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Riding an eBike has become even more comfortable and safe Bosch eBike Systems provides integrated gear shifting solution

  • CAN bus enables genuine data interchange with components
  • Optimised gear shifting for eBikes
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  • June 25, 2014
  • Bosch eBike Systems
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Stuttgart/Reutlingen – Bosch eBike Systems continues to be an innovation driver in its industry and is expanding its system to include an electronic solution for functionally integrated gear shifting. In collaboration with leading gear manufacturers Fallbrook, Shimano and SRAM, the Bosch eBike drive system can now be fitted out with three gear shifting variations for different requirements. eBikers can now decide whether they want their gears to shift automatically in line with their cadence (NuVinci, technology from Fallbrook) or speed (SRAM) or to select the ideal gear themselves with the electrical assistance of paddles and gear shifting recommendations (Shimano). These built-in gear shifting components promise comfortable pedelec cycling along with a higher level of safety and a harmonious overall design. The electronic solution will be launched in the market in Spring 2015 combined with the Active Line and Performance Line and the Intuvia on-board computer.

Comfortable gear shifting solutions for eBikes
For comfortable eBiking you need to be able to shift gear comfortably. That is why Bosch eBike Systems is integrating in technology partnership with Fallbrook, Shimano and SRAM three gear shifting options with its Bosch eBike drive system. What the solutions have in common is that the components are not only supplied with electricity and operated electronically but that a genuine data interchange takes place via a CAN bus. This data interchange enables perfectly coordinated and optimised gear shifting and shows the gear or cadence that is currently in use on the Intuvia display. All three solutions are intuitive to use and enhance the pedelec biker’s comfort and safety.

Bosch and NuVinci technology – Cadence-based continuous and automatic gear shifting
The integrated NuVinci technology is based, just like the “Harmony” automatic system that is already established in the market, on a predefined pedalling cadence preference. The H|Sync gear system, connected to the eBike system via the Bosch interface, adjusts the transmission automatically to the preferred cadence, both uphill and on the level. That makes the cycling more comfortable and ensures greater safety. Even when you are cycling uphill the system adjusts the gearing automatically. Thanks to H|Sync the pedalling cadence can be adjusted easily to between 30 and 80 rpm via Intuvia and the Bosch Remote. The cyclist specifies gradually how intensively he or she wants to pedal. The seamless N360 hub ensures smooth gear shifting. H|Sync dispenses with the NuVinci display. The advantage is that the eBiker has all of the important information available at a glance on the Intuvia display (gear and cadence screen). Alternatively, manual gear shifting with defined settings is available as an option.

Bosch and Shimano – Integrated electric gear shifting
The built-in Shimano gear system is suitable for eBikers who shift gears a lot and enjoy shifting gears and like or prefer shifting gear fast. The system is based on manually operated electronic gears in combination with Shimano´s Di2 Alfine-8 and Alfine-11 or Nexus-8 internal hub gears, all of which can be controlled electronically via a Di2 adapter and CAN bus. While you are shifting gear the Bosch motor is throttled briefly, which makes gear shifting gentler and smoother.
The Shimano controls have a sporting feel to them. Paddles that look really high-class enable the eBiker to shift gear up or down swiftly. The gear that is in use is shown on the Intuvia display. The system incorporates for the first time the newly-developed Bosch gear recommendation, which by means of an arrow on the on-board computer display helps to make optimum use of the battery’s power.

Bosch and SRAM – Speed-based gear shifting
The SRAM Dual Drive 3 Pulse, integrated in the Bosch eBike system, is also automatic, but based in this case on speed. The DD3 hub can be combined with a cassette (with up to ten sprockets) and shifts gear automatically in three stages, subject to the speed. eBikers can therefore enjoy the ride, including the acceleration, leaving the system to handle everything else. Even when starting, the right gear is always in place. The SRAM version does not require an extra control, the system functions entirely on its own. The result is a “clean” eBike design. Fewer components on the handlebars ensure a better overview and an attractive appearance. The Bosch system with a built-in SRAM gear system makes gear shifting as easy and functional as possible and has the right gear at the ready for any and every situation.

Top features at a glance
From tourers to urban bikers, built-in gear systems are designed for pedelec users who want to concentrate fully on the eBike experience. “A common feature of all three solutions is that they offer the eBiker more comfort and safety by maintaining a constant cadence, by shifting gear automatically or by changing gear electronically fast and precisely,” says Tamara Winograd, Section Manager Marketing Communication at Bosch eBike Systems. “Bikers always have a reliable system by their side that shifts into the right gear at traffic lights or cycling uphill. They can then concentrate fully on the traffic or the countryside and have everything under control at all times.” Fewer NuVinci and SRAM controls unclutter the handlebars, while the Shimano paddles make shifting gear both sporting and smooth.

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A new generation of bikes is taking town and country by storm and is already a part of eve-ryday life. eBikes are a modern means of transport for modern people: people in a hurry and people who prefer to take it easy, the fit and the comfort lovers, commuters and pleasure cyclists and, of course, young and old. The tailwind of technology-leading eBikes made by what are already more than 50 leading brands in Europe is powered by components that Bosch is developing to perfection. The Bosch portfolio ranges from the highly efficient drive unit (motor and gearbox) and high-quality batteries to a smart on-board and cycle computer that can be used intuitively. Perfect coordination of components holds the key to typical Bosch performance in terms of both comfort and efficiency. Like other Bosch products, the eBike systems benefit from the Bosch Group’s technology and production know-how. From conception and engineering to manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service, Bosch eBike Systems constantly set new standards for the eBike industry. The Bosch Group’s experience in the areas of electric motors, sensor technology, displays and lithium-ion batteries ensures that Bosch eBike systems use technology that is invented for life and that eBike users have their fun.

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