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For smaller gardens: Skil presents the 0721 hand mower in the “Urban Series” Easy to operate, easy to store

  • Lightweight, effective hand mower with extraordinary design
  • Blade cylinder with self-sharpening blades for exceptional cutting quality
  • “Easy Storage” system for space-saving storage
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  • August 20, 2013
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The model 0721 hand mower from Skil’s “Urban Series” has been designed for lawn care in smaller gardens. It has a striking cow-like design consisting of black and white patches and is small, lightweight and powerful: its blade cylinder with five self-sharpening blades ensures a precise and consistent cut. The height of cut can be adjusted from 12 to 44 millimeters using two large handscrews in order to achieve the individually required cutting result. The cutting width is 30 centimeters.

Easy to operate, easy to store
The model 0721 hand mower weighs only about 6 kilograms and can be conveniently carried to the work location by its handle. Its grip zone is equipped with softgrip – which distinguishes the Skil model from competitor models. The hand mower sits securely in the hand thanks to its softgrip and is comfortably controlled. After use it takes up only minimal storage space due to its small size: the hand mower is simply placed vertically against the wall. In an urban environment with tight spaces, this space-saving storage is often equally as important as effortless ease of use.

The “Urban Series” from Skil with “Easy Storage” system
Skil offers a series of garden tools called “Urban Series” which make it especially easy to do work in smaller gardens or on roof terraces. They are designed for users who live in cities and want to create a “green oasis” even in a limited amount of space. The “Urban Series” comprises lawn mowers, line trimmers, hedge cutters, grass and shrub shears, electric weed brush, high-pressure washer, shredder, chainsaw and garden vacuum to offer a suitable tool for each of the typical gardening jobs. Skil has developed the unique “Easy Storage” system for space-saving storage of the garden tools: Skil supplies the smaller tools in the “Urban Series” with an “Easy Storage” hook that can be used to hang the tool on the wall. Several “Easy Storage” hooks can be combined to form a rail on which the smaller tools then hang close together. The larger tools are very compact thanks to their special design and therefore require only little storage space.

The model 0721 hand mower will be available from February 2014 onwards at the recommended retail price of 59.99 euros including VAT.

 Specifications Skil 0721 hand mower
 Cutting system Blade cylinder with 5 blades
 Cutting width 30 cm
 Height-of-cut adjustment Continuously variable from 12 to 44 mm
 Weight 6.1 kg

Skil is a global manufacturer of power tools for pragmatic users, both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. The company's founder, Edmond Michel, launched the first electric handsaw in the USA in 1924. The "Skilsaw", as it was called, was the world's first circular saw. It was a great success and initiated the development of a wide range of similarly successful power tools. Skil stands for high-quality products with innovative features at attractive prices. Since 1996, Skil has been part of the Bosch Group. The headquarters for Europe, the Middle East and Africa are located in Breda, the Netherlands. 40 sales units are controlled from this location. The company's products are sold in more than 70 countries.

Detailed information can be accessed at www.skileurope.com

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