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Working with a system: Bosch offers professional tradespeople efficient solutions from a single source Speech by Dr. Egbert Schneider, Vice President Engineering worldwide
of the Power Tools Division, of Robert Bosch GmbH

  • on the occasion of the press conference in Stuttgart on March 13, 2013
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  • March 13, 2013
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
The European market for professional portable electric power tools stagnated in 2012. Less sales were generated with corded tools, which was compensated for by the simultaneous gain with cordless tools. It is all the more remarkable that Bosch made gains with professional tools in this environment, both with corded and cordless tools, and was able to achieve overall growth of seven percent. Our market share therefore increased in 2012 by two percentage points to 30 percent.

With its new products in 2013, Bosch is once again proving how its products are clearly geared towards the needs of professionals and how high its innovative strength is. Professional tradespeople have to permanently increase their efficiency and productivity, in order to remain competitive and satisfy their customers. We offer suitable solutions for this from a single source.

Completely catered for with a system
Efficient work requires more than just efficient tools. Bosch helps professionals with a system offer that has different modules to cover all phases of their daily work:

  • working with compact, powerful tools and harmonized accessories to match,
  • loading the vehicle with tools and transporting them to the work location on the jobsite, and storing all tools and accessories,
  • easily and effectively keeping the jobsite clean while simultaneously protecting the user’s health.
Efficient working with powerful cordless tools
Work is easier to do with cordless tools: compact, powerful cordless tools with low weight enable professional tradespeople to work efficiently. Bosch makes an important contribution to efficiency and offers cordless tools with EC motors and high-capacity batteries with CoolPack technology.

Using brushless EC motors in cordless tools makes them exceptionally compact, and gives them an optimum power-to-weight ratio and maximum efficiency. An example of this superior technology is the GBH 18 V-EC Professional cordless rotary hammer, which has been available since September 2012. Its brushless EC motor has a degree of efficiency of more than 80 percent. Conventional DC electric motors achieve only 60 to 70 percent. In terms of weight and compact design, the GBH 18 V-EC Professional holds the top position of all cordless rotary hammers in the 18 volt class available on the market. It weighs only 2.6 kilograms and achieves a single impact energy of 1.7 joules. Furthermore, its motor is dustproof, durable, and completely maintenance-free.

Longer lifetime thanks to Bosch CoolPack technology
The GBH 18 V-EC Professional was also the first tool that Bosch launched onto the market with the new 4.0 Ah battery pack generation. This rotary hammer therefore has an approximately 35 percent longer runtime than its predecessor. The longer the runtime, however, the more important it is to prevent the batteries from heating up too much and too quickly, therefore protecting them against premature aging and damage. Many competitors use a system of electronic cell monitoring to shut down the battery or machine in the event of overheating.
This means that the user is forced to take a break and loses valuable work time. This is why Bosch has gone about it another way: since 2006 we have been using the Bosch CoolPack technology in lithium-ion batteries and have also equipped the new 4.0 Ah batteries with it.

Bosch CoolPack batteries have a special housing geometry: the lithium-ion cells are pressed precisely into a red heatsink and thermally bound to it. It is made of HDPE, a very high density polyethylene. This material is very good at conducting heat, while being electrically insulating and increasing the safety of the battery. Cooling fins fitted on the bottom offer an enlarged surface for heat exchange and dissipation of the heat outwards, similar to the effect in a refrigerator. As a result, CoolPack batteries have a considerably longer life: measurements have shown that the lifetime of these batteries is double that of those without CoolPack technology.

Bosch Compact batteries with 2.0 Ah and CoolPack technology will also be available from May 2013 onwards. As with the 4.0 Ah batteries, the reason for their longer runtime is a higher energy density in the battery packs and an improved internal resistance.

The proven “Flexible Power System” is also being used for the 4.0 Ah batteries with CoolPack technology: they are freely interchangeable between 14.4, 18 or 36 volt tools within the same voltage class. The same also applies to the 2.0 Ah batteries with 10.8 volts and CoolPack technology: they are freely interchangeable in tools within the 10.8 volt class.

New GOP 14,4/18 V-EC Professional oscillating tools
The GOP 14,4 V-EC Professional and GOP 18 V-EC Professional oscillating multi-cutters are also equipped with brushless Bosch EC motors and 4.0 Ah CoolPack batteries. They are therefore the first cordless multi-cutters to work just as powerfully as corded tools. Their motor provides a high degree of efficiency, while their battery ensures a long runtime. The GOP 14,4 V-EC Professional and GOP 18 V-EC Professional also have the SDS system to enable tool-free changing of accessories with OIS standard interface (Oscillating Interface System): simply loosen the tension lock, insert the accessory, and close the tension lock – in this way the accessory is changed in no time.

Matching accessories with color-code system and universal OIS
Bosch offers customized accessories to enable professional tradespeople to work efficiently. The new color-code system enables you to see at a glance which accessories are suitable for which materials: Wood, Metal, Wood/Metal, Grout/Abrasives and Multi Material are the categories from which professional tradespeople can quickly and easily choose the accessories that are relevant for them. In future, all Bosch multi-cutter accessories will also be equipped with a universal OIS (Oscillating Interface System), and they fit all conventional multi-cutter models for professional users without the need for an adapter.

For professionals in the interior fitting trades, there is also a
36-piece multi-cutter accessory set in a set case: the “I-Boxx Pro Set – Interior Fitting”. It contains various bi-metal plunge-cutting and segment saw blades, two scrapers and a sanding plate with 20 sheets of sanding paper. Bosch therefore offers multi-cutters, accessories and a transport system from a single source.

A world first: “C-Tec Precision” plunge-cutting saw blades
Bosch is continually expanding the accessory system for multi-cutters. New to the range, for example, are the “C-Tec Precision” plunge-cutting saw blades made of bi-metal and high-carbon steel. They have a reinforced tool mount with anti-vibration slots, a curved cutting edge and a tapered body. The optimized geometry ensures more precision and a higher cutting speed. This results in very smooth, precise plunge cuts.

Expanded L-Boxx transport and storage system
In addition to power tools and accessories, Bosch offers professionals a comprehensive mobility concept under the motto “Intelligent solutions for storage and transport”. It is designed to enable professional tradespeople to work quickly and efficiently when they are on the move. A core component is the tried-and-tested L-Boxx system for transporting and storing power tools. Since launching it onto the market, Bosch has sold more than 2.4 million L-Boxx systems and has continually enhanced it. In addition to the standard L-Boxx, there is now the LS-Boxx version with slide compartments, dividable set cases and Insetboxxes in which small objects such as screws, fixings, washers or other components can be stored in a clearly arranged manner. From May onwards, we will be offering another system module: the I-Boxx Rack. It is a clickable, shelf-like fixture for drawers or I-Boxxes, which can be integrated to extend customised configurations in a virtually unlimited number of ways. There are two versions available: with and without a coupling lever. The version with a coupling lever can be released at any time after being clicked together, while the version without a coupling lever is especially suitable for building a closed rack block consisting of several racks. Such possibilities for new combinations are sure to benefit professional tradespeople when working at the jobsite: each individual can combine the necessary tool, material and accessories in a way that suits him, with much more flexibility than ever before.

Jobsite radio in the L-Boxx system
The GML SoundBoxx Professional ensures a good mood and motivation on the jobsite. This jobsite radio can be operated with all standard 14.4 and 18 volt professional batteries from Bosch, and it is designed for transport and storage in the L-Boxx. Two high-quality five-watt speakers deliver rich sound, while 20 volume levels and an equalizer function for bass and treble control ensure optimum sound quality on the jobsite. It is also possible to store five AM and five FM stations, and to connect external devices such as MP3 players via an Aux-In port. So professional tradespeople can also listen to their favorite music on the jobsite – for up to several working days at mid-range volume on a full battery.

Dust extraction with “Click & Clean System”
The professional tradesperson can work in a more efficient, precise and, at the same time, healthy way if the dust generated during drilling, sawing or sanding is immediately removed by means of effective dust extraction. He will also finish his work faster because he does not have the hassle of having to clean. Since the dust can then not collect in the motor or on the accessory he is using, such as a grinding disc, the lifetime of the tool and of the accessory are also increased. With its “Click & Clean”, Bosch now offers a complete system consisting of precisely matched components. It comprises tools, wet/dry dust extractors, dust extractor accessories and L-Boxxes, which can be fixed onto the dust extractors by means of a click system.

Professional dust extractors with very high suction power
From May onwards, the range will include four new dust extractors:

  • the GAS 35 L SFC+ Professional,
  • the GAS 35 L AFC Professional,
  • the GAS 35 M AFC Professional,
  • the GAS 55 M AFC Professional.
Due to their powerful 1380 watt suction turbine, these tools achieve a very high vacuum pressure of 254 millibars. The 7.5 meter long power cord and either the three or five meter long suction hoses allow for a large work radius. Non-marking wheels ensure the dust extractors do not leave marks even on sensitive floor coverings when moved from place to place. Another advantage is the integrated hose and accessory holders: two hose hooks can be used to fix the suction hose to the robust extractor head, while the accessories can be fixed in dedicated receptacles at the rear of the machine. All of the tools have a semi-automatic filter cleaning system (SFC) or automatic (AFC) filter cleaning system, and each can support a clicked on L-Boxx with a weight of up to 15 kilograms. These features protect the back and joints. They are so effective in this regard that Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR) e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs) awarded the Bosch range its seal of approval. The Bosch dust extractors are the first wet/dry dust extractors to be certified in this way and recommended as back-friendly by AGR e.V.

The GAS 35 L SFC+ Professional has a semi-automatic filter cleaning system. The system is controlled by a button near the end of the elbow connector. This button puts the “+” in “SFC+” and activates the system remotely. The filters in the GAS 35 L AFC Professional, GAS 35 M AFC Professional and GAS 55 M AFC Professional wet/dry dust extractors are cleaned automatically every 15 seconds through an electronically controlled reversed airflow. This ensures consistently high suction power.

High user protection and efficiency in harmony
The requirements of work safety are becoming increasingly high, especially in the industrial sector. There is often a preconception about tools used for these applications: namely that high user protection hampers efficiency. With its new GWS 11-125 P Professional, GWS 12-125 CIP Professional and GWS 15-125 CIP Professional angle grinders, Bosch proves that high user protection and efficiency can go hand in hand: the angle grinders are equipped with a deadman switch called the “Protection Switch”. The major advantage compared to conventional deadman switches is that the switch can be operated over the entire length of the handle – regardless of whether the angle grinder is held at the front, back or in the middle. As a result, users always have full control over the tool even in difficult working positions.

Grinding weld seams in only two steps
Bosch has also increased the work efficiency achieved with accessories for working with angle grinders: the new Bosch
“2-step” grinding system enables professional tradespeople to efficiently grind weld seams and then produce a clean surface afterwards in only two steps. The system is designed for working on carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The process involves using a fiber disc and a nonwoven SCM disc (SCM = Surface Conditioning Material), which are precisely coordinated with each other. First of all, the fiber disc is used to remove the weld seam. Then the SCM disc is used to provide a smooth surface with a fine texture. There is no need for the intermediate steps required with conventional abrasives, which involve having to use multiple grits in succession to achieve the same result. This saves time and money.

Efficiently processing precise measured values
Noting down measured values on the jobsite is time-consuming and error-prone. What is even more of a hassle and more prone to errors is the process of entering the measured values into hand-made sketches that are often difficult for other people to understand. With its new GLM 100 C Professional laser rangefinder, Bosch has now eliminated this hassle and these sources of error.

This instrument has an integrated Bluetooth interface. Using this interface, stored measured values can be very quickly and efficiently transferred to smartphones or tablet PCs with Bluetooth Classic (Android from version 2.3) or Bluetooth Low Energy (iPhones from version 4S, iPads from version 3). The second option is data transfer via micro USB cable to a PC. In this case, the stored measured value list of the last 50+1 measurements can be exported in the form of a table and then read out and processed on a computer.

It will be especially easy and versatile in future to use the measured values on smartphones and tablet PCs in conjunction with the Bosch measurement camera app. Until now it has enabled users to take photos, enter dimensions manually into the photo with arrows and angles, add memos, save the data and send it by e-mail. Synchronization of the GLM 100 C Professional and the app significantly extends the functions of the measurement camera: a measured value is, for example, transferred directly into the desired photo dimensioning. This saves time and rules out errors resulting from manual transfer. All functions of the GLM 100 C Professional can also be remote controlled from the smartphone or tablet.

All of these modules are part of our comprehensive system offer, with which we enable professional tradespeople to work efficiently. In 2013, we will therefore again fulfill our claim of making products that are “Invented for life”.

RF00188 - March 13, 2013

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