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Saber saw and jigsaw in one: The 4600 Combisaw from Skil High flexibility for all common applications

  • From jigsaw to saber saw in only one move
  • Suitable for both blade types thanks to unique mechanism
  • Lightweight and compact for comfortable sawing
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  • March 18, 2015
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In the future, do-it-yourselfers can perform tasks such as shortening a branch or sawing a round cut-out in worktops using a single tool: the 4600 Combisaw from Skil. It is a saber saw and jigsaw in one and therefore covers all common applications from quickly cutting material to length through to precision cutting. This is possible thanks to the click and slide function of the handle and a unique blade holder which accepts both saber saw and jigsaw blades.

How easily it’s done
The 4600 Combisaw has two grip positions. In position one, the handle is at the top and the saw blade at the bottom, enabling the saw to be held and guided as a classical jigsaw. If you want to use the tool as a saber saw, you move the handle to position two. To do so, you turn the saw 90 degrees so that the blade points forwards, press the switch provided and pull the handle backwards using the click and slide function. Now the combisaw can be used as a saber saw. The right saw blade is quickly mounted thanks to the universal blade holder. To do so, you simply loosen the hex screw, insert the blade and retighten the hex screw. The shank of the saw blade will automatically slide into whichever of the two internal chambers is designed for jigsaw or saber saw blades. All standard saw blades in the market can be used.

The combisaw is lightweight and compact, enabling it to be guided comfortably even in difficult work positions. It weighs only 1.4 kilograms, works with a 400 watt powerful motor and offers a maximum cutting capacity of 80 millimeters in wood. If you do not want to permanently hold down the on-off switch during sawing, you can lock it in order to work more conveniently. The features of this tool are completed by an integrated dust blowing function which provides a clear view of the cutting line. This is an advantage especially in applications requiring high precision, such as adjusting laminate at door frames or performing curved cuts.

The 4600 Combisaw will be available from October 2015 onwards at the recommended retail price of 69.99 euros. It is supplied in a carton including hex key, a saber saw blade for wood, a jigsaw blade for wood and a jigsaw blade for curved cuts. More jigsaw and saber saw blades are available in the accessory range.

 Specifications 4600 Combisaw
 Rated power input 400 W
 No-load stroke rate 3,000 spm
 Stroke height 18 mm
 Max. cutting depth in wood/steel/aluminum 80/8/12 mm
 Universal toolholder for
  • Jigsaw blades with U- and T-shank
  • Saber saw blades
 Dimensions (length x height x width) 21.5 x 20 x 7.5 cm
 Weight 1.4 kg

Skil is a global manufacturer of power tools for pragmatic users, both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. The company's founder, Edmond Michel, launched the first electric handsaw in the USA in 1924. The "Skilsaw", as it was called, was the world's first circular saw. It was a great success and initiated the development of a wide range of similarly successful power tools. Skil stands for high-quality products with innovative features at attractive prices. Since 1996, Skil has been part of the Bosch Group. The headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa are located in Breda, the Netherlands. 40 sales units are controlled from this location. The company's products are sold in more than 70 countries.

Detailed information can be accessed at www.skileurope.com

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