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Easy do-it-yourself with Bosch Henning von Boxberg
President of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Leinfelden on March 19, 2014

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  • March 19, 2014
  • Power Tools
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press release

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Bosch continues to be successful in the European market for DIY tools. Whilst the market stagnated, we registered disproportionately high growth of five percent and managed to further increase our market share of 38 percent1 with power tools from the Bosch and Skil brands in 2013. Our products are penetrating the market: 16 of the 20 best-selling power tools in European homecenters are from Bosch.

Understanding do-it-yourselfers – supporting do-it-yourselfers
This success is based on our great innovative strength and our aim of knowing and meeting the needs of do-it-yourselfers. We very closely follow what it is that do-it-yourselfers want, and develop products to meet these wants. Doing things yourself so that you can be proud of your own achievement, expressing yourself creatively, finding information and service offers that suit you on the internet – these are trends that move do-it-yourselfers. We offer them matching solutions for this.

Easy wall preparation with the PWR 180 CE
A classical time-consuming and annoying DIY job is removing old wallpaper – painstaking and dirty manual work which many people do themselves instead of hiring a professional. Normally the walls are perforated numerous times with a spike roller and then soaked before the wallpaper can be pulled off bit by bit using a scraper. Bosch's solution is the PWR 180 CE, a universal system for wall preparation. This tool reliably removes wallpaper, plaster and paint residues from surfaces. It works with a rotating disc and application-specific interchangeable accessories. These include a perforator which replaces the spike roller, a sanding plate which can be used to remove substances such as plaster, and various brushes for cleaning or bringing out textures. The PWR 180 CE therefore covers a wide range of applications. Moreover, it is clean to work with: the dust produced is extracted by means of an integrated high-performance turbine and fed directly into the connected dust box. It has a three liters capacity and features a high-quality membrane filter which efficiently absorbs fine dust such as concrete and plaster dust. Another advantage is the Constant Electronic which ensures a continuously high material removal rate even under load. This is a quicker, more thorough and cleaner way to prepare walls than by hand.

Easily apply paint with Bosch paint spray systems
When the surface is finished, it is time to apply the paint. Until now, do-it-yourselfers had to think carefully before painting about which different tools they will need to apply wall paints, lacquers and glazes. The Bosch PFS 3000-2 and PFS 5000 E paint spray systems now put an end to this because they are the first spray systems that can apply the different types of paint with the same gun. The right nozzle and the corresponding paint mode are easy to select and set due to easy-to-understand symbols and color coding on the tool. These tools make it easier to quickly and consistently apply paint – even on structured surfaces such as brickwork or garden fences, therefore saving time and materials compared to applying paint with a paintbrush and roller – with easy cleaning and no major loss of paint. The PFS 3000-2 offers a 650 watt motor with two-stage adjustment for wood and wall paints. Typical applications include spraying walls or structured surfaces such as brickwork and lacquering or glazing larger pieces of furniture and garden fences. The more powerful PFS 5000 E has 1 200 watts of power and is suitable, for example in a renovation project, to paint entire apartments or houses including the exterior – from different walls, to wooden floors, through to garages covered with tongue-and-groove panels. We are therefore offering two solutions that make paint application easy.

Easy sanding with Bosch multi-sanders
Sanding surfaces, sanding tight spaces, and removing a lot of material – anyone who wants to do these jobs with one single tool rather than multiple tools can use a multi-sander. We are now adding two compact corded tools to our successful multi-sander series: the PSM 100 A for occasional sanding work and the PSM 200 AES which offers even more flexibility and convenience as a result of new product features. It is supplied with an additional rectangular sanding plate which is 18 x 9 centimeters in size. With the sanding surface that is approximately 60 percent larger, surfaces can be sanded even more quickly and efficiently than with the previous sanding plate. This is particularly easy thanks to the new two-handed grip: whilst one hand rests comfortably on the front at the tool's head, the other hand pushes the PSM 200 AES effortlessly over the surface. Other sanding accessories can be used, such as a louver sanding attachment or a so-called sanding finger with which you can easily get between the spars of the backs of chairs, for example. Six different speeds can be set to adapt the tool to different materials and applications. The supplied microfilter box ensures low dust levels when working. Alternatively, do-it-yourselfers can also connect an external dust extraction system to the dust extraction outlet. This makes it quick and easy to complete sanding jobs.

Easy sanding with the PSM Primo
Anyone who has previously not felt confident of being able to work with a multi-sander or has sanded smaller objects by hand can use the PSM Primo in future – it is a handy tool which enables good sanding results to be achieved quickly and easily even without having to have any particular prior knowledge. This tool combines three features that have already made trendsetters of products such as the Ixo cordless screwdriver and the Glue Pen: a good ratio of power to weight coupled with a modern design and a slim, compact shape. The PSM Primo is the smallest and lightest multi-sander on the market: it is only 18 centimeters long, has 50 watts of power but weighs only 600 grams, and is comfortable to hold and control with one hand thanks to its rubber coating and the recesses in the side of its handle. Unlike conventional multi-sanders, its iron-shaped sanding plate has an especially long, flat tip. As a result, the PSM Primo comfortably gets into all the corners and edges even of small objects. Whether you want to finally sand that side table from the flea market, spruce up those chairs from grandma for the shared apartment, or convert wine crates into a coffee table – the PSM Primo masters the required sanding applications and many more with ease.

Easily be flexible with the Ixo Collection
We also offer do-it-yourselfers an incredibly easy-to-use tool with our Ixo cordless screwdriver. This tool is by no means a classical power tool anymore, rather it can be used with different adapters to perform tasks such as driving screws around corners, opening wine bottles, seasoning food, and lighting charcoal. All of the adapters – not only the previous special editions “Vino”, “Spice” and “Barbecue”, but also the tried-and-tested DIY adapters angle screw adapter, offset angle adapter and torque setting adapter – will in future be permanently included in the range as the Ixo Collection and will also be available individually. A new addition to the range is a universal cutting adapter called the “Cutter”. It effortlessly cuts different materials such as decorative fabrics, cardboard and carpet up to six millimeters thick. Its blade is self-sharpening, eliminating the need for blade changes. The universal cutting adapter is ready to use in only three steps: remove the black cap on the Ixo, click on the adapter and press the red switch – the “Cutter” is then ready to cut.

Easily staple more with the PTK 3,6 LI Office Set
We are also offering users greater flexibility in future when it comes to stapling. There were previously two tacker categories: office staplers for stapling paper and hand tackers for hobby and household. Both were limited to their respective application range. We are now offering a cordless tacker that can do both with the help of two new accessories: the PTK 3,6 LI in the new Office Set. This tool performs classical jobs such as upholstering furniture or fitting decorations just as easily as stapling paper up to 60 pages and brochures up to 30 pages. This makes the PTK 3,6 LI the most versatile cordless tacker on the market. This cordless tool is small, handy and can be comfortably taken anywhere with you. Its integrated lithium-ion battery has hardly any self-discharge. This versatile tool is therefore always ready for easy stapling and tacking in the office, hobby and household.

Easy aligning of objects with the PLL 2
More complex tasks such as hanging up pictures, light fixtures and shelves present do-it-yourselfers with multiple challenges at once because the objects have to be correctly positioned and then precisely aligned. With the PLL 2 cross line laser Bosch offers a solution to replace classical equipment such as the meter stick and spirit level. This instrument is easy to operate and is the first cross line laser on the market that can project lines at any desired angle. This is made possible by the incline function with digital angle display. If you set the incline function on the tool and tilt the PLL 2 parallel to the wall, the selected angle from 0 to 90 degrees is shown on the illuminated display at all times. On the basis of the projected lines, it is then possible to align, for example, objects along a roof slope or wallpaper with geometric patterns, tiles or areas of color at any desired angle. Alongside the incline function, the PLL 2 offers an automatic leveling function required for precise horizontal or vertical alignment and can also be used as a digital spirit level – for example to check whether a stove, washing machine or worktop is level. The combination of these three functions makes the instrument exceptionally versatile and also makes precise alignment and positioning easy.

Easily perform filigree work with the Dremel Micro
Many do-it-yourselfers still use hand tools such as chisels and files to perform detailed work. It is however not always possible to get into tight spaces with these large tools, and working by hand requires skill and strength. The Dremel Micro provides a remedy for this. It is the handiest multitool from Dremel, weighs only 250 grams, is only 20 centimeters long and has an especially slim grip with softgrip coating. You can therefore wrap one hand around the Dremel Micro comfortably and guide it in a controlled manner at all times. As a result, filigree work such as routing smaller shapes is made just as effortless as work in hard-to-reach areas, for example to make recesses in cabinets and drawers. The Micro is also the first multitool from Dremel to be equipped with a ring-shaped LED light. The workpiece is therefore always well lit even in poor lighting conditions. This makes work easier especially when performing tricky tasks. The speed is adjusted in five stages from 5 000 to 25 000 revolutions per minute simply using two buttons on the top of the tool, which enables it to be adapted to each application. A five-stage LED scale makes it quick and easy to see which speed is currently set. This makes the Dremel Micro exceptionally user-friendly.

Easy sanding with the Fox 6-in-1 multi-sander from Skil
We successfully cater to the needs of the pragmatic do-it-yourselfer with the Skil brand. We do so by providing powerful and easy-to-operate tools. This also applies to sanding. Do-it-yourselfers would ideally like to complete all sanding jobs with the same tool. The Fox 3-in-1 multi-sander met this demand almost entirely when it was launched last year. Now Skil is launching another Fox model onto the market: the Fox 6-in-1 multi-sander. As with its tried-and-tested namesake, this tool is a random orbit sander, orbital sander and delta sander in one and additionally offers three new attachments: a louver sanding attachment, a so-called sanding finger and a special flexible attachment for machine-sanding curved surfaces. This makes the 6-in-1 Fox the most versatile sander from Skil. Equipped with a 250 watt motor, it offers high performance for fast work progress. Two speeds can be set: the lower speed is used for applications on small surfaces that require careful control during material removal, whereas the higher speed is used for working on large surfaces. The Fox is therefore easy to operate, even for do-it-yourselfers who have little experience of using sanders.

Personal customer communication with “MyBosch”
After products with which they can master their personal challenges, the second major building block for satisfying customers is service. Customers want service offers that suit them. Online they ideally want to be able to access services via a single platform instead of having to go from homepage to homepage. Caused by social media channels, personal customer communication is also growing in importance: the customer wants to be perceived as an individual and no longer an anonymous entity. This is what our “My Bosch” concept has been designed for. We want to use this new communication platform to encourage users to get into contact with us even more intensively than before and to use individually tailored information, advice and services.

All of these new products are consistently geared towards the needs and wants of users. They go by the slogan “Easily do-it-yourself with Bosch”, which we want to live up to again in 2014 to amaze and win over customers. Focusing on this is the basis for further strengthening our leading position and winning additional market shares.

RF00220 - March 19, 2014

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