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A foretaste of the 65th IAA Passenger Cars 2013, Frankfurt/Main

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  • August 13, 2013
  • Mobility Solutions
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Press releases (3)

Fourth-generation long-range radar Bosch presents new radar sensor Basis for high-performance automotive systems

  • Wider aperture allows faster reaction when cars cut in front
  • Height now also measured for improved emergency-brake function
  • Standardized manufacturing processes reduce manufacturing cost

Boost recuperation system Bosch is making hybrids affordable Electric components provide a ten kilowatts boost while lowering CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent

  • Recovery of braking energy and torque boost
  • Silent and zero-emissions coasting for up to 30 percent of the journey
  • Easy integration into vehicles of any class

The new Bosch iBooster Intelligent control boosts braking power Basic system for electromobility and driver assistance

  • Achieves greatest possible mileage by recuperating almost all braking energy in hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Shortens braking distance in autonomous emergency braking by building up pressure three times faster
  • Allows tailoring of brake pedal feel thanks to freely programmable characteristic curves

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