Expanding Bosch's international presence Bosch opens Thermotechnology plant in Mexico Production of gas-fired instantaneous water heaters for regional markets

  • Investment of 5 million dollars, some 100 new jobs by 2016
  • Very dynamic growth in the Mexican market
  • Bosch celebrates 60 years in Mexico
Tepotzotlán, Mexico/Stuttgart, Germany – On August 28, 2015, Bosch officially opened its first Thermotechnology plant in Mexico in the city of Tepotzotlán, located approximately 50 kilometers north of Mexico City. Since June 2015, the international supplier of technology and services has been producing gas-fired instantaneous water heaters there for the Mexican and Latin American markets. It plans to employ some 100 associates at the site by 2016. Bosch expects to see rising demand on the Mexican market for energy-efficient hot water generation. “As a result of its increasing importance as a business location, Mexico is a key pillar in our growth strategy for the North American market,” said Bosch board of management member Werner Struth at the opening in Tepotzotlán. “Locating production here allows us to position ourselves closer to our customers and better tailor our products to the local market,” Struth added.

In addition to production, the site will also house R&D and certification departments. The company is investing some five million dollars into the 8,700-square-meter site.

Bosch in Mexico experiencing very dynamic growth
Bosch is clearly on course for growth in Mexico. In 2014, the company increased its sales by nearly six percent. This trend has continued this year. “We once again saw good sales growth in Mexico during the first half of 2015. We expect to sustain this positive development through the end of the year,” Struth said.

Expansion of production and R&D
Over the past ten years, Bosch has invested more than 400 million euros into expanding production and R&D in Mexico. During this period, the number of associates has more than doubled to over 12,300. In 2014, Bosch opened its first center for software development and engineering services for the American market with a new development location in Guadalajara. In addition, the company is investing further into automotive technology production in the cities of Toluca and Juárez, Mexico, creating up to 4,000 new jobs in the process. There are also plans to expand the Bosch plants in San Luis Potosí and Mexico City, Mexico in the years ahead.

Bosch in Mexico
This year, the Bosch regional company in Mexico is celebrating its 60th anniversary. During this time, a single sales office in Mexico City has grown to nine locations, eight of which are production sites including the newly opened Thermotechnology plant. Bosch Mexico is an important part of the company's localization strategy, which aims to supply automotive customers in North and South America directly from local plants. In addition to automotive technology, Bosch also manufactures power tools, thermotechnology, and security systems in Mexico, and focuses on local product development. For instance, roughly 300 engineers in Mexico are currently working on new automotive technology solutions specifically for the North American market.

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For inquiries regarding Bosch in Mexico:
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For inquiries regarding Bosch Thermotechnology:
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  • August 28, 2015
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Expanding the company's international presence Bosch steps up development activities in Hungary New Mobility Solutions development center

  • Total of 1,300 engineers at the Budapest site
  • Hungary is Bosch's second-largest development site for the Mobility Solutions business sector in Europe
  • Long-term importance of Hungary as a production and development site
Stuttgart, Germany/Budapest, Hungary – On August 7, 2015, Bosch opened its new Mobility Solutions development center in Budapest. The site boasts nearly 1,300 engineers – twice as many as four years ago – who develop electronics and components for driver assistance and engine control systems. After Germany, Bosch employs the greatest number of researchers and developers for the Mobility Solutions business sector within Europe in Hungary. Since 2011, some 100 million euros have gone towards expanding the 50,000 square meters of the Budapest site, where the company opened its new Hungarian headquarters two years ago. More than 300 associates work in sales and administration at the Hungarian headquarters.

Over the past ten years, Bosch has invested nearly one billion euros in Hungary and considerably expanded its local presence. With its ongoing investments, the international supplier of technology and services is highlighting the growing importance of the country as a development and production site within the global Bosch network. “We aim to strengthen our innovativeness both locally and globally with these investments,” said Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, member of the Bosch board of management, at the official opening. “In doing so, we are placing our trust in our highly qualified and dedicated associates.”

Bosch in Hungary
Bosch has been present in Hungary since 1899. In 2014, it generated sales there of nearly 2.7 billion euros, which includes deliveries to other Bosch companies. The company is represented in Hungary with its four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Bosch employs 10,500 associates in Hungary, approximately 1,500 of whom are researchers and developers. The company has a total of five Hungarian production sites, where it manufactures automotive technology, e-bike components, industrial technology, and power tools.

Contact persons for press inquiries:
Trix Böhne, Phone: +49 711 811-6831
Agnes Grill, Phone: +49 711 811-38140
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  • August 07, 2015
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Expanding and improving the service portfolio Bosch plans Global Service Solutions division Enhancing process quality and efficiency

  • Provider for global service solutions
  • Comprehensive approach for shared services
  • Less red tape, better service quality
Effective January 1, 2016, Bosch plans to set up a new division, Bosch Global Service Solutions (SO). It will bring together all the internal and external services offered by the company. As well as continuing successful services such as eCall, customer support, and business process outsourcing, SO will also become the comprehensive Bosch-internal provider of shared service functions relating to administration and sales. The division will emerge from the Service Solutions business unit, which is run by Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH and headquartered in Frankfurt. At a later date, it is to be carved out as an independent legal entity. This organizational change will not affect associates’ terms of employment. “In light of rapidly changing markets, and especially of the accelerated technological change brought about by the internet of things, Bosch will further expand its services portfolio,” says Dr. Stefan Hartung, the member of the Bosch board of management. The Service Solutions business unit has developed very well in recent years, posting continuous double-digit growth. Worldwide, it creates some 500 new jobs each year. In total, the unit currently employs some 5,000 associates.

Focus of the internal and external portfolio
Internally, the company hopes this move will help it continuously improve its processes. The global shared services that already exist at Bosch, or are planned for the future, are to be brought together and given a common standard basis. Bosch has already launched a raft of individual shared-service initiatives in areas such as accounting and HR management. The creation of a new division will give rise to new potential for improving service quality and efficiency, as well as for reducing red tape.

At the same time, the new division’s task will be to further expand its portfolio of services for external customers. Apart from various shared-service solutions for transport and buildings, the focus will also be on customer communication and customer support. Here, the company can combine its technical expertise with the proven capability of an experienced control center operator and communication service provider. In the field of transport, for example, Bosch offers the automatic eCall emergency service in ten languages for leading automakers in 27 European countries. Also in the transport sector, it offers CCTV-monitored truck parking spaces at rest areas that can be booked in advance. For buildings, Bosch already offers cloud-based video surveillance that can be connected to a control center that intervenes in response to certain events. Solutions in the area of customer communication and support include the monitoring and smart evaluation of social media platforms, which gives companies effective support with their marketing and sales activities.

Contact person for press inquiries
Christian Hoenicke
Phone: +49 711 811-6285
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  • July 30, 2015
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International presence Bosch sees strong growth in North America Further expanding the company’s local activities

  • Significant sales increase in first six months of 2015
  • Investments of nearly 370 million euros planned for the current year
  • Bosch a leading provider and exponent of Industry 4.0 in the U.S.
  • New Thermotechnology plant in Mexico
Farmington Hills, United States/Stuttgart, Germany – Bosch’s business in North America continues to develop very well. In the first six months of 2015, the technology and services company achieved a significant increase in sales in the region, in which it employs nearly 29,000 associates. “Based on the current economic situation, we expect to continue growing through the end of the year,” said Dr. Werner Struth, the board of management member of Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for the Americas. In 2014, Bosch already managed to increase its total sales in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in nominal terms by 8.6 percent to 8.5 billion euros. Adjusted for exchange-rate effects, the increase was as much as 9.3 percent. “We are on track to double our sales in the Americas by 2020,” Struth said. All four Bosch business sectors in North America are performing very well. Mobility Solutions and Industrial Technology have been especially successful, Struth said, and the Consumer Goods and Energy and Building Technology business sectors are recording stable growth.

Investments underscore the region’s importance
Over the past ten years, the company has invested approximately 2.2 billion euros in expanding research and development and local manufacturing. Bosch wants to continue expanding its activities in North America over the next few years as well. “We are planning to invest nearly 370 million euros in North America in the current year. This commitment underscores the region’s importance to the Bosch Group,” Struth said. In August 2015, the company will officially open a new plant for Thermotechnology in Tepotzotlán, Mexico. The site has been producing gas-fired instantaneous water heaters for the Mexican and Latin American markets since June 2015. Plans also call for expanding the Bosch plants in Juárez, San Luis Potosí, and Mexico City, Mexico in the years ahead.

Bosch already further strengthened its local presence last year. In the United States, for example, the company opened its first communication center in Fort Lauderdale, while to the south it began operating a new software development center in Guadalajara, Mexico. This software development center offers programming and application services for the automotive industry and Bosch plants in North and South America. “A strong local presence is crucial in being able to make the very most of opportunities in the region,” Struth said.

Opportunities with connectivity and automation
In North America, Bosch believes that the areas of connectivity, automation, electrification, and energy efficiency in particular harbor great potential. As a result, the company is a leading provider and exponent of connected industry in the United States. At the plant in Anderson, South Carolina, Bosch is optimizing its production processes by analyzing big data, for example. The site is also using smartwatches for its manufacturing activities. These high-tech devices promptly notify associates if a machine malfunctions. Thanks to real-time monitoring, it is possible to prevent disruptions to the manufacturing process and thus gain additional production hours. As a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Bosch is working with a number of American and other partners on concrete use cases of connected manufacturing.

Apart from Germany, the United States is another key location for Bosch in terms of its efforts to further develop automated driving. Since 2011, a team in Palo Alto, which is located in Silicon Valley, has been driving forward the development of functions for the necessary software and sensors, while colleagues in Abstatt, Germany, are responsible for systems integration in the vehicle. Bosch has been performing automated driving tests on public roads since early 2013. So far, engineers have successfully driven several thousand kilometers on both the German A81 autobahn near Stuttgart and U.S. Interstate 280 in California.

Bosch in the Americas:
The company’s presence and growth opportunities at a glance

Contact person for press inquiries:
Melita Delic, phone: +49 711 811-48617
Agnes Grill, phone: +49 711 811-38140
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  • July 22, 2015
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