Inauguration of the Renningen research campus A completely new work environment for creative minds: with its Renningen research campus, Bosch wants to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and in this way further enhance its innovative strength. At the new center for research and advance engineering on the outskirts of Stuttgart, some 1,700 creative minds are doing applied industrial research.

The opening ceremony took place on October 14, 2015, and was attended by Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, Baden-Württemberg Governor Winfried Kretschmann, and many other guests.

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  • October 14, 2015
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Technology and innovation location Bosch officially opens new research campus in Renningen Chancellor Merkel: “Research and innovation are the sources of our prosperity”

  • Governor Winfried Kretschmann: “Impressive demonstration of faith in Baden-Württemberg as a location for innovation.”
  • Bosch CEO Denner: “Renningen is Bosch’s own Stanford.”
  • Applied industrial research for better quality of life
  • Expansion of key competencies in microelectronics and software
  • New work and office environment for innovators

Inauguration of the Renningen research campus New Bosch pedestrian protection system helps drivers brake and take evasive action Technology computes imminent actions

  • The challenge: more safety for pedestrians in road traffic
  • Aim of Bosch research: injury- and accident-free driving
  • Bosch approach: development of new assistance systems to avoid collisions with pedestrians

Inauguration of the Renningen research campus How Bosch is developing the battery of the future 400 million euros invested annually in electromobility

  • More than twice the energy content and significantly lower costs by 2020
  • Bosch approach: improving rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Technological breakthrough thanks to a Silicon Valley start-up

Inauguration of the Renningen research campus Intelligence for the fields: Bosch robot gets rid of weeds automatically and without herbicides New applications for sensor technology and algorithms

  • The challenge: increasing agricultural yield
  • Aim of Bosch research: automation and simplification of plant breeding and weed control
  • Bosch approach: development of an intelligent and flexible agricultural robot

Inauguration of the Renningen research campus Hidden heroes: How Bosch is teaching things to feel – and changing everyday life MEMS sensors are a key technology for IoT

  • The challenge: powerful, energy-efficient, cost-effective sensors for new connected solutions
  • Aim of Bosch research: more safety, more productivity, more convenience, and better quality of life
  • Bosch approach: interplay of energy harvesting, intelligent software integration, and reduced size

Inauguration of the Renningen research campus The technician only rings once: data mining benefits Bosch and its customers “Data is the new oil of the global economy”

  • Challenge: automatically detecting the right patterns in big data
  • Research aim: better customer service and optimized production
  • Bosch approach: international team of experts uses and develops new algorithms for data analysis

Cars that drive themselves Highway pilot technically viable in five years

  • Automated driving requires extremely reliable technology
  • Bosch technology paves the way for artificial intelligence in test vehicles
  • More than 10,000 kilometers of test drives completed on public roads
  • Legal framework must keep pace with technological developments
  • Increasing automation will cut traffic accidents in Germany by up to a third

Electromobility Bosch has groundbreaking battery technology for electric vehicles

  • Acquisition in California: Seeo Inc. to be part of Bosch
  • Pure lithium anodes: an innovative leap in cell construction
  • More than twice the range possible with solid-state cells

Fact sheet

About the new research campus
Bosch revolutionizes the working environment for its researchers
APAS, the automatic Bosch production assistant

New research and advance engineering center in Renningen

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Press pictures Renningen 2015

New research campus
Connecting know-how
Bosch has created an entirely new environment for work and innovation in Renningen, Germany, where expertise and visionary new ideas can be connected. Researchers Xiahan Shi, Reinhard Neul, and Lutz Bürkle introduce what a typical day looks like for them at the new campus.


Inauguration ceremony – speech German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel
Inauguration ceremony – speech Baden-Wurttemberg Governor
   Winfried Kretschmann

Inauguration ceremony – speech Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner
Electric Driving Experience
Renningen Research Campus - 3D animation
Renningen Research Campus (footage)
Data mining - big data analytics in manufacturing
Connected production: automated solution "APAS assistant"
Driver assistance systems - an overview
Active pedestrian protection
Battery development at Bosch Battery Systems
The history and features of Bosch ABS and ESP
The Bosch microelectronics
Manufacturing and features of the Bosch spark plug
Waferfab and sensor manufacturing
Ultrashort pulse laser
Working conditions and office scenes

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