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Remove leaves at the push of a button: The garden blower/vacuums in the Skil “Urban Series” Easy composting thanks to shredding function

  • Powerful tools with high blow speed and vacuum volume
  • Easy switching from blower to vacuum function just by turning a knob
  • Comfortable handling due to low weight, support wheels and shoulder strap
  • “Easy Storage” system for space-saving storage
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  • August 26, 2014
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The model 0791 and 0795 garden blower/vacuums from Skil's “Urban Series” have been designed for removing leaves in smaller gardens. They have a 2 800 watt and 3 000 watt motor respectively and reliably clear leaves and debris away from entrances, footpaths, driveways and lawns.

Effortlessly remove leaves in only two steps
In the first step, the leaves are blown into a heap at a blow speed of up to 270 kilometers per hour. Then all you have to do is simply turn the knob to switch the tool from the blower to the vacuum function. In the second step, the tool reliably vacuums in the heap at 13 cubic meters per minute. During vacuuming, the integrated shredding function chops up the leaves for composting, reducing them to a tenth of their original volume. The collection bag holds 45 liters, which means that it normally does not have to be emptied in between.

The model 0791 and 0795 leaf blower/vacuums are comfortable to use due to their low weight of only 3.2 kilograms, the support wheels that come complete with the tool, the adjustable shoulder strap and the ergonomic handle. Moreover, the model 0795 leaf blower/vacuum has a continuously variable blow speed of 150 to 270 kilometers per hour, enabling it to be adapted to different conditions in the garden.

“Easy Storage” system for space-saving storage
The model 0791 and 0795 garden blower/vacuums can be space-savingly stored after use by simply hanging them up on their “Easy Storage” hook which comes complete with the tool. Multiple hooks can be combined to form a rail on which different Skil tools then hang close together and are quickly at hand.

The “Urban Series” from Skil
Skil offers a series of garden tools called “Urban Series” which make it especially easy to do work in smaller gardens or on roof terraces. They are designed for users who live in cities and want to create a “green oasis” even in a limited amount of space. The “Urban Series” comprises lawn mowers, line trimmers, hedge cutters, grass and shrub shears, an electric weed brush, a high-pressure washer, a shredder, a garden saw, a chainsaw and garden blower/vacuums to offer a suitable tool for each of the typical gardening jobs.

The model 0791 and 0795 garden blower/vacuums are available now at the recommended retail price of 59.99 euros and 69.99 euros respectively including VAT.

 Specifications Skil 0791 garden blower/vacuum
 (replaces model 0790 AA)
 Skil 0795 garden blower/vacuum
 Power input 2,800 W 3,000 W
 Blow speed 270 km/h 150 to 270 km/h
 Vacuum volume 13 m3/min 13 m3/min
 Shredding ratio 10:1 10:1
 Collection bag
 45 l 45 l
 Weight  3.2 kg 3.2 kg

Skil is a global manufacturer of power tools for pragmatic users, both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. The company's founder, Edmond Michel, launched the first electric handsaw in the USA in 1924. The "Skilsaw", as it was called, was the world's first circular saw. It was a great success and initiated the development of a wide range of similarly successful power tools. Skil stands for high-quality products with innovative features at attractive prices. Since 1996, Skil has been part of the Bosch Group. The headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa are located in Breda, the Netherlands. 40 sales units are controlled from this location. The company's products are sold in more than 70 countries.

Detailed information can be accessed at www.skileurope.com

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