Insights into the connected world: Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT Conference In the future, connectivity will be ubiquitous. On the basis of sensors, software, and cloud computing, the internet of things, or IoT, will open up the possibility of new technological solutions and business models. The “Bosch ConnectedWorld 2016” IoT conference will provide insights into the connected world. From March 9 to 10, 2016, in Berlin, this industry conference will show how companies in different areas of activity are employing and benefiting from this technology in their everyday business practice. New opportunities are arising as a result of algorithms and big data, sensors in manufacturing, services in the cloud, and connected mobility.

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  • March 09, 2016
  • Business/economy
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Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin Bosch combines “Industrie 4.0” platform and Industrial Internet Consortium standards for the first time International breakthrough for connected industry

  • Werner Struth: “Only a truly global approach will allow Industry 4.0 to develop to its full potential”
  • First combination of German RAMI4.0 and international IIRA industrial internet reference architecture models
  • “Digital twin” of Bosch Homburg plant helps save electricity

Bosch is using Industry 4.0 to increase its competitiveness More than 100 projects worldwide

  • Data mining and RFID increase productivity in ABS/ESP braking-system manufacturing by one-quarter
  • Data mining cuts hydraulic-valve testing time by 18 percent
  • Inventory 97 percent shorter thanks to RFID

Bosch ConnectedWorld IoT conference in Berlin The internet of things from a single source: Bosch launches cloud for its IoT services Computing center located in Germany

  • Bosch CEO Denner: “The Bosch IoT Cloud is a major milestone”
  • Key features are privacy and data security
  • Bosch IoT Cloud improves Germany’s innovative strength
  • Software expertise and IT infrastructure are significant competitive advantages

Connected solutions as a driver of job growth Bosch to hire 14,000 university graduates Career opportunities for graduates as well as people with professional experience

  • Internet of things changing personnel requirements in many business fields
  • “Let’s be remarkable” – a new look for the company’s image as employer
  • Christoph Kübel: “Software expertise is the key to the connected world”

Background information

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Sensors, apps, and robots:
   Bosch startup uses smart technology to support farmers

Hidden heroes: How Bosch is teaching things to feel – and changing
   everyday life

Industry 4.0:
The U.S.: High Potential Zone for Industry 4.0 Applications
Experton market study on Industry 4.0 and IoT:
   Bosch Software Innovations ranked as leader

Sigmar Gabriel, German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs,
   learns about industry 4.0 at Bosch

Bosch board of management member Struth on the IT Summit:
   Industry 4.0 needs an education offensive

The technician only rings once:
   data mining benefits Bosch and its customers

Bosch Rexroth focuses on digital assistance functions

Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog:


Sensors and Software for
connected manufacturing
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Capitalizing on the Internet of Things -
How to succeed in a connected world
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Videos to Industry 4.0:
Industry 4.0 an overview
Examples for connected industry
Connected multi-product assembly line
Automation solution "APAS" for connected production
Virtual tracking of supply chains
Big data analytics in manufacturing
"Industry 4.0" - Bosch plant in Blaichach
#connected4ideas: Data mining at Bosch
Multi-product assembly line Homburg

Gyroscope: How it works
Pressure sensor: how it works
Acceleration sensor: how it works

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