Insights into connected industry: See Bosch's contribution to Industry 4.0 Connected industry, or Industry 4.0 as it is sometimes called, offers Germany an opportunity to improve its competitiveness as an industrial location. Workstations can be customized according to the needs and abilities of their operators. Cost-effective small batch sizes will also be possible, enabling demand for individualized products to be met. Bosch offers a broad range of solutions for such applications, encompassing the areas of drives, service robots, sensors, software, and predictive maintenance. On the path to connected industry, the supplier of technology and services is active as both a leading provider and a leading exponent. The subject of Industry 4.0 was also the dominant theme of the Hannover Messe 2015.

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  • April 10, 2015
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Wide-ranging portfolio at Hannover Messe 2015 Bosch driving Industry 4.0 forward with innovative products Sensors, software, and services for connected industrial production

  • Two-pronged strategy: Bosch is a seasoned leading exponent and leading provider
  • New solutions make both Bosch and its customers more competitive
  • Europe needs single digital market and fast internet
  • Example of condition monitoring: software as the basis for new business models
  • Trade fair partner country India is home to largest Bosch software development center outside Germany

Hannover Messe 2015 Bosch’s comprehensive portfolio Selected new solutions

  • Solutions for connected industry from a single source
  • Predictive maintenance prevents unplanned downtimes
  • Intuitive user interfaces

Examples of connected industry Industry 4.0 in practice at Bosch Multiple ways to enhance competitiveness

  • Inventory in four hours instead of one month
  • Storage reduced by around a third using RFID transmission technology
  • Declining error rates thanks to sensors

India: partner country of Hannover Messe 2015 Bosch expects positive development in India Opportunities with solutions for connected production

  • Bosch forecasts further strong growth in India
  • “Make in India” initiative offers opportunities for connected industry
  • Software solutions for connected manufacturing in India
  • Bosch focuses on technologies that are “Invented for life” and tailored to local market

“Networked production will become the new normal” Bosch pools Industry 4.0 expertise in the “Connected Industry” innovation cluster Customers benefit from innovative solutions

  • Interdisciplinary cooperation across the board
  • Flexible multi-product lines being used in production
  • Bosch is both a lead supplier and lead user
  • Securing competitiveness in Germany, a high-cost location

Wide range of career opportunities Bosch plans to recruit some 12,000 new associates Exciting challenges for software developers

  • New hires: in growth regions and Europe
  • Growing number of jobs in software-related areas
  • From start-up to large-scale organization: Bosch offers a wide range of working environments
  • Key competence for the future: systems and software engineering

Product news:

Bosch showcases versatile Industry 4.0 solutions
Bosch Rexroth introduces hydraulic motors with unmatched power density

Information on Industry 4.0 at Bosch

Rapid prototype and small series production:
   foundry manufactures molds using 3-D printing

Intelligent hydraulics fit for Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 Award for Bosch Rexroth Assembly Line
5 things we can do without in the industry by 2025
Bosch is driving torque behind first European testbed for the
   Industrial Internet Consortium

Bosch CEO Denner warns: “The connected world is not some
   distant dream. It's already here.”

New Bosch IoT-Suite
Bosch acquires middleware specialist ProSyst
ABB, Bosch, and Cisco to Establish Joint Venture
Smart solutions for a connected world
IT solutions to stabilize connected logistics systems
Five billion Bosch MEMS sensors

Background information:

Bosch is an expert on the internet of things
Bosch MEMS sensors
Bosch offers viable solutions for a connected world

Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog:

Expertise on Industrie 4.0 at Bosch

Industrie 4.0 @Bosch Rexroth:
Industrie 4.0 @Bosch Software Innovations:


Sensors and Software for
connected manufacturing
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Sensors and new Services
in the Internet of things
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Historical pictures:


Connected Industry:
Industry 4.0 an overview
Examples for connected industry
Connected multi-product assembly line
Automation solution “APAS” for connected production
Virtual tracking of supply chains
Big data analytics in manufacturing

Sensor Technology:
Gyroscope for ESP®: how it works
Pressure sensor: how it works
Acceleration sensor: how it works

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