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62nd International Automotive Press Briefing 2015

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  • May 19, 2015
  • Mobility Solutions
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62nd Bosch International Automotive Press Briefing
Mobility Solutions sector continues strong growth
Sales up 13 percent in the first quarter of 2015


Beyond the hood:
how Bosch now sees itself as a systems supplier

Presentation by Dr. Rolf Bulander,
chairman of the Mobility Solutions business sector
of Robert Bosch GmbH
at the 62nd International Automotive Press Briefing in Boxberg, May 19, 2015



Beyond the hood - redefining the role of a systems supplier
Electrification is taking combustion engines to new heights
Cars that think and act - automated driving for greater road safety
Connectivity - key to efficient, safe, and convenient mobility

Powertrain of the future Bosch forecast: electrification will take combustion engines to new heights

  • Some 15 percent of new vehicles to have at least a hybrid powertrain by 2025
  • Clean combustion engines for Euro 6, China 4, and U.S. LEV emissions standards
  • Dr. Rolf Bulander: “Bits and bytes are making cars more efficient”

The car that thinks and acts Bosch is creating the technical prerequisites for automated driving

  • “Making the transition from partially to highly automated driving is going to be a big step,” said Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, member of the Bosch board of management
  • Automotive Steering adds electric power steering to the Bosch automated driving portfolio
  • Increasing automation can tackle the root causes of 37 percent of the road accidents that happen in Germany alone
  • Legal framework must keep pace with technological developments

Bosch is making the car an active part of the internet Connectivity as the key to electrification and automation

  • Comprehensive connectivity expertise for the car – and beyond
  • A wealth of services for business and private customers
  • Bosch ensures transparency in data handling
  • Connectivity achieves breakthrough for electrified and automated driving

Bosch at the International Vienna Motor Symposium 2015 Electrification and internet in the car: how Bosch is linking new technologies to gasoline and diesel

  • Gasoline engines: 350 bar for direct injection
  • Diesel engines: 48-volt hybrid to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions
  • Dr. Rolf Bulander: “Bits and bytes are making cars more efficient”

New test vehicles for automated driving Electric-car twins join the Bosch fleet

  • Test vehicles for automated driving are based on Tesla Model S
  • Premiere at 2015 International Automotive Press Briefing in Boxberg
  • Bosch is developing automated driving for all kinds of production vehicles
  • Retrofitting a car requires 50 new Bosch components, 1,300 meters of cable, and 1,400 hours of work
  • Highly automated test vehicles are already driving on public roads

Bosch authoring system eases the creation of AR solutions with large volume of data Bosch banks on Augmented Reality applications for workshops, trainings and sales

  • Augmented Reality applications have a great future potential
  • Bosch is the world’s leading platform provider for the industrialization of Augmented Reality
  • Applications for workshops, trainings and sales


Connected mobility
Connected mobility - the car is becoming part of the internet
Predictive navigation - joint project between Bosch SoftTec and TomTom
Predictive navigation with the connected horizon
mySPIN - smartphone integration
Wrong-way driver warning
Virtual cockpit - display-based instrument cluster
mySPIN - smartphone integration
Innovation truck concept by Bosch

Automated driving
Bosch's vision of automated driving
Engineers demonstrate automated driving
Traffic jam assist - automated driving in a traffic jam
Experience valet parking
Automated parking with a push of a button
Predictive emergency braking system
Cleaning windshields the intelligent way: Jet Wiper
Automatic emergency braking
Evasive steering support
Automatic emergency braking
Development vehicle - comfort & safety assistance
Smart trailer parking
Automated driving concept car based on Tesla Model S
Electric power steering

Powertrain systems and electrification
Power electronics: the brain of an electric car
Entry-level hybrid: boost recuperation system
Plug-in hybrid Porsche Panamera
Animation of a hybrid car
Animation of a gasoline direct-injection system
New powertrain systems for two-wheelers
Engine management systems for two-wheelers
Gasoline direct injection - Ford Mustang
Diesel hybrid - boost recuperation system
Porsche 918 Spyder: electric drive for plug-in hybrids

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