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100 years of vehicle electrical systems - from the Bosch automotive lighting system to entry-level hybrids

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  • October 15, 2013
  • Mobility Solutions
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100 years of electricity in the car From Bosch automotive lighting system to entry-level hybrid

  • Bosch is turning the generator into a motor for hybrids
  • In 1913, the generator opened the way for on-board networks, and developments such as the car radio, windshield wiper, and modern safety systems such as ESP(R)
  • Boost recuperation system as an affordable entry-level hybrid

Boost recuperation system Bosch is making hybrids affordable Electric components provide a ten kilowatts boost while lowering CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent

  • Recovery of braking energy and torque boost
  • Silent and zero-emissions coasting for up to 30 percent of the journey
  • Easy integration into vehicles of any class

Anniversary of vehicle electric systems 100 years of Bosch generators A reliable automotive power supply

  • Catering to ever increasing vehicle electrical loads
  • Increasingly more efficient, powerful, and compact
  • For all types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • From auxiliary components to electrical powertrains

Electronic clutch made by Bosch eClutch saves fuel and makes driving easier Cost-efficient system closes the gap between manual and automatic transmission

  • Reduces real consumption in start-stop coasting by 10 percent
  • Stop-and-go driving in first gear without engaging the clutch
  • eClutch now makes hybridization possible in vehicles with manual transmission

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