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Bosch makes it easy to work efficiently Henk Becker
Member of the executive management
of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Leinfelden on March 19, 2014

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  • March 19, 2014
  • Power Tools
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press release

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Bosch was successful in the European market for professional power tools again in 2013. Whilst the market for portable electric power tools declined by two percent, Bosch was able to achieve growth of three percent and to further increase its market share of 30 percent. Our system solutions help professional tradespeople to be productive, to competently solve tricky challenges and therefore to master the time pressure in tough day-to-day jobsite work. We are again pursuing this goal with this year’s innovations. These include exceptionally efficient cordless tools, tools with high user protection, and tools and accessories for specific applications.

The building blocks of exceptionally efficient cordless tools
Cordless tools are exceptionally efficient when they have a long lifetime and long runtime. To ensure that our tools meet precisely these criteria, we have equipped them with maintenance-free, long-life EC motors, batteries which have CoolPack technology to protect against too sudden and severe heat-up and which have a further increase in Ah.

Unlike conventional DC electric motors with carbon brushes, the brushless EC motors from Bosch are completely maintenance-free and work with a degree of efficiency of more than 80 percent instead of 60 to 70 percent. This results in less heat loss. The tools do not get as hot and can perform up to 30 percent more work per battery charge. In addition to this, the Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects the tool: it shuts the motor down immediately if it overloads. As a result of these factors, the lifetime of Bosch cordless tools with EC motors is double that of tools with conventional motors. EC technology also allows for a very compact and lightweight design of the tools.

Since launching 2.0 Ah for 36 volt professional tools in January of this year, we have been the first manufacturer to consistently offer batteries with 2.0 and 4.0 Ah. In the 18 volt class we have continuously increased the capacity since 2007: from 1.3 to 2.0 Ah for the Compact batteries, which excel due to their low weight; from 2.6 to 4.0 Ah for the XL batteries, which excel due to their long runtime. Now we are increasing the capacity again and for the first time offering 5.0 Ah batteries for 18 volt tools. These batteries have the tried-and-tested CoolPack technology to fully exploit the runtime.

18 volt CoolPack batteries with 5.0 Ah
The new 5.0 Ah batteries provide another 25 percent more runtime than the previous 4.0 Ah batteries. At the same time they have a size of only 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 centimeters and a weight of 620 grams, making them the smallest and lightest 5.0 Ah batteries for 18 volt tools on the market. Moreover, the heat generated as the duration of use and power demand on the battery increase is permanently dissipated outwards by the CoolPack battery from Bosch due to its special housing geometry with cooling fins. As a result, it remains considerably cooler inside than conventional batteries and remains operational over the entire runtime of 5.0 Ah. The heat dissipation also has a positive effect on the lifetime of the battery, enabling it to last for twice as long as a battery without CoolPack technology. Anyone who purchases a battery from Bosch can also use it straightaway, without having to worry about whether it will fit because the tried-and-tested “Flexible Power System” ensures compatibility with all existing power tools and chargers within a voltage class. We therefore offer professional tradespeople planning and cost certainty.

Efficient working with the new EC drill/driver generation
The advantages of the EC motor and CoolPack battery are now also offered by our GSR 14,4 V-EC Professional and GSR 18 V-EC Professional drill/drivers and the GSB 14,4 V-EC Professional and GSB 18 V-EC Professional combis. They are part of the “dynamicseries” – a series of especially compact tools with long battery runtime – and are based on tried-and-tested models. However, they have a longer lifetime thanks to their EC technology, lasting for twice as long as tools which do not have EC motors. They are therefore especially suitable for serial applications and enable finishing trades such as electricians, plumbers and joiners to work quickly and efficiently. Both cordless drill/drivers have a head length of only 179 millimeters, while both cordless combis are only 189 millimeters long. This enables professional tradespeople to easily use them overhead and in tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas. A high torque – the GSR 18 V-EC Professional, for example, provides 31 newton meters in a screwdriving application in softwood – and a 13 millimeter Auto-Lock chuck give the tools a wide range of applications.

Efficient screwdriving with the GDX 18 V-EC Professional
The GDX 18 V-EC Professional impact driver combines the advantages of EC technology with the tried-and-tested, unique hexagon/square toolholder from the existing GDX model, enabling both screwdriver bits and nutsetters to be used. The GDX 18 V-EC Professional also offers an up to 100 percent longer lifetime and a more compact and lighter design than tools with conventional motors. It drives about 490 screws measuring 6 x 65 millimeters in softwood with a 4.0 Ah battery, which equates to an increase of 40 percent over the model which does not have an EC motor. This therefore provides professional tradespeople with an even more versatile and efficient tool for all the connections required in installation, metal and wood construction. Three preset speed settings make work easy because the preselected speed minimizes the risk of overtightening and thus snapping screws. The first setting is designed for small screws, the second for medium screws, and the third for large screws. This corresponds, for example, to driving screws in sheet metals, wooden boards and metal profiles. Three LEDs in the tool’s head provide good illumination of the work area. They can be switched on and off as required and make it easier to work in poor lighting conditions.

Plan for the future: efficient charging with induction
Anyone who works with cordless tools is mobile, but always has to schedule the required time and remember to charge the energy source, otherwise the tool will not be operational. It may also be necessary to purchase multiple chargers in order to be able to charge batteries simultaneously so that they are ready when needed. Moreover, dirtied contacts and constant insertion and removal of the batteries make them more prone to wear. Bosch’s plan for the future is therefore “inductive charging” and offers users three major advantages, above all in semi-stationary applications:
  • greater user-friendliness and productivity because the batteries stay in the tool and can be parked on the charging unit during every work interruption to charge them,
  • complete flexibility because the inductive batteries within a voltage class will continue to be compatible with all tools in that class,
  • very robust charging units that no longer have contact points and are therefore insensitive to water, dust and dirt.
Inductive batteries and chargers are scheduled for launch in autumn of this year. With this we are for the first time offering a technology for power tools, which has already found its way into daily life – be it as induction cookers or charging stations for electric toothbrushes. We are convinced that we can be just as successful with this pioneering achievement as we were with the first integration of lithium-ion cells in a cordless screwdriver – a technology that was known prior to 2003 only from cellphones, but which 83 percent of all hand-held cordless power tools in Europe are now equipped with.

High user protection: angle grinders with brake system
Our system solutions also include tools that combine efficiency and high user protection, such as angle grinders. These tools repeatedly have to be put down between individual work steps. Long run-down of the disc is not only a hindrance in such cases, it can also be dangerous if the user puts the tool down too early and it moves of its own accord. To remedy this problem, we are launching six new small angle grinders which go by the slogan “The first ever brake that lets you go faster”. Three of the models have 1 200 watts and three have 1 500 watts. They are all equipped with the “Intelligent Brake System”, the first brake module to work magnetically and is therefore completely wear-free and maintenance-free. Unlike mechanical or electronic brake systems, it brakes reliably even if there is a power outage and ensures that the angle grinders stop 70 percent faster than an angle grinder without a brake system. Since the disc comes to a standstill faster, the angle grinder can be put down faster, which means the user can carry on working sooner. This saves time and money. Moreover, these tools are therefore also suitable for applications in which high safety standards apply, such as in refineries, on oil platforms and in crane, ship, tank and container construction. Two of the six models are additionally equipped with the tried-and-tested “Protection Switch”, a deadman switch that can be operated along the entire length of the handle – regardless of whether the angle grinder is held at the front, back or in the middle. As a result, users always have full control over the tool even in difficult working positions.

The “Intelligent Brake System” is an eddy current brake. If the angle grinder is switched off or there is a power outage, two parallel magnets in the gearbox are aligned so that their north and south poles face each other. The resulting magnetic flow generates a braking torque in a copper disc positioned between them (eddy current principle). As a result, the disc of the angle grinder comes to a standstill very quickly.

High user protection: drilling and chiseling without dust
We also make a major contribution to user protection with our solutions for low dust levels when drilling and chiseling. Demolishing concrete, drilling holes and recesses for fitting light fixtures and plug sockets, core drilling for cable and pipe feedthroughs – the debris that trickles down or the dust that swirls up during these applications interferes with a tradesperson’s work and is bad for his health. We now offer tradespeople a complete system for low dust levels when drilling and chiseling: the GDE 16 Plus Professional for small rotary hammers, GDE 68 Professional and GDE 162 Professional for all standard rotary hammers, diamond or impact drills for drilling with core cutters up to 68 or 162 millimeters, GDE max Professional for SDS-max rotary and demolition hammers in the current Bosch range, and now the new GDE 16 Cyl Professional for Bosch impact drills and GDE hex Professional for breakers as well as the GSH 11 VC Professional SDS-max demolition hammer. With the help of these dust extraction systems, drilling debris and dust are extracted directly where they originate. This results in work which is healthier, kinder to tools and more efficient. As with the systems which are already available, the new dust extraction systems feature easy handling, low weight on the machine and a robust design. They are fixed by a quick-action clamp, and together with our wet/dry dust extractors in the “Click & Clean System” they form a system solution for low dust levels when working, with the power tool, dust extraction system and dust extractor all available from a single source.

Tools and accessories for specific applications
In addition to tools that cover a wide range of applications such as screwdrivers, rotary hammers and jigsaws, we also offer power tools and accessories for very specific applications including pneumatic nailers, stirrers, a pipe belt sander, a metal cut-off saw, and a grinding system for efficiently grinding welded seams and achieving a clean surface in only two steps. We are therefore living up to our claim of offering professional tradespeople a suitable solution for virtually every problem.

Efficient routing with the routers in the new 1 250 watt class
We are now launching two new routers in the “woodworking” segment. Routing jobs require precision. Even deviations in a range of tenths of a millimeter can lead to the cut not providing the desired result. Difficult adjustment, cumbersome handling, complicated bit changes – these are the challenges that tradespeople have to overcome when using routers. Bosch’s solution is handy precision tools with 1 250 watts of power and 60-millimeter plunge depth: GOF 1250 CE Professional and GOF 1250 LCE Professional. They feature an easy fine adjustment system – the “After-Lock” fine adjustment enables the user to readjust the selected routing depth in a range of tenths of a millimeter even in the plunged position – and enable especially precise control thanks to the new geometry of their base plate, plunge columns and handles. Bit changes are also made easy: simply place the router on its head, activate the spindle lock and engage the parked position. Now the user has both hands free to change the router bit. The tools are identical except for two product features. The LCE version has a digital depth display. Its display makes it even easier to set and reproduce the required depth than with the customary scale. In addition to this, its LED ring illuminates the work area to make precise routing even easier.

Easy window removal with “C-Tec Speed” saw blades
When it comes to performing different tasks, there is hardly a tool that offers more possibilities than a multi-cutter. However, this versatile tool only becomes a problem-solver when used with the right accessory. Take window removal, for example. Nowadays an oscillating tool makes it very easy to get into hard-to-reach areas without damaging surrounding building components and walls. The frames and fixings can however not be cut cleanly because standard 40-millimeter plunge-cutting saw blades are not long enough. Our 70-millimeter-long “C-Tec Speed” saw blades solve this problem. They are available in the Wood and Wood & Metal versions and saw at least 30 percent faster than conventional plunge-cutting saw blades thanks to their special blade geometry. This is due in part to their slim blade body and rounded cutting edge which enables the “C-Tec Speed” saw blades to quickly and effortlessly plunge into the material. Moreover, they fit all conventional professional multi-cutters without the need for an adapter thanks to their universal OIS (Oscillating Interface System). This gives professional tradespeople additional flexibility.

Clean cutting of composite elements with carbide technology
With the right accessory, saber saws can also cut whatever you want. In construction, hardened and high-alloy steels such as stainless V2A, V4A or duplex steel are increasingly being installed together with wooden parts. Previous bi-metal saw blades cannot, however, cut through hardened steel and wood in composite building elements. Bosch has solved this problem and enhanced carbide technology for saber saw blades. The new “Progressor for Wood and Metal” series comprises three saber saw blades with lengths of 150, 225 and 300 millimeters and enables professional tradespeople to efficiently cut composite building elements in demolition and renovation work. These saber saw blades have carbide teeth welded onto them. These teeth are exceptionally robust and sharp. In addition to this, the tooth strip is “progressive” – which is from where the blades get their name. This means that the tooth spacing increases from the shank towards the blade tip. The same blade can therefore be used to simultaneously cut thin materials such as screws and thick materials such as wooden profiles. As a result, the “Progressor for Wood and Metal” blades work efficiently and have a longer lifetime than bi-metal blades. The comprehensive carbide range from Bosch also includes saber saw blades for high-alloy steel (“Endurance for Stainless Steel”), drywall materials such as cement-bonded fiber boards (“Endurance for Fiber Plaster”), aerated concrete (“Endurance for Aerated Concrete”), poroton brick (“Endurance for Brick”) and cast iron (“Basic for Cast Iron”).

The right accessories at hand with the Pro-Mix accessory sets
A constant irritation to tradespeople is having to lug countless drill and screwdriver bits around with them, only to then realize on the jobsite that they do not have the right accessory with them. With our Pro-Mix Metal, Pro-Mix Concrete and Pro-Mix Wood, we are therefore offering professional tradespeople accessory sets that cover virtually all drilling and screwdriving applications. In accordance with their naming, these 35-piece sets consist of the six most common metal, concrete or wood drill bits, plus three nutsetters, two double-ended bits, two bit holders and 22 screwdriver bits. With only one set, tradespeople therefore have the right accessories at hand for virtually every application – even if they have to unexpectedly switch from one jobsite to another or if they have to do an unforeseen job at the work location. All of the sets are clearly arranged. The screwdriver bits also have color coding. This helps the user to find the right bit for the relevant application at a glance. The range comprises PH, PZ, slotted, hex and Security Torx screwdriver bits.

Efficient measuring with the GLM 30 Professional
Before you can really get to work on the jobsite, you first have to take measurements for the calculation of materials and costs. Many tradespeople still use a folding rule to do so because they are deterred by large, complicated measuring tools. The GLM 30 Professional from Bosch is now removing this inhibition threshold. It is the first professional laser rangefinder with self-explanatory single-button operation. The first press of the button switches the tool on, the second activates the laser – and the tool is ready to measure. Distances of up to 30 meters can be measured in seconds to within an accuracy of two millimeters – even by tradespeople who have little experience of using laser rangefinders. Moreover, the GLM 30 Professional is only 10 x 4 centimeters in size and weighs about 100 grams, making it the most compact and lightweight professional laser rangefinder made by Bosch. It fits in any pocket and can be conveniently transported to any work location. Another advantage is the auto-sum function, which is unique on the market: each press of the button performs another measurement. The values are automatically added together and shown in the top line of the three-line display. This rules out any errors from adding together individual results. The measuring accuracy and range of this instrument are certified to ISO standard 16331-1. This enables professional tradespeople to objectively compare certified laser rangefinders: the GLM 30 Professional measures very quickly and accurately even in poor lighting conditions.

Bosch makes it easy to work efficiently with its innovations such as efficient cordless tools, system solutions for high user protection, and specific problem-solvers. We help professional tradespeople to improve their productivity so that they can prevail in the face of tough competition and win new customers with convincing work results. By consistently gearing our products towards the needs of our target groups in this way, we want to continue our success story in 2014 and further strengthen our leading position.

RF00221 - March 19, 2014

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