EffiLink remote service system ensures fast, cost-effective maintenance, remote diagnostics and parameterization, software updates, troubleshooting, and support from service technicians.

Intelligent energy monitoring cuts costs and reduces CO2 emissions
Intelligently connected Bosch heating, cooling, and ventilation systems provide an ideal indoor climate simply and automatically – enabling up to 30-percent reductions in energy use, costs, and CO2 emissions. With its Energy Platform, Bosch is presenting a monitoring and analysis tool for increasing energy efficiency in commercial buildings. Companies and owners are provided with a comprehensive overview of energy consumers and costs in real time. Intelligent algorithms spot deviations from the target state, send alerts in case of malfunctions or if tolerances are exceeded, provide specific suggestions for solutions, and automatically implement those solutions in part. This creates the basis for further approaches to optimization and an efficient supply of energy in the long term.

Intuitive smart-home solutions make life more convenient and secure
Bosch’s solutions for smart homes make life more convenient and secure, and relieve users of tedious household chores. The Bosch Smart Home System connects devices in the home with the internet as well as with each other – via a single system platform. Users are able to intuitively set up and operate the system, which is modular and expandable. It is also easy to connect compatible devices built by other manufacturers to it. All devices connected with the Bosch Smart Home System can be controlled and monitored from anywhere with an app for smartphones and tablets. Bosch is showcasing its current product portfolio, which includes the Bosch smart home controller, intelligent radiator thermostats, door-window contacts, a smart plug, and lighting solutions from partner Philips Hue. The smart home controller is the central control unit of the Bosch system. It connects the components with the internet and each other. With the help of the window contacts, for example, the system automatically turns down the heating if a window is opened, saving the user time and money.

Bosch booth at Light + Building: hall 11.1, booth C50

For more information online:
Bosch Security Systems
Bosch Energy and Building Solutions
Bosch Smart Home

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  • February 16, 2016
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Integrated and accurate fire detection within seconds Bosch introduces AVIOTEC video-based Fire Detection

  • Uses Intelligent Video Analysis to detect smoke and flames
  • Reliable and early detection within seconds
Munich – Bosch Security Systems introduces AVIOTEC, a new solution for reliable and early fire detection in challenging environments. Building upon proven Bosch camera technology and Bosch's Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), video-based fire detection can supplement state-of-the-art fire detection technologies and enables early detection of smoke and flames in environments where these cannot offer satisfactory reaction times such as buildings with high ceilings or dusty and humid areas. AVIOTEC can also secure environments where no other solutions exist, for example saw mills or paper factories, hangars or extremely large monitoring areas.

Detect fire at the source
Using intelligent algorithms in surveillance cameras, AVIOTEC can identify smoke and flames as soon as they come into the range of the camera instead of having to wait for smoke to migrate to state-of-the-art smoke detectors. By detecting fires at the source rather than the ceiling, cameras can issue an alarm within seconds while for point detectors it can take minutes to detect an alarm condition. AVIOTEC is based on intelligent algorithms to distinguish between real fires and disturbance values like reflections, movements or backlights. This guarantees a very reliable detection with almost no false alarms. AVIOTEC offers proven detection reliability in all test fires (TF1 through TF8) as specified in EN54.

The video-based fire detection system AVIOTEC scales well from a single camera to a networked system of distributed cameras with a central console and management system. Using Bosch's Dynamic Transcoding technology it can relay alarms to an existing fire alarm panel or transmit them via Ethernet to a monitoring center or even a mobile device like an iPad. Receiving HD quality video images in real time gives the firefighters a good understanding of the current situation even before they arrive on the scene.

Combining safety and security
Cameras are easy to install and require very little maintenance in contrast to state-of-the-art smoke and flame detectors. The use of PoE cameras (Power over Ethernet) can eliminate the need for individual power supplies and power cables, making AVIOTEC even more cost efficient. AVIOTEC can also be used for very small and distributed facilities such as power stations and signal boxes where the benefit does not justify the installation of fire panels.

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Bosch Security Systems
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  • December 21, 2015
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CES 2016 (January 6 to 9), Las Vegas
More safety and convenience from a single source
Bosch sets up new company for the smart home Presentation of first smart-home devices at CES 2016

  • New Bosch smart-home system allows things such as heating and lighting to be controlled using just one app
  • Focus on data protection and data security
  • Stefan Hartung: “An important strategic step toward pooling and expanding our range of solutions for the smart home.”
Stuttgart, Germany – Bosch is strengthening its business in solutions for the smart home. From January 1, 2016 the newly founded subsidiary Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH will bring together the company’s smart-home activities, including related software and sensor-system expertise. In the future, the new company will offer many products and services for connected homes from a single source: for example a new solution that can report break-ins and help control the heating to save energy. From January 2016, customers will be able to order the first Bosch products in this field online. These include the Bosch smart home controller, a smart thermostat, and a contact for doors or windows. The premiere will take place at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Bosch’s smart-home solutions are aimed at a giant market: according to market experts, by 2020 alone some 230 million homes worldwide – almost 15 percent of all households – will feature smart-home technologies.

Major business potential
“Setting up the Bosch smart-home subsidiary is an important strategic step toward pooling and expanding on our range of solutions for the smart home. Smart homes facilitate new services that make their occupants’ lives easier, and they offer major business potential,” says Dr. Stefan Hartung, the member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for the Energy and Building Technology business sector. “The Bosch smart-home system is easy to install and operate: one system, one app, one user experience. Our solutions relieve users of tiresome routine tasks while offering them more convenience and safety,” adds Dr. Peter Schnäbele, the future managing director of the Stuttgart-based Robert Bosch Smart Home GmbH.

Data protection and data security given top priority
Bosch smart-home solutions meet the highest standards of data protection and data security. These standards are taken into account right from the start of the product development process. To this end, Bosch has also set up a center of competence for product security. Customers and users have full transparency and decide for themselves how their data are used.

New services and an app make life easier
Bosch smart-home system solutions mean that a single platform is sufficient to interconnect the heating, lighting, smoke alarms, and appliances in a home. All these can then be operated simply using a smartphone or tablet. The core of the system is the Bosch smart-home controller, a central control unit that connects the components with each other and to the internet. In the future, users will be able to use the Bosch smart-home app to combine the basic functions of unrelated devices. For example, the door and window contact solution reports whether a window is open. When this happens, the system can automatically turn down the heating in the relevant room, in line with the user’s preference settings. What is more, users can check their smartphone anytime, anywhere to see whether doors and windows are open or closed. In future versions of the door and window contact solution, the system will sound the alarm if a window or door is broken open when the occupant is absent – meaning there will no longer be any need for a separate alarm system.

Compatible with other manufacturers’ devices
When it comes to connectivity, Bosch believes open standards and open platforms will make the technology as user-friendly as possible. For this reason, the Bosch smart-home system is modular and expandable, and it is easy to connect compatible devices made by other manufacturers to it.

New webshop
The first Bosch smart-home products can be ordered from January 1, 2016 at

Visit Bosch at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, NV, USA:

Tuesday, January 5, 2016, 8 to 8:45 a.m. local time: press conference
with Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of
Robert Bosch GmbH, at Mandalay Bay Hotel, South Convention Center,
Level 3, Banyan Rooms A-D.

Wednesday, January 6 through Saturday, January 9, 2016: Bosch booths
showcasing solutions for smart homes, smart cities, and Industry 4.0
at the Smart Home Marketplace, Sands Expo Center, #71517, and showcasing
connected mobility
at North Hall, #2302.

Follow the Bosch CES 2016 highlights on Twitter: #BoschCES

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Christian Hoenicke, phone +49 711 811-6285
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