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Bosch Lawn and Garden: Innovations make gardening easy Andreas Andorfer
Director of the Lawn and Garden business unit
of the Power Tools Division
of Robert Bosch GmbH
on the occasion of the press conference
in Stuttgart on August 20, 2013

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  • August 20, 2013
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press release

Ladies and Gentlemen,
a major success factor of Bosch Lawn and Garden is the fact that we carefully observe trends that are important for the gardening market which for a number of years has increasingly been the desire for effortless gardening and an oasis in the city – and consistently gear our products towards them. When doing so, we take the problems and needs of users on board: many feel that gardening is tiring, criticize the complicated handling of garden tools or the awkward assembly and disassembly. Many users have also recognized the advantages of working without a cable and increasingly want cordless tools. We are systematically responding to these problems and wishes, and are again in 2014 offering innovative products that make gardening easy.

Effortless cleaning with new high-pressure washers
Users can begin cleaning with the Bosch AQT 33-10, AQT 35-12 and AQT 37-13 high-pressure washers directly after purchasing the tool. The tools are supplied assembled and are instantly ready to use. The high-pressure washers ensure easy, thorough cleaning. They differ in terms of the flow rate and pressure they provide, but they all offer the same advantages: gun, accessories and high-pressure hose are stored in a space-saving way on the tool and are always within reach. They are assembled in seconds thanks to SDS click connections. Three models are available: the AQT 33-10 high-pressure washer is the basic model for occasional cleaning work. It is especially small and compact, and it offers a cleaning lance with fixed fan jet nozzle. The AQT 35-12 and AQT 37-13 models also have a folding handle and wheels for convenient transport. They are versatile to use due to their 3-in-1 nozzle system: one turn of the nozzle is all it takes to switch from a rotary jet for removing stubborn dirt to a high pressure fan, or to set the low-pressure jet that is adapted to enable the use of detergents. There is a comprehensive range of accessories available for all three high-pressure washers, such as patio cleaning heads, a nozzle with integrated cleaning tank and a suction nozzle that can be used to pump away water. All of the tools can be stored in a space-saving way after use.

Effortless trimming with ART 23-18 LI and ART 26-18 LI
The ART 23-18 LI and ART 26-18 LI grass trimmers offer high cut quality with maximum ease of use. They stand for powerful, clean trimming without interruptions. Both trimmers work with a completely new cutting system: their “Durablade” is made of a nylon composite. It is exceptionally sturdy and, at the same time, also very flexible. It is clicked in without the need for additional tools, and it automatically retracts as soon as it hits a hard object. Due to this cutting system, the “Durablade” lasts for up to twelve times longer than previous plastic blades. The trimmers are operated with a powerful 18 volt lithium-ion battery with 1.5 Ah. An electronic control system ensures that they maintain their full speed until the battery is empty. This battery management system makes trimming very efficient. Great ease of use is ensured not only by the low weight, but also the good balance of the tools and the telescopic height adjustment which is operated via a sliding switch. The tilt of the second handle and the position of the trimmer head are also adjustable. These tool features make the trimmers exceptionally ergonomic. They are the first grass trimmers to be certified and recommended as back-friendly by Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs).

Effortless mowing with the new Rotak generation
The lawnmowers in the new Rotak generation from Bosch provide an even cleaner and more consistent cut thanks to their “Powerdrive+ system” or the “Powerdrive LI+ system”. The motor, blade and airflow, which reliably feeds the cut grass into the collection box, are precisely coordinated. The new Rotak lawnmowers 37, 40 and 43, and 37 LI and 43 LI therefore offer the best debris collection in their class and collect up to 99 percent of the cut blades of grass. A clean and precise cut is made possible by the hardened and sharpened steel blades. Three electric and two cordless models are available. They are all among the lightest tools in their class. The electric mowers have 1400, 1700 and 1800 watts of power, while the cordless mowers have a brushless EC motor which is completely maintenance-free and has a degree of efficiency up to 30 percent higher than that of conventional DC motors. Moreover, the cordless Rotak mowers are equipped with a 4.0 Ah battery. This means that up to 50 percent more lawned area can be cut when compared to the previous 2.6 Ah batteries.

Effortless gardening thanks to 36 volt battery technology
The 36 volt garden tools from Bosch are a powerful alternative to petrol tools or corded tools. Thanks to lithium-ion technology, their 36 volt interchangeable battery is both compact and powerful. It is used to power Bosch garden tools that need to deliver high performance due to their demanding tasks: currently all Rotak-LI lawnmowers, the AKE 30 LI chainsaw and the AHS 54-20 LI hedgecutter. Due to lithium-ion technology, they are lighter and quieter than petrol-driven models, require less maintenance and are free of exhaust fumes. The cordless tools offer greater mobility and flexibility than corded versions.

From spring 2014, the 36 volt range will also include a leaf blower and a heavy duty trimmer. The ALB 36 LI leaf blower reliably removes leaves and debris from footpaths, driveways and lawns. Its air speed can be adjusted from 180 to 265 kilometers per hour. Even larger areas are therefore quickly cleaned. At only 2.8 kilograms, the ALB 36 LI offers a very good power-to-weight ratio. It has a runtime of up to 32 minutes per battery charge.

The ART 30-36 LI heavy duty trimmer quickly and thoroughly removes grass and scrub that threaten to overrun the garden. It has a cutting diameter of 30 centimeters and works with a 1.6 millimeter thick dual line which automatically extends when the accelerator switch is first pressed. Low user fatigue is ensured by the low weight of 4 kilograms and the individually adjustable second handle. The cordless line trimmer runs for up to 26 minutes per battery charge.

Trend towards urban gardening continues unabated
In addition to the trend towards effortless gardening, the trend towards urban gardening is also continuing. In an urban environment, the available garden, patio or balcony space is usually very small. However, city dwellers do not want to be deprived of the opportunity to create their “green oasis” even in a limited amount of space. They have very specific requirements: they want tools which are designed for smaller gardens, cover all major applications such as lawn mowing, hedge cutting and woody plant care, and do not require much storage space. We offer a product range precisely tailored to these needs.

Urban gardening with the new Isio
The new generation of the successful Isio grass and shrub shear is even smaller, more versatile and easier to handle. A new special feature is the “Multi Click System”, which enables the grass shear blade and the shrub shear blade to be changed exceptionally quickly and easily: simply press two buttons and the complete base plate including blade is released. Once the attachment that is no longer required has been released, the next one is simply clicked on. Moreover, the new Isio is 15 percent smaller than the predecessor and therefore even more compact and comfortable to operate. A new feature is the spray attachment, which can be used to apply water-soluble pesticides or fertilizers in common household concentrations to plants simply by the press of a button. The Isio sprays for up to 40 minutes per battery charge, which corresponds to about eight full one-liter tanks. The telescopic handle has also been enhanced: in addition to the grass shear, the shrub shear can now also be used with it. The handle's head is rotatable and can be tilted in three stages. This ensures comfortable use even in hard-to-reach areas.

Urban gardening with the Skil 0721 hand mower
The “Urban Series” garden tools from Skil are also easy to operate and equally easy to store, such as the new model 0721 hand mower. It has a striking cow-like design consisting of black and white patches and is small, lightweight and powerful: its blade cylinder with five self-sharpening blades ensures a precise and consistent cut. The height of cut can be adjusted from 12 to 44 millimeters using two large handscrews in order to achieve the required cutting result. The cutting width is 30 centimeters. Moreover, the hand mower weighs only about 6 kilograms and can be conveniently carried to the work location by its handle. After use it takes up only minimal storage space due to its small size: the hand mower is simply placed vertically against the wall.

Urban gardening with the Skil 0713 electric lawn mower
The model 0713 electric lawn mower from Skil is powerful when working and compact when stored. Its 1300 watt motor ensures fast work progress in combination with the cutting width of 33 centimeters. Depending on the required grass length, the height of cut can be set to 20, 40 or 60 millimeters without the need for additional tools. The grass box can hold up to 30 liters of grass clippings, which enables longer, uninterrupted mowing. When the model 0713 lawn mower is stored, it requires less than half as much floor space as conventional electric mowers. This is made possible by the “Easy Storage” system, which Skil has developed for space-saving storage of the “Urban Series”: the red parking foot at the front of the mower enables it to be stood up against the wall.

Urban gardening with Skil's Lynx garden saw
The Lynx garden saw from Skil is a convenient alternative to hand saws. Its powerful 350 watt motor enables fast, efficient pruning of branches up to 80 millimeters in diameter ? with little effort. The Lynx weighs only 1.5 kilograms and can be guided with one hand and also very comfortably with two: whilst one hand presses the accelerator switch on the bow-shaped handle, the other hand supports the garden saw behind the hand protector on the saw shaft. The user therefore has full control over the tool at all times. Another advantage is the quick and easy changing of saw blades thanks to the “Clic” system: all you have to do is move the “Clic” lever in the direction shown to release the blade. Then you can click a new blade into the tool straightaway. Moreover, the garden saw is especially easy and convenient to store: as with all of the smaller tools in the “Urban Series”, Skil supplies the Lynx with an “Easy Storage” hook for space-saving storage. Several hooks can be combined to form a rail on which the tools then hang close together and are quickly at hand.

Urban gardening with the Skil 0078 garden set
The model 0078 garden set in the “Urban Series” from Skil is a handy solution for trimming grass and cutting hedges in private urban gardens. The set consists of a trimmer and a hedge cutter, which are designed for working on smaller areas. Both are powered by the same 10.8 volt interchangeable battery, which hardly self-discharges at all due to its lithium-ion technology, so the tools are ready to use even after lengthy periods in storage. Moreover, the battery can be recharged at any time without memory effect and therefore without a drop in performance. One battery charge is enough for at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted grass trimming or hedge cutting. Moreover, both garden tools are lightweight, well balanced and comfortable to operate thanks to their ergonomic design.

The line trimmer of the model 0078 garden set has a cutting diameter of 17 centimeters and works with sturdy plastic blades. The telescopic height adjustment and the mountable auxiliary handle ensure a comfortable work position.

The hedge cutter of the model 0078 garden set is also easy to handle. The blade is 25 centimeters long, diamond-ground and has a blade tip protector. This prevents damage, for example when working close to walls or over paving stones.

As with all Skil garden tools, the “Easy Storage” system ensures space-saving storage of trimmer and hedge cutter. The set comes complete with two “Easy Storage” hooks that can be combined to form a rail on which the tools then hang close together and are quickly at hand.

Well equipped for 2014
All of these new products are consistently geared towards the needs and wants of users. We are therefore meeting their and our demand of making gardening easy. We will continually enhance our product range and continue our success story according to this credo.

RF00201 - August 20, 2013

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