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Bosch makes DIY easy Speech by Henning von Boxberg,
President of the Power Tools Division, of Robert Bosch GmbH

  • on the occasion of the press conference in Stuttgart on March 13, 2013
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  • March 13, 2013
  • Power Tools
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
As in 2011, growth with power tools for do-it-yourselfers in Europe was rather sluggish in 2012: the entire European market felt the impact of the Southern European financial and economic crisis and grew by only one percent. Bosch was once again able to grow faster than the market in this difficult environment and achieve four percent sales growth as compared to previous year within the portable electric power tools product segment with the Bosch and Skil brands. We have therefore succeeded in increasing our market share to 45 percent, an increase of one percentage point. The key to our success continues to be our great innovative strength: about 40 percent of sales in 2012 were generated with products that were launched within the last two years. Seventeen of the twenty best-selling products in European homecenters are from Bosch.

Bosch makes DIY easy
To build on this success, we very attentively observe what moves do-it-yourselfers, and develop solutions that they can use to master their DIY challenges. Since there is not only one type of do-it-yourselfer, rather a broad range from beginners through to “passionates”, these challenges differ greatly. Changing accessories is a problem for one DIYer, while others are annoyed by the hassle of sanding by hand, or they wish they had four hands when measuring, and still others hate having to contend with clogged tubes of glue. Whatever the problem, we take the needs of users into consideration – and in 2013 we are again offering innovative products that make DIY easy.

Measuring made easy with the PLR 15
Many do-it-yourselfers struggle with measuring. Whether you work with a folding rule or a tape measure: it is simply not possible to measure longer distances alone. The solution from Bosch is the PLR 15, which is the smallest laser rangefinder on the market. This instrument measures distances of up to 15 meters within seconds. It is especially easy to operate and therefore also suitable for beginners. Like its role model, the Quigo cross line laser, the PLR 15 has only one switch. Slide this switch back, and the distance measurement will automatically start. The instrument then continuously displays the current distance between its back edge and the surface that the laser beam hits. You slide the switch back to the starting position after measurement to switch off the laser rangefinder. A new feature is the red button that becomes visible after the instrument has been switched on. Press this button to store the current measured value and read the measured distance conveniently on the illuminated display. This makes it quick and easy to measure distances.

Sanding made easy with the PRR 250 ES
Anyone who has ever sanded a banister or a garage door knows how difficult it is to remove the paint cleanly from curved surfaces, recesses, or joints. The only option in many cases is to go to the trouble of sanding by hand. Bosch offers the do-it-yourselfer a convincing solution with the PRR 250 ES sanding roller. This tool works with different changeable attachments instead of with a sanding pad. These attachments flexibly adapt to the shape of the workpiece and achieve a high removal rate on uneven or structured surfaces such as balusters, skirting boards with profiles, or furniture with distinct contours. With special attachments, such as a five or ten millimeter wide flap sanding wheel, it is even possible to machine-sand slots and grooves on garage doors or facings made of tongue and groove boards. The SDS system enables fast, tool-free changing of the attachments: simply press the button at the end of the spindle, remove the attachment, insert the new attachment, and then you can carry on working.

Gluing made easy with the Glue Pen
When it comes to hot gluing, many do-it-yourselfers are confronted with large, unhandy tools that get very hot and drip. Long, pre-use waiting times and limiting, tangling power cords additionally complicate things. The solution from Bosch is the Glue Pen, which is a hot glue pen with a lithium-ion battery. It is ready to use in 15 seconds and makes hot gluing suitable as an everyday task. Thanks to its new pen shape, it is especially small and handy, while its fine nozzle enables precise work. Gluing with the Glue Pen is also clean. When you let go of the feed button, the surplus glue is automatically pulled back into the tool. This enables virtually drip-free and very clean working. Additionally, hot gluing technology means that the applicator tip cannot stick or clog like conventional tubes of glue do. Virtually all materials can be glued – from paper to stone, and from textiles to leather. And the glue sets within seconds.

Cordless freedom made easy with the 10.8 volt family
When looking in their cellars or garages, many do-it-yourselfers nowadays are probably faced with the following sight: a mishmash of different tools, batteries and chargers. By launching the 10.8 volt “Power4All” cordless family, Bosch now offers do-it-yourselfers the opportunity to do without this messy mass of unique 10.8 volt batteries and chargers while saving money at the same time. The system is based on one interchangeable 10.8 volt battery, which can currently be used to power six tools such as a combi drill, multifunction tool and hedgecutters. From July 2013, the PST 10,8 LI multi-saw, the PLI 10,8 LI flashlight and the Uneo – now with 10.8 instead of 14.4 volts – will be added to the 10.8 volt family. Every do-it-yourselfer can purchase a system of tools based upon their own individual needs. Though it is a good idea to begin by purchasing a complete set consisting of a tool, battery, and charger, all components are also available individually. Anyone who already owns a battery and charger can, for example, purchase an additional “bare tool” without a battery to work off their existing power platform – or they could simply add an additional battery to increase their working capacity. With this increased working capacity users can work without being forced to take charging breaks as the empty battery is recharged while the full battery is being used. Upon the launch of this new system, Bosch now offers two “Power4All” cordless families: one with 18 volt tools, and one with small, handy 10.8 volt tools.

Sawing made easy with the PST 10,8 LI
An absolute innovation for do-it-yourselfers is the small, handy PST 10,8 LI multi-saw. This tool combines the functionality of a jigsaw and a saber saw in one tool. This is made possible by an innovative SDS system: for the first time, the blade can be fitted in the tool in two different directions. If you turn the saw teeth forward, the tool is guided like a jigsaw. This is good for when you want to saw precisely, for example when shortening laminate. If you turn the saw teeth backward, the PST 10,8 LI can be used like a saber saw and can, for example, prune branches. The maximum cutting depth is 30 millimeters. All jigsaw blades with a T-shank can be used.

Angle grinding made easy
Anyone who works with angle grinders is normally not new to DIY. Previous tools were often very large, heavy and unhandy, and working with them made even very fit do-it-yourselfers break out in a sweat. Bosch now offers three new “Compact Generation” angle grinders: the PWS 700-115, PWS 750-115 and the PWS 850-125. These “Compact Generation” angle grinders are part of the “Universal” class. They have an up to 15 percent smaller grip circumference than their predecessors, and are therefore easier and more comfortable to operate. Another advantage is their low weight – about 1.7 or 1.8 kilograms. With these three models, Bosch offers do-it-yourselfers the right tool for every application. The light-weight and handy all-rounder PWS 700-115, with its power of 700 watts, is suitable for smaller to medium-duty applications such as cutting metal. The PWS 750-115 offers 750 watts, which makes it also suitable for tougher grinding work or for cutting thicker metal profiles. The PWS 850-125 is the most powerful tool in the family at 850 watts – and it features a comfortable anti-vibration handle. This makes it possible to easily and comfortably complete more demanding projects such as grinding larger surfaces, removing rust from metals or cutting thicker metal plates.

Lighting barbecues is made easy with the Ixo Barbecue
Lighting barbecues without the hassle of fanning and blowing: this is possible with the Ixo Barbecue – the new seasonal special edition of the popular cordless screwdriver. The Ixo Barbecue can be safely used in only four steps: pull off the front black cap of the Ixo, place the barbecue adapter onto the tool with the click system, put your hand through the safety strap, and finally just press the red switch – then thoroughly heat your charcoal. The onion-shaped blower adapter optimizes the airflow perfectly – without the hassle of fanning and blowing. The cordless screwdriver, which weighs only 520 grams including the adapter, sits comfortably in your hand. The fireproof material of the blower adapter provides the necessary safety. The Ixo Barbecue special edition will be available at retail outlets from April through July of 2013.

Sanding made easy with the Fox from Skil
We successfully cater to the needs of the pragmatic do-it-yourselfer with the Skil brand. We do so by providing powerful and easy-to-operate tools. An example of this is the new Fox 3-in-1 multi-sander. This tool is a random orbit sander, orbital sander and delta sander in one and therefore offers do-it-yourselfers a high level of flexibility when sanding. The multi-sander is supplied with two base plates: a round base plate with a 125 millimeter diameter and an iron-shaped base plate that can be rotated 180 degrees. When the tip is pointing forwards, the tool can be used like a delta sander to perform detailed sanding work right in hard to reach areas. Turn the tip backwards and the tool becomes an orbital sander for working on large, flat surfaces. The round sanding pad can be used to transform the tool into a random orbit sander. This enables do-it-yourselfers to quickly achieve a very high material removal rate and to sand both flat and curved surfaces.

Two speeds can be set on the Fox: the lower speed is used for applications that require careful control during material removal, whereas the higher speed is used for working on large surfaces. The Fox is therefore easy to operate – even for do-it-yourselfers who have little experience of using sanders.

Paint and rust removal made easy
With the Tornado, Skil will have a solution for do-it-yourselfers who want to quickly and easily remove rust or old paint from surfaces such as concrete, masonry, wood and metal, and then give these surfaces a new look. The tool works with different, exchangeable accessories to cover three different applications – a gray sanding fleece for removing paint and rust, a velcro pad with sanding paper for sanding, and a lambswool bonnet for polishing. As a result, do-it-yourselfers no longer have to switch from one tool to another to complete these tasks. All they have to do is change from one accessory to another.

When doing so, the 550 watt powerful motor in the Tornado delivers a speed of 2,600 revolutions per minute to ensure faster results. The accessories can be conveniently changed in only a few moves thanks to a spindle lock. The tool’s features are completed by an integrated vacuum cleaner adapter.

Accessory changes made easy with the Dremel 4200
Rotary tools are very popular with hobbyists – almost legendary, in fact. However, many people have so far struggled with changing the accessories. Fiddling around with the wrench is time-consuming, and not everyone likes doing it. Now the new Dremel 4200 will make your hobby even more fun. It is the first Dremel multitool to enable the accessory to be fitted without a wrench or other tools. This is made possible by the “EZ Change” keyless system. “EZ” stands for “Easy”: if you simultaneously pull back the two blue levers positioned on the right and left at the front of the tool, the accessory can be immediately removed and replaced by another. If you let go of the levers again, the accessory is securely fixed and the tool is ready to use. This enables you to switch from one application to another in seconds, regardless of whether you want to cut, grind, polish, rout or engrave.

The Dremel 4200 is equipped with a 175 watt high-performance motor. Its electronic feedback ensures an automatic power boost under load. The tool therefore delivers the required power at all times, even when performing demanding tasks such as cutting metal profiles or tiles.

All of these new products are geared toward the needs and wants of users. In 2013, we are once again fulfilling our claim of making DIY easy for users – and we are well positioned to further strengthen our leading position in the market.

RF00187 - March 13, 2013

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