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Solutions for low dust levels when drilling/chiseling: The dust extraction systems from Bosch for professional tools For cleaner and quicker work

  • Dust extraction systems for drilling and chiseling tools
  • Robust and, at the same time, lightweight dust extraction devices
  • Easy assembly and handling
  • Compatible with dust extractors in the “Click & Clean System” from Bosch
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  • December 02, 2013
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Professional tradespeople, safety engineers and associations are increasingly focusing on dust protection to make structural work and renovation work efficient, healthier and kinder to tools. Bosch is now launching a complete dust extraction system for drilling and chiseling tools: GDE 68 Professional for dust extraction at large drilling diameters, GDE 162 Professional for core cutters, GDE max Professional for virtually dust-free chiseling and GDE 16 Plus Professional for small rotary hammers. It significantly reduces dust exposure both for the user and his environment.

Independent tests confirm effectiveness of Bosch dust extraction systems
All of the dust extraction systems feature easy handling, little or no additional weight on the machine, and a robust design. They enable drilling and chiseling work to be completely virtually dust-free: drilling debris and dust are extracted directly where they originate, and there is no hassle of having to clean up after work. The German institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the building trade (BG Bau) has confirmed the effectiveness of the Bosch dust extraction systems in independent tests: they were classified as a coordinated system in the best category, namely “Type 1”.

GDE 68 and GDE 162 Professional for drilling power tools
All relevant drilling applications can be covered with the GDE 68 and GDE 162 Professional dust extraction systems from Bosch. The GDE 68 Professional enables low levels of dust when drilling with core cutters up to 68 millimeters, while the GDE 162 Professional covers core cutters up to 162 millimeters. Both dust extraction systems are compatible with all conventional rotary hammers, diamond drills or impact drills, and are also suitable for wet drilling. The handling is easy: both dust extraction systems just have to be connected to the dust extractor and then placed on the wall at the corresponding drilling position. They have a two-chamber system: whilst one chamber collects the drilling dust, the other chamber combines with the connected wet/dry dust extractor to create a vacuum which is used to hold the suction mechanism on the wall like a plunger. A brush ring around the drill bit opening keeps the dust inside the collection chamber at smaller drilling diameters. At larger drilling diameters, the brushes are easily removed without the need for additional tools. Since the GDE 68 Professional and GDE 162 Professional are not fitted to the machine but held on the wall simply by means of vacuum pressure, these dust extraction systems do not cause any additional weight on the machine.

GDE max Professional for low levels of dust when chiseling
The GDE max Professional dust extraction system fits all SDS-max rotary and demolition hammers in the current Bosch range with the exception of the GSH 11 E Professional. The dust extraction system is fitted to the tool using a quick-action clamp and can be adapted to different work positions and tools. An adjustable spacer ensures low levels of dust when working with chisels up to maximum 600 millimeters in length. An extension piece for long chisels and different inserts for adapting the dust extraction system to the collar are included in the scope of delivery. The dust extraction system does not have to be removed when the bit is changed: it simply remains on the tool.

GDE 16 Plus Professional for low dust levels when drilling up to 16 mm
GDE 16 Plus Professional is the dust extraction system for SDS-plus hammers in the two and three kilogram class from Bosch with a 50 millimeter collar. This robust dust extraction system with auxiliary handle and aluminum telescopic guide can be adapted to different drill bit lengths using a quick-clamping lever. The maximum drilling depth per work step is 120 millimeters. The required drilling depth is conveniently set using the integrated depth stop. The special rubber at the application point of the dust extraction system does not leave any marks even on delicate surfaces. The dust extraction system can be connected to all conventional dust extractors. The extractor connection is movable to ensure that the hose does not get in the way during work. Moreover, the connection and therefore the tool's center of gravity are close to the user's body to enable the professional tradesperson to work more precisely and effortlessly. The low weight of about 500 grams also contributes to this.

Compatible with the “Click & Clean System”
All of the dust extraction systems are compatible with the Bosch “Click & Clean System”. It comprises tools, wet/dry dust extractors, dust extractor accessories and L-Boxxes, which are precisely harmonized with each other and which combine to help make work healthier, kinder to your tools, faster, more efficient and more precise.

The new dust extraction systems will be available at specialist retail outlets from January 2014 onwards:
  • GDE 68 Professional in a carton for 49.90 euros,
  • GDE 162 Professional in a carton for 99.90 euros,
  • GDE max Professional including three inserts for collar adaption, one extension piece for long chisels and an L-Boxx inlay for 129.90 euros,
  • GDE 16 Plus Professional in a carton including adapter for core cutters and auxiliary handle for 59 euros or in the L-Boxx in a set with the GBH 2-28 DFV Professional rotary hammer for 315 euros.
All prices are recommended retail prices excluding VAT. Adapters and brushes are available in the Bosch range.
More dust extraction devices are planned for 2014.

 Specifications GDE 68 Professional GDE 162 Professional GDE max Professional GDE 16 Plus Professional
 16 - 68 mm 68 - 162 mm - 16 - 82 mm
 Max. chisel
 - - 600 mm -
 Weight 325 g 500 g 750 g 520 g
 all commercially
 drilling tools
 all commercially
 drilling tools
 GSH 5 CE,
 GSH 7 VC,
 GSH 11 VC,
 GBH 5-40 DCE,
 GBH 7-46 DE,
 GBH 8-45 DV,
 GBH 11 DE
 2 - 3 kg
 SDS-plus rotary
 hammers with
 50-mm collar, and
 GBH 18 V-EC,
 GBH 36 V-LI,
 cordless rotary

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Further information is available online at www.bosch.com and www.bosch-press.com, http://twitter.com/BoschPresse.

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