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Two new lines cater for every requirement Bosch eBike Systems presents new generation of its eBike system

  • Active and Performance Line complement the proven Classic+ system
  • Optimized sensor concept and practical extras
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  • July 26, 2013
  • Bosch eBike Systems
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Stuttgart/Reutlingen – Bosch eBike Systems is launching a new drive system at this year's Eurobike. The Reutlingen-based European market leader will exhibit two new product lines at the leading bicycle trade fair in Friedrichshafen: the Performance Line for sportive, powerful cycling and the Active Line that provides assistance coordinated and metered in an especially harmonious manner. “With these two lines we can adress the different requirements of eBikers – from sportive to leisure cyclists – even better,” says Claus Fleischer, head of the Bosch eBike Systems product division. Both new lines feature an optimised sensor concept for quiet, vibration-free propulsion and an ideal coordination of components for optimised ranges. The Active Line and the Performance Line are characterised by a uniform design language. It is, however, implemented to match the focus of the product line in question: powerful and sportive in anthracite for the Performance Line and discreetly harmonious in a platinum shade for the Active Line. Bosch won this year's Red Dot product award for the design. The new lines complement the approved and tested Classic+ Bosch eBike system that will continue to be available in the market.

Performance Line for powerful, sportive cycling
The Bosch system for the new Performance Line is designed for sportive, powerful cycling both when accelerating in hilly terrain and when cycling in lowland country. In every terrain it opens up entirely new possibilities for sporting and everyday cycling. The Performance Line is available with either the 25 km/h Cruise unit or the faster 45 km/h Speed drive unit. The PowerPack 300 or the more powerful PowerPack 400 are available frame-mounted. The PowerPack 400 is also available as a rear carrier battery. The Intuvia Performance in anthracite is the right on-board computer specially designed for the Performance Line. “The Performance Line truly lives up to its name. It is our most dynamic and powerful drive unit,” Claus Fleischer says. That is reflected with the young and sportive design of the anthracite-coloured components. In keeping with its design and performance, a wide range of sports models such as mountain or trekking eBikes can make optimal use of the Bosch Performance Line.

Elegant Active Line for harmoniously metered assistance
The Active Line provides especially harmoniously metered power assistance. Its motor is the Cruise drive unit, optionally available with a back pedal brake function. The PowerPack 300 and the PowerPack 400 are available either frame-mounted or mounted on the carrier. The Active Line's on-board computer is the Intuvia Active. All components come in a discreet platinum and black. “The Active Line with its focus on a moderate, easy-to-use drive provides perfectly metered assistance,” Claus Fleischer says. It enables cyclists to cover longer distances and to enjoy greater day-by-day mobility with assistance on demand. The Active Line is ideally suited for leisure eBikers, for shopping or a Sunday cycling tour on a city or a touring eBike.

Optimized drive system for both new lines
In the optimised Bosch eBike system for both new lines the three-sensor concept has been developed further yet again. In the new-generation system speed, power and acceleration are measured in even greater detail, more precisely and more frequently – 1,000 times per second. That leads to a reliable and at the same time sensitive recognition of the cyclist's intentions based on the measurement of pedal power as an input parameter for motor control. Swift processing of sensor signals and precise motor control also ensure quiet and vibration-free propulsion.

A smaller chain wheel with fewer teeth improves the guiding of the chain in the event of, for example, powerful shocks in off-road terrain. That ensures safe chain running. A new gearing layout optimises ground clearance and a flexible installation angle enables the drive unit to be integrated better into the eBike's design. The narrow drive unit makes a smaller pedal distance possible and thereby makes cycling more ergonomic and more pleasant.

In the Performance and the Active Line torque is reduced and increased again at precisely the right moment when changing gear, making the change smoother. That eases the stress on components and reduces wear and tear.

Optimized range and practical extras
Thanks to perfectly matching components and their highly efficient interaction the Active Line's new drive system makes optimised ranges possible. In the powerful Performance Line fine-tuning of components strikes an ideal balance between performance and range. And for both new lines the PowerPack 300 and PowerPack 400 are the batteries with the highest and unrivalled power density. They are now even easier to fit or remove and can be recharged while still on the bike. A special charging socket with a cover ensures the greatest possible degree of safety during charging. The charger is compact and low-weight. Including its cables it weighs less than 800 grams. The improved charging plug and a practical velcro fastener for sorting the cables make handling easier. The new charger was designed without ventilation slots, thereby keeping dirt at bay and making the unit even more robust.

Intuvia boasts a new design
The Intuvia on-board computer comes in a new design to match the line – in anthracite for the Performance Line and platinum for the Active Line. The Intuvia Performance and Intuvia Active also facilitate high-precision distance measurement. The eBiker can fine-tune his wheel circumference by the push of a button and a USB port can be used to load third-party hardware such as smartphones and MP3 players.

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About Bosch eBike Systems
A new generation of bikes is taking town and country by storm and is already a part of eve-ryday life. eBikes are a modern means of transport for modern people: people in a hurry and people who prefer to take it easy, the fit and the comfort lovers, commuters and pleasure cyclists and, of course, young and old. The tailwind of technology-leading eBikes made by what are already more than 50 leading brands in Europe is powered by components that Bosch is developing to perfection. The Bosch portfolio ranges from the highly efficient drive unit (motor and gearbox) and high-quality batteries to a smart on-board and cycle computer that can be used intuitively. Perfect coordination of components holds the key to typical Bosch performance in terms of both comfort and efficiency. Like other Bosch products, the eBike systems benefit from the Bosch Group’s technology and production know-how. From conception and engineering to manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service, Bosch eBike Systems constantly set new standards for the eBike industry. The Bosch Group’s experience in the areas of electric motors, sensor technology, displays and lithium-ion batteries ensures that Bosch eBike systems use technology that is invented for life and that eBike users have their fun.

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About Bosch
The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 375,000 associates worldwide (as of December 31, 2015). The company generated sales of 70.6 billion euros in 2015. Its operations are divided into four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. The Bosch Group comprises Robert Bosch GmbH and its roughly 440 subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries. Including sales and service partners, Bosch’s global manufacturing and sales network covers some 150 countries. The basis for the company’s future growth is its innovative strength. Bosch employs 55,800 associates in research and development at 118 locations across the globe. The Bosch Group’s strategic objective is to deliver innovations for a connected life. Bosch improves quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. In short, Bosch creates technology that is “Invented for life.”

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