IoT conference Bosch ConnectedWorld 2015
Taking „IoT delivered through ConnectedSolutions" as its title, the 2015 Bosch ConnectedWorld conference wants to take a look at the connected world of the future. The industry conference on the Internet of Things will meet in Berlin, and present many examples of how different areas of industry are handling this theme - as well as the new business models facilitated by it. Such examples include connected cities, sensors in manufacturing, the opportunities presented by big data, and new technologies for connected mobility.

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  • February 18, 2015
  • Business/economy
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Press releases (5)

International industry conference Bosch ConnectedWorld 2015 in Berlin Bosch CEO Denner warns: “The connected world is not some distant dream. It's already here.” Internet of things and Industry 4.0 offer huge opportunities

  • Proper understanding of connected solutions is decisive for success
  • Solutions have to focus on users
  • Partnerships and open standards are also required
  • Support for start-ups and innovative business models needed
  • Single European digital market an urgent priority

Smart industrial tools Bosch is driving torque behind first European testbed for the Industrial Internet Consortium Connected industrial tools improve quality in the factory

  • Collaborative effort with Tech Mahindra and Cisco
  • Better quality and higher efficiency in manufacturing
  • Major potential for industry as a whole
  • First announced testbed for the Industrial Internet Consortium

Bosch ConnectedWorld 2015 The road goes online: Bosch makes parking easier and more convenient Web-enabled sensors on asphalt pavement report available parking spaces

  • Cars also automatically identify and report available parking spaces
  • Real-time parking map shortens nerve-wracking search
  • Stress-free search for parking spaces in downtown areas and parking garages

The internet of things Bosch acquires middleware specialist ProSyst Software for smart homes, mobility, and connected industry

  • ProSyst employs around 110 associates in Cologne, Germany, and Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Software enabling device connectivity over internet of things
  • Established Java and OSGi specialist for gateway software and middleware

Key technology for the connected world Five billion Bosch MEMS sensors Manufacturing milestone in Reutlingen

  • MEMS sensors have been used in automobiles for 20 years, and in consumer electronics for 10 years
  • MEMS sensors are the sensory organs of modern technical systems
  • Small, robust, intelligent, and energy-efficient
  • Bosch is a pioneer and the global leader in the manufacture of MEMS technology

Background information (2)

   Bosch offers viable solutions for a connected world
   Bosch MEMS sensors
   Bosch is an expert on the internet of things


Livestream from the conference


Sensors and Software for
connected manufacturing
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Sensors and new Services
in the Internet of things
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Further information:

   New Bosch IoT Suite
   ABB, Bosch, and Cisco to establish Joint Venture
   Bosch shows smart solutions for a connected world
   Bosch CEO Denner: Industry 4.0 offers major opportunities for Germany
   Industry 4.0 Award for Bosch Rexroth Assembly Line
   IT solutions to stabilize connected logistics systems


Connected Mobility:
   Examples for connectivity solutions in the automotive sector
   Linking smartphones to vehicles’ infotainment systems - mySPIN
   Automated driving
   Driverless parking for tomorrow’s vehicles

Connected Industry:
   Virtual tracking of supply chains
   Big data analytics in manufacturing

   Power grid Berlin
   Energy storage Braderup

Sensor Technology:
   Gyroscope for ESP®: how it works
   Pressure sensor: how it works
   Acceleration sensor: how it works

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